Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Travel day - Toronto to Regina

Yes --- ME time is essential, and while I get some every day, I WANT ENTIRE days, not just a few hours here and there, so that is scheduled for later. Right now, I need to deal with what's on the schedule. 

But someone mentioned something that I've been contemplating for a long time. I use TWO computers, and there are times when it's a challenge to keep everything organized. I've often thought of moving to one computer, but I don't think I can! 

Why? I LOVE having a large screen for working at home. My desktop has a large screen with a touch monitor (although I never use it), but it's a very nice computer, despite its age -- no disk drives attached to it, no CPU as it's built into the monitor - it's just a monitor with a wireless keyboard and mouse. I use an external hard drive for that computer, although it does have a built-in hard incorporated into the monitor, which gets used occasionally. I never Zoom from that computer -- the background in the office and the lighting are atrocious. 

Then I use the laptop in Studio B, on the road, in the kitchen, or in the backyard. I'm never in the same place, so having a monitor for it wouldn't work - unless I thought long and hard about where I want to do my work. The issue is that when I Zoom - I use two different spots. One has a nice background that looks "more professional," and the second is beside my sewing machine for sewing days. 

So it sounds like I have a bit of soul-searching to figure out if I could go with a laptop 100% of the time or keep using two computers. I am NOT carrying a large laptop when I travel. 

I should move to a SMALL external hard disk (I already have one), allowing me to keep the files in one spot for both computers. It's easy enough to move, or I can keep (and I do) the critical stuff on One Drive, where I can access it from anywhere. 

Things to think about. I don't need to replace either device, but the day will come when one or both will need to be replaced and then I'll decide. If I didn't travel, I wouldn't worry, and I really need to figure out a better desk system at home for my big computer. That computer desk just doesn't cut it, but I must get the office in order before deciding. I could be dead by then!!! I know -- just figure it out and move on -- I should be enjoying a bigger space NOW!

Yesterday was a travel day, and I had run around like mad for a couple of days before and managed to get everything done, but I was up early for a few last-minute things, and then I was off. And I was exhausted! 

One of the day's highlights was the Uber ride to the airport. My first ride in a Tesla! So, of course, I asked questions. The driver was very chatty, so that worked out well. He wouldn't go back to a gas car! Did you know you can get a Tesla in about two to four weeks, unlike the 12 - 16 months (if you're lucky) for other cars? One theory --- they are intentionally making it hard to get a gas-engine car. Hmm - I wonder? 

Anyway -- the car has the same features as mine -- the lane safety thing, the cruise control, etc., but I sure don't have the same fancy way of being presented as the Tesla. And there are eight cameras on the car, and it's amazing how it can tell ALL the vehicles around you, not just the ones immediately to your sides or back and front. The cameras saw cars several cars away and identified it as a motorcycle, transport, or a car! How does it know that? You could see them on the screen! Anyway - it was a fun ride. Do I want one? I might have to consider it and see what it has for Android car play. Maybe I'll cancel my order! The price is coming down, and there's a government incentive! 

I slept most of the way to Saskatoon. I don't ever remember doing that on a plane in the morning, but I was tired. Then we waited a LONG, LONG time for our luggage. I almost thought we were back in Toronto! Everything was shut down as it was a holiday, so I decided to head out, but only after I had lunch. 

The drive was OK --- you have to love those long straight or almost straight stretches of road, and it's twinned for nearly the entire way. But let's not forget the idiot driver who was pulled over to the side and decided to start right when the road went to a single lane, and I was coming behind him. Needless to say, a few "bad" words were spoken. He was from Nova Scotia, but still, the road was well-marked. He didn't look behind him and picked the worst spot on the highway to pull out without looking. 

I saw a couple of people pulled over by the RCMP. These guys don't mess around. Instead of parking their truck with flashing lights on the side behind the stopped vehicle, they were parking across that rightmost lane, so traffic had NO choice but to move over. It protected the officer, so that's a good thing.  

It is very smokey here from the fires in Alberta. You can't smell the smoke - at least I couldn't, and once or twice, the sun almost broke through the smoke. But I miss seeing those beautiful clouds in the Saskatchewan skies. 

