Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Day One at the Retreat

Here we are at Springhouse Retreat! What a fantastic house, and while we are 12 - the house is very roomy, and we are not on top of each other. There is a beautiful bank of cupboards in the pantry area, so all our crap is nicely contained, and with two fridges, we have loads of room. 

I confess that I did NOT get much done yesterday. I arrived at 10:01 and got some of my stuff into the house. But then we spent a lot of time catching up, which is what retreats are all about. But I did get to work, and I'm trying to finish a project with a serger. 

I made progress but decided to put it aside after I struggled with a specialty thread. I'll wait until later this week to tackle that again. So I dug out something easy, and I'm working on that!

There is always the GREAT EXCHANGE at any retreat. I brought all those quilts, and the majority have been "delivered." There are three more to be picked up by non-retreaters today! 

And look at the gorgeous gift I got. THANK YOU   -- THANK YOU!!! This was a surprise, and it's a project from our "Out of the Box" session, but I never suspected it was made for ME! 

My dimensional bowl!

And it even came with some triangles to make half-square triangles! LOL!!!! I can't escape those darn things!

Half-square triangles

I could do the presentation for our Monday sewing group from here. I hooked up to the TV so the others could also see. A few technical difficulties with that, including forgetting to plug in the laptop and therefore losing power! 

I took no pictures yesterday, so I quickly snapped a couple this morning. Here's the sewing room from my corner. 

The sewing room

This is looking into the house from the sewing room. 

The view into the house from the sewing room

And here's our view! It's a stunning place. 

The view from one of the windows

I have a room to myself with a king-sized bed, which is decadent, but I'm OK with that. I'm used to sleeping in the city where it never gets dark. But here? It's DARK And completely silent. And I love it!!

I have packed well, except I forgot my toothbrush, so I'll venture out this morning to get one. Good grief!

So I've had loads of inquiries about the scrappy quilt, and I'm working on the details, so once I know that -- I'll be taking signups. Since we are starting in October, I might wait a  month, but you'll get all the details soon. If you're interested -- send me an e-mail (elainetheriault@gmail.com) and put SCRAP in the subject!!

Scrappy quilt project

 Maryke and I went for a walk in the afternoon and were fortunate to miss the rain. She picked the perfect time as there was a half-hour window, and we timed it perfectly!

Well, I'm afraid that's it for today. Most everyone is now up, and I need to edit the blog post, and then I'm off to walk. I bet Murphy and Lexi are NOT happy this morning as they know they won't get a walk. The poor girls!!!

Have a super day!!


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  1. Do you have a pattern name for the bowl? I am interested in trying to make one as that is so cute! Very lovely gift! Torry