Friday, May 5, 2023

Shop Hop!

No rain this morning, but now we have FOG! Yesterday was much better except for a couple of sudden downpours! No one got wet!

And we saw a rainbow last evening, so hopefully, that means the rain is over. The weather is supposed to get better, so let's hope! 

A rainbow

It was all about the Shop Hop yesterday, and most of the group went out at various times. Susan, Maryke, and I headed out after lunch, and we stopped at all four shops -- Ye Old Fabric Shop, The Quilt Place, Quilting by Design, and Heart N Home Creations. I had a list, and I mostly stuck to the list. There were a couple of extra things that got put in the bag. I mean, how could one resist a lime green, 7" zipper with big teeth? 

I saw many fabrics and panels with bicycles on them, and I don't need more, so I bought no bicycle fabric. I saw amazing patterns and certainly don't need more of those. 

I found fabric for my dress, the jacket and fabric for a border. I also found some 30-weight threads, so I came home happy. We made a couple of other stops along the way, including Value Village, the dollar store, the pie shop, and The British Touch, which was a thriving hive of activity yesterday. Does the Coronation on Saturday have anything to do with it? You bet! So it was a jam-packed afternoon!

OH -- we had to stop for gas, and Maryke chose a station along the way that ended up being FULL SERVICE. Yes -- we didn't get out of the car, the windows all got cleaned, she got a full gas tank, and we all got a sucker! OK --- that was worth the extra she paid for the gas! 

A lollipop!

If you're in Stratford and want full service -- this is the place to go!!! Thanks for the great service, Neumeister Motors!!

Full-service gas station

At The Quilt Place in Shakespeare, we saw this quilt made with tiny hexagons. Those were about the same size as the one found the previous day! What a great idea to applique them onto a background so you don't have to make so many! 

A tiny hexie quilt

You can't read this sign, but it was so cute we had to take a picture. It's outside a church and says, "God doesn't take sides, but we do. Go, Leaves, Go!" Obviously, God was watching and didn't appreciate the bias! Our Leaf fans were NOT happy last night. 

The church supporting the Leafs

Here's the barn quilt sign outside Quilting by Design. It's PINK! Perhaps in honor of Tula Pink, which they stock most of her fabric!! 

Barn Quilt block

And there are loads of bunnies in the neighborhood, and they are hopping everywhere, and we saw a groundhog as well. 

Bunnies everywhere

I didn't get much sewing done yesterday, and that's OK. Retreats are all about being with friends. I didn't touch the serger yesterday, but I got some of the blocks for my 365-Day quilt. I cut 10 blocks before I left, and three are now pieced. I also have to complete some homework for the class on the weekend, and since some retreat participants are also in that class, I'm sewing the blocks when no one is around, which means it's very early in the morning! They have no idea! 

Blocks for the 365-day quilt

Bit by bit, I'll get that quilt done. It is a tremendous amount of work, and there are NO instructions for piecing the blocks. Well, that's not entirely true -- there are diagrams, but some of the methods? Well, there's loads of room to provide tips - IF I were teaching it, but I'm not and never will! Anyway -- three more blocks are pieced, and I have seven to do today. 

Then I'll be back to the serger, although I have quite a few half-square triangles to trim, and I might do that for a change. Thank goodness, others have brought rulers, as I totally forgot to bring any! 

On that note -- I'm out of here!

Have a super day!


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