Sunday, May 14, 2023

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. Gosh -- I totally forgot it was Mother's Day; thankfully, I got a text from Spain to remind me. 

DH is still away and wished me a good day and hoped the girls would bring me something nice. Nice? I don't want anything but peace and quiet. And we all know that's not going to happen. 

Murphy is PERSISTENT with that ball of hers. I throw it, but it's never enough. I try to hide it, but she barks. And then this happened. 

MOM -- I needed a bath

She dropped the ball in the pond and was teetering on the rocks at the back as I was busy weeding. Next thing I knew, she overreached, and PLOP -- she slid in! 

She managed to keep her head above the water as she went in. I wonder how they do that? 

MOM -- I'm sorry (well, not really!) 

Oh, Murphy!! 

The only way to get peace and quiet was to come into the house, and it was getting dark by then. 

OK -- so I HAD to finish that Louise Penny book (How the Light Gets In). I had five hours left, and it was late afternoon, but I was determined. I had even planned to walk to the restaurant since I didn't go the night before (hockey game, which would have been insane). But I didn't want to take the time to go to the restaurant, so I stayed home. How sad is that? 

I managed to finish the book at 9 PM. It was good and made up for all the angst I felt reading the last three books. Well, I think it is three books. I'm almost ANXIOUS to read the next one, but I'll wait a while. There are loads of other authors to read!

All I can say is thank goodness that the plot line is over, and it shows that patience is a virtue!

The three presentations went well yesterday, and always so many things to learn! Even myself! We never pat ourselves on the back, but I will say that I'm a quick study! I may not think of doing something, but if I see someone else do something, I can devise a better way. Not always, mind you, but it's my out-of-the-box mentality! 

The two presentations for today are almost ready - just a few more pictures to add and switch the order of some slides! Sometimes, I go down a rabbit hole when making up these presentations. The research I do online, and the things I learn are well worth putting them together! 

So by the time I was done with the presentations, there didn't seem to be much of the day left, but I HAVE work to do and lots of it. I decided I had better get my jacket cut out. OK -- those scissors are AMAZING! They cut through TWO thicknesses of quilted fabric like a hot knife through butter. 

Cutting out my jacket with my KAI scissors

Yikes -- is there going to be enough fabric? Because the batting was a bit skinnier than I would have liked, I didn't have the full width of fabric to play with. However, after some strategic placement, I had JUST enough. I don't remember what batting I used, but I'll get the name this week when I'm in Kingston. OH -- I didn't focus much on grainline; I hope it looks OK. 

Just enough for the last sleeve

I had to rip out some of the larger sections (which I'm very good at!) to get enough unquilted fabric for the pockets. I hope to get most of it sewn today? I don't know about that as I have writing to do and the long arm is sitting idle! 

It's incredible how a few small stretches and those toe spreaders make me feel. I've been walking STRONG the last couple of days. Not that I didn't before, but I can feel those tight muscles, and they restrict my gait. Not so with the stretching, so why don't I do it more often? I LOVE the toe stretchers. My feet definitely feel less tired, and why is that? And why is the change so sudden? I'm sure it's all in my head, but that's OK; there's nothing else in there! LOL! 

I saw an ambulance outside one of our neighbor's houses, and I think the elderly gentleman who was NOT strong on his feet had fallen. Oh dear, they just lost their dog about a month ago, and now this. I hope they are OK, but I have a feeling that the house will be up for sale one day soon. 

Here's a mystery - I was out walking yesterday and spotted this neon green dot on the sidewalk. OK -- no big deal. But then I kept seeing them. Is someone trying to mark the path to find their way home? 

A green dot

Little by little, I'm weeding the backyard. It's therapeutic, and I can listen to my audiobook while weeding. I know - I should be listening to nature, but yesterday was an exceptional day trying to finish that audiobook. I spotted this dandelion seed ball, and it was in perfect shape, so I had to take a picture before it went into the garbage. 

Dandelion seed ball

They really are beautiful! 

I came into the house when it got dark and continued to rip out those bits of fabric and finish the audiobook. Of course, the girls followed me in the house, and Murphy proceeded to play with her ball, and YES -- it goes under the furniture where she can't get it. 

When buying new furniture, everything will have to be touching the floor or high enough that she can get under it. What a persistent dog. But eventually, she went to bed. 

Mom -- I'm exhausted! 

Remember, if you are in the Kingston or Regina area, check out these events. You WILL learn my mistake with the serger and many other tips. 


I'll be at Stitch by Stitch in Kingston on May 18 and 19. 

May 18 (10 - 1) is Embroidery - Where to Begin (Husqvarna Viking)
May 18 (6 - 9) is Accessories, Attachments, and More (Husqvarna Viking)

May 19 (9 - 12) Garment Sewing Techniques (PFAFF)
May 19  (2 - 5) Accessories, Attachment, and More (PFAFF)

The accessories and attachments are geared to specific brands of machines. The other two will focus on the particular brand of machines, but there will be loads of tips and tricks for EVERYONE, regardless of your machine brand. You do NOT need top-of-the-line machines for any of them. They are all lectures/demos, so come, sit back and relax and learn! 

This is the place to ask questions, so get signed up! 


Then I'm in Regina, Saskatchewan. 

May 23 (9 - 12) Quilting

May 23 (1 -4) Quilting

May 24 (9 - 12) Serging

May 24 (1 - 4) Serging

Again, these are lectures/demos, so all you need to do is come and listen. I have loads of samples to inspire and loads of tips to share, and we're going to have a super time! Even if you've been quilting for a long time, there's sure to be something new to inspire, and as for the serger class? Well, I know some of you are terrified of your serger, and trust me -- you won't be when we're done! Loads of tips and tricks to make you WANT to get that serger out! 

Check your calendars and get signed up!! You'll be sorry if you miss these events. 


FYI -- the Virtual Retreat is on May 27 and 28 this month. 


And I have ONE last thing to share with you today. I haven't had a chance to check out the website yet, but it's eye candy. It's the result of the Sustainability Challenge hosted by The Canadian Quilter's Association. WOW --- I had a quick glance, and there are some very cool projects. 

OK -- I'd better run as I can't be late! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Oh, Murphy! 🥰 I would still want to hug her, so sweet. Your jacket is going to look so good. What number pattern are you using?

  2. I have 4 of mine pictured in the sustainable challenge.