Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Exploring Regina

You have way more faith in me than I do. Move to ONE laptop! ACK! I'll have to think about it -- it's just the different locations in my house where I would use it. Well, I'll be thinking about how to make that happen. And I have to buy HP, as I'm so darn brand loyal; it hurts. I worked for them for 10 years, and well, I like their products! 

I'm a very habitual person, and I keep saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, BUT I am thinking of making a couple of other changes, and we'll see how that goes. Nothing drastic, but it involves pressing! 

And YES -- moving to an all-electric vehicle, especially if it were the only one in the household, would require much thought. I'm not ready to go there yet, but if we need to replace DH's car in the near future, that might be an option. I'm patient to wait, but Toyota is having difficulty with delivery. We should NOT have to wait almost 2 years for a new car, as I think that's a bit much. But I tried to buy a non-Toyota brand a few cars back, and I couldn't do it. 

Yes -- I should have a packing list because now that I'm thinking about my presentation today, there are a few more samples I could have brought. Fortunately, I have PICTURES of them, and that works for me! 

And I'm in a different time zone, and no, I wasn't getting up extra early for you. So the blog will be late for you, but on time for me! 

You are all so helpful, as someone emailed me the name of a hotel in Kingston that does NOT book rooms for tournaments. Yeah --- I can't wait to go back!! Talk to Heather so I can go back! 

I had never been to Peachtree Qulting before, and what a beautiful shop; it's way bigger than it looks on the outside. It's very deceiving. It seemed to stretch on and on. The service is fantastic. I was leaving at the end of the day, and they were setting up for a class. They provide the sewing machines, all set up when the students arrive. Imagine how convenient that is? 

And I bought some zipper tape, and one of the staff offered to put the zipper pulls on for me. Of course, I said YES! While I have room in my suitcase for a few things, I can't buy much as I'm pretty much at my weight limit. I brought a quilt out that is staying here, so I can buy the equivalent of a quilt!

I forgot to mention that when I checked in, the attendants standing just before the security area stopped me and asked me to measure my carry-on bag. It was purchased somewhat recently, but I wasn't sure it was the appropriate size. I held my breath, and it fit! So why do I always get stopped, and those over the size do not? 

When I arrived at the gate, I had missed the announcements asking if people wanted to check their carry-on, so I approached the desk and asked. YES -- they are gate-checking. So I didn't have to worry about the bag. If I already have a bag checked, why not check a second, as I have to wait anyway. And you get to board in Zone 2 if you do that! I had forgotten about that but boarded in Zone 5 because I was patient. I got put on the back of the list on that flight! 

Anyway -- that's a little travel tip!

So back to the events -- they were terrific, and if you live near Regina and missed the serger events, you'll be sorry. One lady in the class had never taken her serger out of the box. So they went home motivated to get them out and try them. Lots of tricks and tips on using them and tons of inspiration on what to make with a serger! Some people had never heard of an air threading serger before!

And I got to meet some people in person that are family of some of my Zoom people! It's a small world! 

Today, it's all about quilting, and the lucky attendees will go home with their minds filled with possibilities. 

Once I finished the events, I returned to the hotel, changed, and headed out for a walk. While the temperature was warm, there was a very cool breeze, so I went back and got my sweatshirt, and I'm glad I did! 

I read up a little bit on the history of Regina, and I'm staying in the warehouse district, which is quite interesting. There seem to be a TON of taverns and brewhouses in this area. 

The side of a bench

I got a chuckle when I looked at my Fitbit before I left the hotel in the morning. WOW --- Almost 8 AM, and look how many steps I had done!! If you have a Fitbit, you know you get a report each week on how many steps you walked. I hate to say that I'm always first amongst those connected to my Fitbit account (I can't remember how that works). Guess what? Last week, someone beat me! There was a day when I taught all day and then drove home and had zero time for a walk. That day killed my stats!! But I don't fret about it -- I can easily make up for that. Yesterday, with all my walking, I did over 12 KM. 

OH -- missing a few steps!

But I need to remember to stretch when I'm done. I'm not doing myself any good by not stretching, and I had trouble sleeping. So I did a few leg stretches in bed, and guess what? I feel fine now. So I don't think we're talking knee or joint pain; we're talking muscular pain, which is my own fault! Or I can relieve with stretching. 

I walked down Albert Street, which is a main street in Regina. But after 6 PM, it becomes a dead zone. I saw only a few people on foot and a few cars, and I would NOT expect to see many people on these streets at any time of day. 

Albert Street in the evening

However, the adventure lab I followed took me to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and Wascana Lake. WOW -- who knew that was smack in the middle of the city. 

Choppy waters on the lake

There were loads of people walking around the lake, but as you can see, the water was pretty choppy. That didn't deter a couple of scullers from practicing. Despite the wind, they were moving at a good pace. 

I walked past the Legislature Buildings. And saw lots of cool architecture and historical monuments. That was history we learned in school -- all about the Louis Riel Rebellion in 1885, which by history standards isn't that long ago! 

Legislature Buildings

Then I headed back to the hotel. I'm curious what the deal is with the parking -- I've seen tons of signs everywhere about PRIVATE parking. And yet all the lots are EMPTY, and there are few cars, so why all those signs? 

Private parking

Last night as I was in the restaurant, I noticed a show on the TV above the bar, and I saw one of the people holding a stack of quilts. I watched mesmerized and then decided I should take a picture to see if I could find the show. Too late to get a picture of the stack of quilts, but I got this picture. So I enlarged it on my phone. AHA -- I thought that was Tim Allen in the show, and he's been around forever. The show is called Last Man Standing. The quilts were just a prop in this particular episode, but she had three or four tucked on her arm. It is incredible what you can find on Google from a single phrase!! 


And if you're astute, you'd recognize one of the handles at the bar. Yep, that's Radler!! I don't know that it's such a big thing back home, but ciders and Radlers are big here and on the east coast. I must get some, as it's quite a refreshing drink! If you want a beer but hate the bitter taste, Radlers are mixed with juice, so it's very pleasant to drink. There are many varieties! 

So I need help from you all. I'm looking for the pattern for these wall hangings. WAIT - before you tell me that those are Lori Holt's patterns, they are NOT. There are about eight in this series, and some very cute ones. 

Looking for patterns

So if anyone knows (I think they were originally found on Etsy, but that's a rabbit hole). I could make them up, but I really like them. I'm not going to share the entire series with you -- yet!!!

Lori's patterns

I'll be finished here today and have an entire FREE day tomorrow. My family expects me on Friday, so I can do whatever I want until then. I'm not sure -- should I visit the used bookstores? Do I dare buy a couple of books -- what will I do with them in my luggage? OK -- I'll be very discriminating with what I buy -- IF I find anything to my liking. 

There are a couple of thrift stores as well that I should try. And I might take a detour to Moose Jaw on the way to Saskatoon, where again, I can check out the thrift and used books stores. Why not -- I don't always have the freedom to do that, so I'll see how it goes. And there are a couple of metal art sculptures that I want to check out before I leave here, but they are a bit far to walk to, so I must take the car. 

Check out QUILTsocial this week as I'm writing about sergers. Yes -- me, who never used to use a serger, is becoming quite adept at using one, and I wouldn't be without one now!!!!

Anyway -- that's it for today. I'll put a few finishing touches on my presentations, and then I'm ready. 

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. And more memories. When we lived in Regina for all of 3.5 years, there was a year when we had so much rain, and their streets are not built to handle that much rain, there were some enterprising folks using canoes to get around the flooded streets.