Thursday, December 23, 2021

Getting old is NOT an option!

It sucks to get old! For anyone with an aging parent or spouse, you know that the highlight of their days is the next appointment with a medical specialist! 

DH has three siblings, none of whom live remotely close to us, so the task of dealing with his MIL falls on him. He's been a wee bit busy these days, so I've had to help out. Yesterday, I had to take her to a specialist dentist to remove a broken tooth. That wee errand took almost FOUR hours! 

If my experience was typical, and I suspect it was, this is hugely frustrating for everyone involved. Even though she has a new knee, she has ZERO strength in her legs, and I suspect stability as well. No cane -- that's for old people, and the surgeon who did her knee seemed to discourage her from using a cane. So no cane. Before I dropped her at the curb to park the car, I called the dentist to ensure we were at the right spot as the name of the dentist we were to see was NOT listed at the door. 

There were 5 big stone steps leading to the building. Not such a big deal for me, but for someone who can barely step onto the curb, this is huge. I told her to wait outside the door, and I parked the car. We went in, and OH MY GOD -- you are kidding me! The dentist's office is on the SECOND floor and has no elevator. 

She made it up the stairs, but she literally hauled herself up using the handrail. She was pulling herself so hard that I saw the rail move! She is only 83, and she should have way more strength in her legs than that - knee replacement or not. She is NOT an active person and insists that she goes up and down the hallway in the apartment building - I doubt it. 

So we arrived inside and then had to do the COVID screening and fill out a bunch of paperwork. Then we waited and waited. And WAITED. I asked what was happening, and finally, we got into a dentist's chair. Of course, it was the one furthest from the reception area. 

OH -- we needed to consult with the dentist first, so we were moved from the surgery room to his office. It wasn't even the same dentist that the appointment was booked with, but I didn't care. And so we waited again. I kept asking - politely, of course. I mean -- seriously. 

Then after the consult, we were herded to the reception, where we had to pay BEFORE the procedure was done. Gosh -- I felt like I was at the local animal hospital. They take your credit card while someone takes your pet. 

Then we had to wait again! Finally, she went in. I waited in the waiting room, and those huge air purifiers were noisy, but I had a book, and I dozed a bit. Within a half-hour, she was done, and then we had the fun of going downstairs. At least that was much faster than going up. But seriously --- all medical facilities should be in a handicap-accessible location. Even those stairs up to the building -- no wheelchair ramp. 

Of course, she had a prescription, and so off we went to the drugstore. Again, I let her off at the door -- we would still be walking if I parked, and we walked to the store. You know the problem with that -- there is NO lane in front of many of these places (in a strip mall) to safely let someone out of the car in front of the store. I was in the live traffic lane. Honk all you want -- I'm NOT moving. 

That wait was 30 - 40 minutes. We did not wait, and DH had to go back when the prescription was filled.

All that to say that I can now emphasize somewhat with people who have accessibility issues or aging loved ones. It's a time-consuming job to take them anywhere!!! 

All I want for Christmas is to maintain my health and physical ability for a LONG, LONG time. 

So when I finally arrived back home, I bundled up against the wind and went for a 4 KM walk! And I flossed my teeth last night before bed!  You know, I was expecting that walk to be much colder than it was. But it's like anything -- the first moments of getting outside - whoa -- that's cool. But once you get moving, you get warm, and it's not a big deal at all. That's the problem -- so many people go from the house directly to the car, and all they experience is freezing cold. But if you stay outside (and move), it's really nice. And don't get me started when the weather reports say, "it's freezing out there --- VERY COLD," and the temperature is zero C  - that's 32 F for our friends in the US. 

That is NOT cold. That is cool, but not cold. When it gets below -10 C with a wind -- that's COLD. I wish they would stop saying that. It discourages people from going out. And if you are going out, dress appropriately. I put my Tilly hat on first with the ear flaps down. Then I wrap a scarf around the lower part of my hat and neck, and crisis cross the ends, so there are no gaps for wind to get in. Then I put on my Patagonia down SWEATER, which is extremely light. A pair of running shoes and mittens - one or two layers depending on whether I'm walking the dogs when I can't put my hands in my pockets. It's all about dressing for the weather, and you are good to go. On colder days, I pull a pair of fleece-lined jeans over my regular jeans. 

Anyway -- I sure seem to be on a rant these days, but there's so much craziness out there, and people are so unwilling to help themselves - they just want to complain. 

As I walked yesterday, I saw those two heaps of boxes and garbage still at the curb despite the recycling having been picked up. Someone mentioned in a comment that the truck only picks up the carts in their area -- no other loose recycling, and that is how it should be here. Compact your stuff and only put in what is, in fact, recycling, or save the excess for the following week, and you're good to go. 

Here's something else disturbing that I saw on my walk - back to the house that had a fire over one year ago. Remember, they got a new roof earlier this month. Well, have a look. 

Missing shingles

It's a bit hard to see, but shingles are MISSING off the roof already. That makes you wonder how well the rest of the shingles got put on. I would be doing a bit of yelling at this point, and I bet that the insurance company is balking at paying out this deal and skimping on the money and hence a shoddy roof. 

When we had our roof repaired, we learned how a good quality roof is put on. Was that the correct information? I don't know, but it made sense. But our roof is NOT top quality -- we know that now. I'd never recommend the company that did our roof to anyone. Zero follow-ups, zero customer service. 

I had to laugh when we were in the surgery room at the dentist's office. There was a keyboard in the room, covered in saran wrap!! Hmm -- that's an option! 

Saran wrapped keyboard

I told the cleaning lady to not worry so much about the dust, but when I got home, I saw that she had done an amazing job! Thank you, Crystal!!  I'm still washing stuff - one load a day, and it's all baby steps. I'll try to get a bit more done later today. 

Yesterday morning, I downloaded many documents to help me learn the embroidery software, and I have a few more to download this morning. That has been on my list of things to do all year, and I'm almost there!

And I bet you want to know the status of Enchanted Autumn. Well, one more block is done!!!

One more applique block - DONE

That leaves four blocks. Can I finish it by Christmas? That's two days! I have absolutely NOTHING on the schedule today. I don't have to be anywhere, and no one is coming. That doesn't mean that I don't have things to do - I have loads to do, and I'll pace myself. I'll work on the applique as well as the other projects. 

Two more episodes of The Great British Baking Show. I enlarged the screen and moved it behind the machine, but it's hard to watch the screen and do applique simultaneously!

Watching The Great British Baking Show

I need to find my orange notebook with my UFO lists in it. It's in the office somewhere, and with all the shuffling, it got put in a pile. GRRR   - why did I do that? Or else it's downstairs, but I don't think so. I've been thinking about my UFOs for 2022, and I want to write them down!  Oh well, I'll use a piece of paper for the moment. 

Well, that's enough of me griping about stuff. I really am in a good mood! I'm focused -- I WANT that Enchanted Autumn complete by the end of this year. It's got to be off the 2018 UFO list, and I WILL get it done. I have other stuff to work on, but I'm so close!!!

Have a super day and stay warm! The high will only be zero today so if you're going out, dress accordingly. 

Don't forget the Virtual Retreat on Sunday, December 26th. I can't wait!!!

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  1. On the ranch, there are always chores to do outside, no matter the temperature. And yes, layer up according to the temperature outside. I don't think it is COLD until it gets below zero F (-18C). Just because it is below freezing, doesn't make it that cold if you are moving and working to get the chores done.
    If you keep doing your daily walks as long as you physically can, you will not end up like your MIL with legs so weak that your mobility is affected. Keep up the great work!!