Sunday, May 7, 2023

The Coronation and packing up!

I'm completely here today!! Yesterday I was blogging while watching the Coronation, and I had to finish my presentation at 10 AM. 

We all chuckled when one of the ladies at the retreat wondered if anyone would think her weird to watch the Coronation. Heck no! That's a historic event, and we're all going to watch. Everyone was up bright and early to watch, and we watched until the end. I think my favorite person was Prince Louis! I love his facial expressions - he has a "dark" look about him. 

We were good to go with our hats, games (thanks to Ronda, Shelly, and Laura), decorations, and English breakfast. Let's say that it was a memorable event. You know, one of those when you say -- "hey -- what were you doing when.....?" So I'm glad we got to experience it as a group, as I would have watched it at home alone, which would have been boring!

The whole day was topsy-turvy because of the Coronation, and we were all tired, but of course, when I went to bed, I was wide awake! I have a feeling I'll be in bed early tonight. We had our Zoom class in the morning - the timing was perfect - the Coronation ended and it was time for Zoom! There are no classes this morning -- I planned for that and pushed a couple of things to next weekend. 

We went for a walk in the afternoon, and I went from wearing my winter jacket to needing shorts. What a wild week for the weather. We finally had a nice day! Can we hope that the warmer weather is here to stay? It looks like it's going to be warm but wet today. Yippee!

It's surprising that more people don't walk. It's a simple exercise that takes no special equipment, and yes -- it rained a wee bit, but Maryke and I never got "wet" on any of the walks, and we walked for over an hour each time. 

I will not go on about the benefits of walking, and YES - I understand that some people can't walk, but when you have the ability, why wouldn't you? You sleep better, feel better, your mental health is better -- and you get FRESH air! I guess it's just in my nature now, and I'm happy it's part of my day! I do NOT need or want to sew all day and certainly do not want to be cooped up in the house all day. I'm just a bit weird, it seems! 

In most cases, there is one other person who will walk, so I have a walking buddy who changes it from things at home, and it's incredible how much you get to know a person or solve the world's problems when you walk! Walking is therapeutic whether you do it at home or away; no one needs to walk as far as I do or as fast. 

I'm a bit disappointed in my Sonos Roam (portable Bluetooth speaker). It worked just fine initially and is now a very unreliable device. I will contact the company, but I'm doing everything I'm supposed to, and it doesn't work. I've unpaired it and reconnected, and still nothing. GRRRRR

My mouse for the computer also died the other day, and I don't have spare batteries with me, and what a pain that is. I really do NOT like the touchpad on the computer. Batteries must be added to the backpack!

We haven't seen much wildlife, but many birds are around the house. Someone discovered a nest on their window sill, and baby robins were in it! 

And we spotted these woodpeckers on the big tree out the window. There is a handy pair of binoculars at the house, so we got a good look at them. I think they are Northern Flickers. While most woodpeckers would be pecking the tree -- these two seemed to be having a fight! They reminded me of a long-time married couple that bickered with each other. It was cute to watch and easy to make up the dialogue. "George, I told you to take the garbage out!" "Mable, I told you, I just want to eat bugs from the trees!" 

Northern Flicker Woodpeckers in the tree

They were sneaky as they perched on the tree right behind a branch, and it was hard for me to get a picture. 

The day before, I decided to head out for a geocache. It was a bit of a way to walk, but I was OK with that. And I see no traffic until I get to the cache, and I'm wandering in the ditch! Of course! But it was an easy find, and then I walked back. 

A geocache

There are loads of snails around here. That log was covered with them. 

Loads of snails

I was going to walk closer but noticed there were loads of them in the grass, so I left them alone. 

Snails in the grass

I did some serging at the beginning of the week but then switched to the sewing machine and pretty much sewed everything I brought. I really messed up with the cutting, so I was missing a few components to finish everything I brought. But I've spent the last couple of days ripping out some quilting. Don't ask! I hope to finish it today, but it is taking much longer than I thought. It had to be done, so I will try and finish it this morning. 

Here's a random shot of the farmland around here. 

The beautiful farmlands

Soon it'll be time to pack up the car and head home. I bet the girls will be thrilled to see me, especially since DH left last night (don't worry -- we have guests in the house), and I don't think they are that comfortable with dogs, so the girls will be happy. Of course, they would be glad to see me even if I went to the mailbox! Silly girls!!

Then tomorrow, it's back to work. So much that I want or need to get done; I should take a walk this morning and sort that out in my head so I'm ready to hit the ground running when I get home. And there's some travel this month and next, so that timing must be considered! 

Well, I'm off to continue my task of ripping! Yeah!!!

Have a great day!



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  1. I quit messing around with cheaper speakers. I bought a Bose Soundlink. Worth every stinkin' penny!!! I have paired it to phone and laptop. I can carry it room to room and outside, the range is great! I spent more on 4 cheaper speakers over 10y than I did on this one.

    Welcome home!