Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Tech woes continue

It's funny how you never hear of something, and then suddenly, it's everywhere! And that's why I love the blog and my sewing group. I have learned many things, and it's nice to know you're not alone. Case in point -- toe stretchers. 

I had never heard of toe stretchers other than the ones used if you were getting your toenails done, and they use them to keep your toes from touching freshly painted nails. But it turns out they are more than that and are actually good for your feet. Who knew? 

At this point, I don't need a wider shoe; I'm in a 9.5B (GASP!), and all seems to be well. NO -- that is NOT true. Since I've started using the toe stretchers, my toes are aligning on the right foot, and the crooked toes are beginning to lie straight, and guess what? The end of my middle toe is rubbing! Blast -- that can only mean one thing. I need a bigger shoe. At this rate, I'll be in clown shoes! 

But better to get this all worked out BEFORE I hit the Camino. So I'm keeping a close eye on the situation. So far, so good, but I can feel that irritation when I walk. If it warms up, I could wear my Tevas. 

I made good progress on the writing front yesterday, and I have two articles left. Yeah! My goal is to get one more written today, and that's all I'll have time for. I still have one quilt to quilt, finish packing, tidy up the house before DH comes home, and deal with the technology woes - AGAIN!

Here's the issue - we have a keyless front door that works like a charm. I like it and wouldn't even consider changing it, despite the problem. Over the last two weeks, it sounds like it's laboring to lock the door. Then it failed entirely with lights flashing, and I didn't even realize the door had not locked properly. Yes -- I'm not in tune with this stuff sometimes. 

OK -- so I've been using the backdoor, and that's worked, but I need to get the front door fixed. I still need to install the new handle, and I need to do that today. 

I called Bell to see if someone could come and fix the door. They installed the door lock; they should fix it. Oh boy -- that was a rabbit hole, which started the minute the call went through. Of course, I'm on my landline because my cell isn't reliable. There are FIVE options on the menu, NONE related to the Smart Home products. OK -- that's a great start. 

I went into another menu and got someone to transfer me. But only after she asked me all kinds of security questions, which I had to reanswer when I got to the right department. Why did that have to happen? Of course, the person I get then asks me to use the app on my phone to see if the door works. OH GOD -- I never use the app or think about using it. 

I had to download the app and then couldn't get in. I think the person was pretty exasperated with me. I'm trying to log in, and my password wasn't working. Oh crap -- this is one that I even wrote down. 

Then she realized I wasn't using the right app. Oh dear -- I'm an old fart who doesn't get the technology! Then we decided to manually try the door, and it locked and unlocked like a charm. That DAMN door -- it humiliated me! 

After I hung up, I found the app (on my phone in a group with all the other apps from Bell that I never use!). I used my password, and it worked like a charm. Of course, it did! I locked and unlocked that door from the app like it was nothing!

I left through the front door for my walk, and the lock failed! Sigh...................

I decided to call again when I returned, although I didn't have time for this crap. Again, I had to go through another menu option to get someone. This fellow was a dud! I tried to explain to him that I needed the Smart Home group, not his group. The Smart?? Home??? -- he had no clue what I was talking about. 

I tried explaining it in as few words as possible, but no dice. Then after five minutes, he said - OH - I need to transfer you. GRRRRRRRR - I knew that. Well, I waited and waited, and no answer, so I hung up. This fellow (to his credit) called me back and then gave me a direct number to call. I didn't have time, but since the door is unreliable, I need someone to check it. I'll try again today. 

The best part -- I got a survey by e-mail. Yes -- I told them I would NOT be recommending their services, I was NOT happy with the service, and well -- I wasn't happy when I answered the survey, but I was polite! But seriously --- put Smart Home as one of your menu options, and I might not have been so mad. 

So I will test the door again, using the app and in person. Then I will be logged into the app, and then I'll call the direct number. It's incredible how much time-wasting this all is. 

Then I decided to ask my "neighbors" about the cell service in our area. Someone suggested I try Wi-Fi calling and sent me the link. So if I follow the link to find out how to do it -- I'm LOST on the third step. Seriously????  

I did manage to successfully use the internet to change some travel arrangements and book a new one, and I had ZERO issues with Air Canada. Yeah, Air Canada and Avis!!!!

There is no denying -- I have a love/hate relationship with this stuff. It'll drive me to drink one day!

I managed to tidy up a teeny bit, only because I was so disgusted by the mess. But there is no time to make that happen, and so many bits need to be finished, and there's just no time. I do not understand this as I'm not a big-time waster, and it's that everything takes longer to do than I think it will. I need FIVE bonus days to get odds and ends tidied up! I'm comforted that the mess results from working (NOT storing) various items! 

The mess in Studio B! 

And on top of it all, I had to clean several kitchen cupboards. I'm not going into why, but let's just say that you need to check the expiry dates on products and get rid of them. So the pantry is almost clean, and the twirly unit in the bottom cupboards is clean. I emptied it, and all the old stuff is gone. Yep -- no time, but that had to be done. 

And never mind the stuff all over the kitchen table. That's part of my packing! 

The kitchen is a total disaster

Here's what's packed so far. I don't have room in the car for the big suitcase as I'm taking TWO embroidery machines and the embroidery units with me, so I have to pack smaller bags that'll fit around the machines. 

The packing for the trip 

And then, I still have to work on my presentations for the four events at Stitch by Stitch. I got excited and pulled up one from a previous event, only to discover it was in French. Crap! But I've converted it to English, leaving three more to prep. Since I'll be in-person, I don't need many slides since I'll have the real things in front of me, but it's a good "agenda.".

Remember to come and see me if you'll be in the Kingston area on Thursday and Friday!

I'm not sure how I'll get the prep work done for the weekend classes. I'm back late on Friday night, and the classes are on Saturday morning. Well, we can just walk through it - it'll all work. I do have some work already done. Thankfully, those classes are coming to an end, and it'll be nice to have a break from all the prep work. 

M saw this on a street post in Vancouver. 

Street art

It looks like it was cut from a larger piece of quilted fabric and then decorated! HEY -- I could make something like that from the scraps of my quilted jacket, which will NOT be finished before I leave. No time! But it'll be a good talking piece for my garment class! 

Well, I'm off to spin class again! 

And then back home to fight with the technology or write or make presentations! 

Have a super day!!


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  1. Is it possible that your door lock needs a new battery?

    My keypad lock has a 9 volt battery that has to be changed every so often. It's not wifi or Bluetooth, though. Mine does have a key though I've never used it.