Saturday, December 18, 2021

Bye - bye installers!

Well, it's done! Bye-bye - Pella installers. They managed to finish off all five windows and were out the door by 4:30 or something like that. I really think they need the big yellow circle PELLA logo on that trailer.

The installers are leaving

I mean, it seems that everything you see these days is branded! I've been watching the Missouri Star videos for their advent calendar. Holy --- a lot of the stuff in the box is branded, and their iron is branded. Wait -- I think there are two different things here. We have the manufacturer's brand - and then we have the endorsement brand. I don't mind the manufacturer's BRAND, but the endorsement brand? I'm not into that. 

There are sewing machine companies that have gotten on that bandwidth, scissors branded by famous quilt designers, and other things. I don't want someone's endorsement on my sewing machine. Why? Because endorsements cost the consumer a LOT of money. Yep -- those famous people do NOT endorse anything for free, and the cost is passed along to the consumer. Without going into details, MANY people in this world make a living doing absolutely NOTHING but selling their name. While that would be a super cushy job, I couldn't live with myself and be happy, knowing that I'm living off the gullibility of others - just because they want a part of me. 

Nope - I can't do that. OH -- I have something to share with you, and I'll do that tomorrow as I don't have a picture of it handy. 

It's all about FOMO (fear of missing out)  - why do we covet what others have? I've been trying DESPERATELY to justify buying a second monitor. And I can't do it. I have weighed the pros and cons, I've thought long and hard, I've looked (in-person and online) at monitors - curved ones, HUGE ones, and I have come to the realization that I do NOT need one. What would I do with it? 

Yes - I have lots of windows open at any given time, but I do NOT need to have TWO of them open simultaneously. So no need for a second monitor. Thank god, I've kicked that concept to the curb! DH insisted on having two monitors, and he rarely uses the second one. He needed A monitor for his laptop, but not two of them. 

And here's the other thing about endorsed items -- if the item is endorsed, at what point does the endorsed item be a give-away (pens with business names on them) versus something that I should buy? 

Just something to think about as you make your purchases this Christmas. 

I will NOT be purchasing a single gift for Christmas. We don't have any children in the family and so no gifts. It's with great glee that I say that! No wrapping presents, no madly trying to think what Aunt Emma (I don't have an Aunt Emma) needs or wants. And I say that with glee as well. And if someone were to ask me what I would like for Christmas? Gosh -- I've been thinking long and hard about this as well, and I thought I might splurge and buy myself a Christmas present. And I can't think of a thing that I need or want - NOTHING. 

That says something -- it says that I have the perfect job, where all the toys I want are available to me, and I'm happy with everything else. I do need a new keyboard -- oh shoot - I forgot to get a picture of that - tomorrow. 

But I did think of something that would make a GREAT gift for a quilter. THREAD! Piecing thread -- not a fancy bundle of thread that they will never use, but the NEUTRAL thread we use for piecing. That's what every quilter would covet, and so if you're looking for something to buy them -- buy NEUTRAL thread. 

OK -- back to the windows. I had to laugh as we did the walkabout just before they left, and I wrote a cheque for a ridiculous amount of money. We were talking about whether the screens should be left on during winter or not. And I mentioned that when I removed the blinds from the office, I noticed the screen was cut. How did that happen? OH -- the installer did that so he could measure inside and outside without going outside. That was on the OLD screen. 

The screen was cut!

We have retractable screens on all the front windows, so no need to remove those. I haven't removed the screens yet, but I think they will stay cleaner if they are NOT on the windows during winter. 

It was sure a mess when they removed the old window. We had insulation and crap blowing around the house, especially the day before when it was very windy out. 

A mess when the window comes out

And then they trimmed it out down nice and neat, so it looked like this. 

Ready for the new window to go in

The only downside to the whole thing is this. 

A layer of dust

A thick layer of dust and grim now coats every surface in the house, including some quilts. They all need a good brisk flapping in the backyard, and this is when you WANT an outdoor clothesline. Maybe I could put them on the back fence?  

I've been trying to figure out where to start. Hmmm -- let's start in the family room/kitchen where we spend a lot of time. Well, we don't really, but it's where DH likes to relax in the evening - some days. 

OK -- I'm starting there because that room has the bulkiest piece of furniture, and it looks the worst. 

The grimy floor

I'll get out the bucket of hot water and cleaner later this morning and wash that mess. Then we can move the furniture back. 

I'm going to get out a notebook and take notes of how many plugs/light switches need to be replaced in each room, how many light fixtures need to be replaced, pictures that we don't want will come off the walls. I might give the walls a quick wash down -- they really need to be washed. I'm NOT good at cleaning. OH -- I suppose I could hire my cleaner for some extra days as a Christmas present. Hmmm -- Maybe, I'll ask her. That would be very handy. 

But I'll do this room first by myself. I might book the electrician now and look into the painter, and hopefully, I can book dates sometime in the new year to get the work done. 

Before I get to the play day, I have to show you the girls. Let's just say that they are equally happy about the new windows. They haven't got many nose prints on the front one ...... yet. 

MOM -- we LOVE the new windows!

But Miss Lexi is a princess, and there are no two ways about it. She has ZERO problems walking amongst the tools laid out on the floor. 

Miss Lexi amongst the tools

But god forbid that she could come in the backdoor WITHOUT us laying out the carpet for her. 

Lexi's carpet

I'm not kidding. She would NOT come in until the carpets had been placed on the floor. She's very skittish and HATES the slippery tile, so if there's no carpet, she's NOT coming in. Oh, Lexi!!! Before we adopted her, something has happened to her that she does NOT like closed rooms but is happy with her kennel and hates stairs and slippery surfaces, yet, she's OK with the front steps and ice outside. Sigh.....

I had to move my computer desk into the office so I could blog this morning, but that floor needs a good washing as well before I start moving things back. Murphy was also out of sorts as her bed that sits beside the desk wasn't in place last night, and as soon as I put it there, she flopped herself inside. 

Murphy in her office bed

Shoot -- I've run out of time to tell you about the play day! Next time, I'd better start with the play day. I'll show you what we were working on, and I'll give you the whole story tomorrow because there are some excellent lessons in the story, and I don't have time to do it justice today. 

Dede and I wanted to make this Kimberbell pillow for this Christmas. Well - probably not this Christmas. Anyway, our schedules worked yesterday, and we started. It's called Candy Cane Lane, and you'll get the scoop tomorrow. 

Candy Cane Lane instructions

I do NOT plan on spending the entire day cleaning. Nope -- I want to do some stuff for me, a bit of computer work perhaps, and I have a list of errands that need to be done, including finding a keyboard, although I don't really need one -- this one works just fine. More on that later. 

It's going to be so RELAXING to not have ANYTHING happening in the house today, except what we want. Phew!! 

Don't forget that it's Virtual Retreat tonight and tomorrow. Here are the links. Stop by and say hello and if you stop by tonight, bring a glass of cheer, and we can toast the holiday season. No one needs to worry about DUI since we'll be home. If you are in your PJs, that's all the better! 

Saturday, December 18, 6 PM -- whenever

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And on that note, see you all tonight or tomorrow. 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. Your comments about branding and sponsoring resonated with me. However outside clothes lines get me on my soap box - great for the planet and things smell nice too though of course not possible all year round - 6 weeks before Christmas and six weeks after my grandma used to say. Their clothes line went across the street behind their house along with their neighbours'. No cars allowed on Mondays!