Saturday, December 11, 2021

The home stretch!

OH -- be careful what you wish for! 

It seems that I was not the only one who cleaned the kitchen yesterday. Way to go, Elle!! 

Did you make your kitchen clutter disappear? The biggest problem with that is that ANYTHING left out looks very conspicuous. Like when DH leaves a dirty mug on the counter by the sink. The sink is right beside the dishwasher, which has room for more dirty dishes. Now, why is that? 

I've been whisking the recycling items to the garage and trying to keep those surfaces clear! Oh yes -- it's so easy to keep it clean once all the clutter is gone. Remember, if an item doesn't have a home, you MUST decide. Do I need/want this, and if so, I MUST find a home for it. 

Items to be repaired should be repaired so they can be used again. I'm guilty of not getting something fixed in a timely fashion. 

And if you don't want it, start a give-a-way box or toss it. BUT more importantly, deal with it on a DAILY basis. Gosh -- if only I could translate all of that good advice to the office. The problem is that the office is so far gone that it will take some major doing to get it clean. It's being tackled bit by bit, but I seriously considered hiring someone to come and help me. That is a total "waste" of money when I know how to do it myself. But sometimes, having someone stand there with your items in their hand makes you snap out of the cluttered fog and go - "oh -- I do not need that!" 

Also, it's taking a day -- an entire day and just focusing. I might just do that because I really want it to be neater and tidier. There's always some crisis thing that prevents me from doing that. 

However, classes are almost done for this year, and I have a wee bit of downtime, so I might just book a day for ME to tackle this mess. Anything would be an improvement. 

OK -- DONE. I've scheduled a day where I will focus on the office. I should turn off the computers and the phone, get some good tunes going, and just tackle it. That's my plan. Plus, it would be fun to have that extra surface to put the laptop on with a lovely lamp and a few small accessories at the ready, so I could actually spread out some work in here. Oh yes -- let's make this happen or at least get closer to that reality. 

I didn't get much done yesterday. I didn't feel well. NO -- that's not right. I just had the worst running nose. OK -- so I'm exaggerating. I truly think it was a severe allergy attack. I've no idea what from, but my eyes were itchy in the morning. I took an allergy pill which relieved the symptoms, but it took a while to kick in. And I was exhausted. I had a LONG nap, and then I was good. I know that a HUGE part of this is due to severe hydration. Yes -- we all need to drink, and I don't drink nearly enough. 

So I can't blame anyone but myself for feeling crappy. But I'm good today. 

We even decided to venture out for dinner last night. I waited on that one as I did NOT want to sit in a restaurant with a dripping nose. So all was good. But it amazes me how this one waitress knows what we drink. She sees us and stops by and asks before getting the drinks, just to be sure! That's pretty darn good since we hadn't been for a while. 

So not too much got accomplished yesterday. No listening to audiobooks, or bake shows, or music. No sewing got done. I did get most of the presentations prepped for today, but that was about it. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked  -- but I've been over the homework, and everything is more or less prepped. I do need to proofread everything. God forbid if I mark down the incorrect measurement as that would be bad! That's on the plate as soon as I'm done here. 

Well, after the girls get a short walk. I think the pouring rain has stopped, so we'll go out for a wee bit. 

I'm closing in on my goal of virtually walking across Canada. I'm now 26.9 KM away from Signal Hill in St. John's, and that'll be accomplished in a couple of days. Oh my gosh -- this is so exciting. 

The home stretch

Now I need to develop another goal for next year or the next couple of years. I'm thinking of making it a cycling goal, including my spin classes. I didn't get out on my bike much last year, and I'd like to make it a goal to get out more. I'll have to run some numbers and see what I can come up with. 

While waiting for my presentation to start, I went through my UFO book. Oh my -- I had made a list of everything on the current projects table. And while some stuff did get done, MANY things remain on that table. I knew that was going to happen. Well, I was hoping it wouldn't, but it did! 

I think I'm going to make four lists this year. One will be 12 new UFO projects to add to the UFO list. Most of the UFOs are LARGE or time-consuming projects. By keeping that list small, it's doable. Otherwise, all the UFOs? I'd go mad. The second list will be my 22 things to complete in 2022. These are "bonus" items. Basically, it's all going to be small stuff, and I bet I could focus on that current project table and get small stuff done. The third list is things I want to learn, which will be short, but that's OK. And the fourth is a list of the ongoing projects for 2022. 

None of those lists will take too long to put together, but it sure is interesting to visit the lists at the end of the year to see how much you missed the mark or not. While making those lists is crucial, it's equally important to visit the lists each week and schedule/plan how you will accomplish the tasks on the list. If you don't do that, you will get nowhere. 

That's what I failed to do with the current table projects. I didn't even look at them, so nothing much got done. I'll revisit that list with you and show you want I mean. 

For now, that's all the time I have. I have a FULL day of teaching today. I'd better keep drinking lots of water, or I'm not going to make it. 

Have a super day!!!


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