Smokey skies

I think I've only driven to Regina once before, with M a few years ago. We stopped at all the small "tourist" sites along the way. At that time, we were looking for big roadside attractions. There are quite a few of these Red River carts along the way. They were made from wood in the 1800s, but these examples are made from metal. Some communities just have the cart along the road. 

A Red River cart

Others have other attractions. I LOVE the teacup and teapot. That is in Davidson, Sask. 

The teacup and teapot in Davidson, Sask.

Some of them have these sculptures made of metal which are HUGE. This one is the fiddler. 

Metal sculptures along Highway 11

And if I thought I had big feet, I can stop worrying. The fiddler's feet were significantly larger than mine. 

My feet are dainty compared to the fiddler

The artist's name is Don Wilkins, and the story is quite interesting. One day, I'll have to find more of his sculptures. HEY -- I have an entire day to drive back, so I can take my time, and I will play tourist on the drive back to Saskatoon. 

When I arrived in Regina, it was time to find a hotel. I know -- who doesn't pre-book a hotel? I haven't for years, and I've always had a room. I was going to stay at the Holiday Inn, but the streets were under construction, and the parking looked like I would have to pay. Plus, when there's more traffic today, it wasn't going to be pretty to get around. So I Googled to find another hotel very nearby, but on the "other" side of the tracks (there's a railroad right through the center of town), plenty of free parking, and I'm about 2 KM closer to Peachtree Quilting. That is perfect. 

Then I went for a walk after I had a nap. Good grief -- I slept a lot yesterday! 

Who knew how much they liked metal sculptures here in Saskatchewan. I found these bike racks at the public library. More on the metal sculptures another day. 

Bike racks

Lots of painted murals on buildings in the downtown area. 

Painted murals

And many painted benches. 

Painted benches

It's quite a contrast as there are homeless people around as well, and I am NOT trying to raise any political issues here, but I overheard one woman's comment that made me think back to all the years I lived here in Saskatchewan. Some asked her when she was going home, and she replied, "The 25th - that's CHEQUE day." Sigh -- and that's all I'm going to say.

I spotted this in a store window -- a table topper made from felt balls? I think there is an arts festival on. I also spotted a store that sells Birkenstocks. I may go back! 

A table topper from felt balls

I had some work to do, which I completed part of it after dinner, but I was so tired I fell into bed. This hotel was much quieter than Kingston, but there is zero insulation in these walls, so if there is noise - you hear everything! 

Well, that's it for me. I have some work to finish before I start the day. 

Have a super day!



  1. You can totally do it all with a single laptop. I have a Dell Latitude 3390 2 in 1.

    Monitor at each station in whatever size you prefer (I have a 24).

    Dock: https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-thunderbolt-dock-wd22tb4/apd/210-bdqh/pc-accessories

    That's it. Just 1 quick connect at the dock and you're set.

    I do have speakers at it as well but these days I sync my Bose to my laptop instead, as it has better sound. I do have an external backup automated every 24h.

    THANK YOU for the art tour. How fun to see all the creativity, bright, fun and out in the open. What a fun walk you had.

    I hope you have a great day.

  2. I love outdoor sculptures. Castlegar BC has a sculpture walk starting June 2nd. The city requests artist submissions every year, then selects many and installs them, mostly in the old downtown core. There is a phamplet to guide your walk and then you can vote for your favourite. The favourite is usually purchased by the city and permanently installed. The sculptures are displayed for a year then other communities or just individuals can rent or purchase them or it is returned to the artist. I personally love sculptures that use old metal pieces. Jackie

  3. Before you consider an all electric vehicle, be sure you consider all your driving situations. Your environment is vastly different than mine, ie: the Rocky Mountains. There was an article in the online news a few weeks ago about a man from California who had an electric vehicle. He was taking a 3 hour drive that went over a mountain pass. His vehicle was charged to only 80%. He only made it about 1/3 of the way to his destination and had to call a tow truck because he didn't have enough battery power to finish the remaining 2/3 of the trip.
    I make that trip every month to take my grand daughter to the orthodontist. I drive there, wait an hour for her appointment, drive through fast food and then turn around and drive home. She usually gets back to school by 12-1 pm. An electric vehicle that needs recharged after (and maybe during) a 3 hour drive would definitely not work for me and the kind of driving that I do.