Thursday, December 2, 2021

Sewing for ME - Sewing Retreat Day One

WOW!!!  Day One of the retreat is already gone, but so much happened, and well, I couldn't be happier. 

I will say that with technology, you can do anything. The internet is not the best at the house, so we're not using it. Instead, I'm using my phone as a hotspot  - who cares about data usage. I swear the speed is faster than if I were home. By the way -- I do have unlimited data on my phone. 

So I had to do a Zoom call last night, and the technology worked like a charm. And I've been running my portable speaker and Spotify all day. I LOVE it. This morning, I'm running the radio on the speaker. I'm not alone as Ronda watched the hockey game using a projector and her phone to stream the game. 

However, I had to laugh last night. I was in bed and was taking a peek at something on Facebook. I turned on the sound and wait a minute! The sound was coming on the portable speaker in the sewing room at the other end of the house!!!!

I got everything organized, loaded up the car in the morning, and was on the road right on time! I arrived a bit early and treated myself to a tea from Tim's, which took up the extra time. Soon all of us were here except one person who hopefully will come today as she wasn't feeling well. 

OK -- this should have been me. HAHA HA111  But this is Shelly who decided that we needed brownies and shortbread. Oh boy --- my waistline can't handle sweets. Yes -- I can eat them in moderation, but when I eat too many sweets, I get a spare tire. It's like the sugar just attaches itself to me. 

Shelly making shortbread

I must try and refrain myself -- I did bring fruit, and I MUST eat it! But here is the shortbread, and yes, I had one piece after I came back from my walk, and it was excellent. 

The shortbread

I did bring boots, but I didn't wear them for the walk. It was a bit messy, and today -- it's pouring rain. I have a rain jacket, boots, and an umbrella, so I'll probably get out for a walk. However, the wind was howling when I got up, so we'll see how that goes. 

The road that goes past the house is NOT paved. Oh my -- for the city slickers in us, that's terrible news. However, I walked the road- I didn't care. My running shoes will be toast by the end of this month anyway. And it's hunting season here - thank goodness, I had my bright orange jacket on! 

And the four cars that did pass me were are very courteous and slowed down, so they didn't spray me with mud. I waved at them all, and they waved back! You have to love the small-town mentality.

Here's a small, pretty creek that I had to walk past. Not much of a guard rail on that part of the road - it barely reaches my knees! 

The creek near us

OK -- so how many 5 Sideroads are there in the world? I think every county in Ontario has one! I'm so close to the end of my walks that I can't slack off! But I got in a long walk and made my KM for the day.

5 Sideroad sign

I think I brought five projects to work on. All of them fit into one basket - I was very reasonable. I've come a LONG way. But I had to bring two sewing machines (small machines only allowed due to the space), my office, clothes, food, accessories for the machines, and ONE bag of projects. 

Oh my!! I started on my paper pieced project, which is on my UFO list. I quickly got set up and started to sew. I brought a small table so that I could put my paper piecing tools on it. I was in heaven in my corner of the room. 

Katheleen is sitting in front of me, and we are good. I like that we are facing each other, and no one has their back to the others. It makes conversations much easier!

Our half of the room

If Susan comes today, I have a small portable table in the car, and we have a space for it in that room. The other four are on the other side of the room. So we'll be good to go. But I NEED to finish the paper piecing as there won't be room for my small table. That's OK - I have 8 seams to do, and all the paper piecing will be done. 

The other half of the room

So what am I working on? You won't believe it!!!  It's the Bali Bed Runner, which is the SAME pattern as the Wedding Star that I unearthed the pattern for yesterday. Yep -- this is the quilt that Paula has signed up to make, but she wanted BIG. The designer has "fun" with this as she will frequently release the same pattern with a slightly different flair, and it's NEW. 

The pattern for the Bali Bed runner

I'm going to make mine as a bed runner. All the components are almost completed, and then I have a significant trimming session ahead of me, and then I get to start sewing it together. I was only going to work on it for one day, but now? I think I'm going to forge ahead, and if this is the only thing I get done - then so be it!!! It's a UFO from the 2019 list, although the project was started in 2012. 

Today is going to be great! No time commitments  - I can do whatever I want. I'm in a perfect setup, so there's no stopping me. Plus, let's not forget chatting with good friends and well -- it's just going to be a glorious day!!!

On that note, I'm out of here!! My machine is calling me. 

Have a super day1!!!


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