Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Carrion de los Condes to Terradillos de los Templarios

Is it me or are these village names getting longer and longer each day?

I just had a wee scare -- -I got logged out of Google and OHMYGOD-- it wanted my password, which I donˋt remember -- itˋs in my password book back home Thankfully, Google has a way of verifying and I didnˋt need to change the password. Thank you Google!!!!

Yeah me  I got the same room last night as the previous night, but choose the bed beside the window so all was good. The room was relatively quiet, but I didn't feel like I got a good sleep. Too much anticipation about today and how I would make out with the walking. Too excited to try my new poles!

But when in a room of 9 people, 4 alarms go off at 5 AM and no one shus them off? Well, it was then a noisy half hour while everyone got ready to leave. I got up when they left. I was ready to go at 6 AM. 

My knee felt pretty good, but still a bit stiff, but much better than it has been, so that was good. I was NOT looking forward to the walk today as in the guidebook, it was called one of the "soul less"days with not much to look at. And it was right. There were no towns for most of the day, but there was the Pilgrim Oasis abut 10 KM out and I stopped to have a wee bite. My croissant cost 2.5€ which is crazy since I bought a chocolate pastry at the grocery store the day before for .41€.

Let's say that at 6 AM, it was DARK outside. It took a bit to get out of the city and there were street lights, but the moment I left the city, it was DARK! And I found the route wasn't well marked in the city or perhaps that's because it was dark. Thankfully, I have this app which is ecellent for finding the way. The entire Camino Framces is mapped on it as well as the albergues, etc. So all was good!! Trust me, even at the best of times, and especially with a bum knee, you do not want to walk any extra distance!!!

We had to walk on the road for a little bit which was a bit dangerous, since it was so dark, but thankfully there was hardly any traffic, so it really wasn't a bt deal. But I had to laugh at a couple of cylists who did not have lights of any kind, Once they left the ccity, they had to stop. They could NOT see the road. 

Nearing the oasis, I met a couple of Canadians!!! Iˋm halfway through the Camino and I inally meet some Canadians. A husband and wife, in very good shape, who are travelling for 6 months before they move from BC to Alberta. The second couple that are travelling as they re-eavaluate life. The other couple was from Australia. 

I stopped, they kept going. For someone with a bum nee, I still have a decent pace. HEY - if I can take fewer steps and do the distance, itˋs better for the knee than shuffling along which will require more pressure from more steps. I did slow down later in the day and thought I would never make the last 2 kms. 

This is a small village, with only 2 albergues and it's one of the stops as per the guidebook. Keep in mind, those stops in the guidebook are only good for how much informaion fits on a page. I had to get to a certain albergue because of my luggage. It appeared when I left this morning. that my luggage was the only one being transferred this morning. Well at least from that albergue and it was the only one that arrived here. 

The day seemed to be one long, endless, mostly flat road. We walked along the edges of fields, that seemed to go on forever. The Guard Civil passed us on one of these gravel roads. I guess they have a presence everywhere and take care of the Pilgrims to make sure all is good. I had seen them on another road some time ago. 

So on and on that road went - the eness road to nowhere or so it seemed. and then at last, there is the village and now to find the albergue. 

Since it was only one of two albergues, I had visions of it being chock a blok full and me having to collect my bag and take a taxi to another albrgue. Nope --- not even a chance. I was first one here. I'm in a room for 6 and there are three of us in the room It's amost five PM, so I doubt anyone else will be coming. There are SIX pilgrims in the total albergue. I guess they all pushed to the next stop which is about 12 KM away and a large center. Maybe the old me would have pushed, th new me, said -- no thank you!

Under the circumstances, I felt that the 24 KM today as already a stretch, which I was hoping I would make. Ooops -- a cyclist just rode in!

So it was a day with a lot of soul searching. Am I doing the right thing by continuing to walk? Do I need to adjust my goals? 

Lots of things to think about, which kep me entertained all day. I knew I was getting a blister on my big toe. There's a corn right beside the old blister that was pretty much healed. And I put a bandaid on to protect everything. Do NOT tell Diane I did that instead of the gauze. So the corn is agitated a bit and the blister is big. BUT -- Iˋve got it all under control and the blister is draining and tonight before bed, Iˋll get it all done up so itˋll be good for tomorrow. 

The other old blister looks a mess on the little toe, but thatˋs mostly becaue I always get a mohawk looking callus over the top of that toe and well, itˋs just a mess, like always. Itˋs not painful;, so thatˋs good. It's still protected by gauze!

As I said, Iˋve been reevaluting my plans and I think Iˋve come up with a good solution, so youˋll have to stay tuned for that. And what I thought was good this morning has already changed this afternoon. 

After I arrived, I had something to eat and TWO Cokes! At this point I don't care!!! Then I had a good nap which I needed and then I've been up messing with my phone. 

The GOOD news is that my knee is stiff, but it works!!! Letˋs pray that I can keep it loose so that I can walk tomorrow and can this be the breakthrough that I needed? Rest and hiking poles? 

I hate the poles by the way, which is why I was hoping to not have to use them. It's hard to take pictures on the fly, but I managed. And it's not nearly as convenient to get stuff out of my little day pack, so I didn't drink enough water on the way - hence the two Cokes!! But I'll get it figured out before I'm done. 

I swear the right side of my body is protesting this walk, while the left side says - bring it on. I got blisters on my right foot, it's my right knee that has the issues, I got bite by a mosquito on my right thumb, scratches on my right hand, and now I seem to be having some reaction to the wool on my right foot protecing the bunion from getting a blister. Seriously????  This doesn't make sense!!!!

And did I say how much I hate flies!!!! We are in the heart of farm country and when it gets warm and you have a hat on, those flies just love to fly in your face. I'm a city girl and I hate that. I remember as a kid standing in the garden and waving my arms at the bugs. I hate bugs flying at my face!!!!

It was only 22 when I got in at noon, so the temperature is great, athough it's over 30 now. A perfect time to rest in the shade while we wait for dinner in a couple of hours. I may even have anothr nap, or I might download another book, or I could work on those Sudokuos. 

On that note, know that Iˋm healthy (I guess that depends on which side of my body you look at) and I'm happy. Now that things are starting to come together (please pray that I'm not speaking too soon) and that I can get on with walking. I must say that once I started walking, this morning, I was happy! Not that I wasn't on the rest day, but you know me --- letˋs get moving!!!!

Have a super day!!!


The one sentence

A LONG slog of a day along a very long, flat, straight road with not much for entertainment. Worried about the knee and at one point, it felt as stiff and lifeless as the knot on an old tree. But all seems to be OK. 


  1. Elaine you might want to try walking with just one pole. That is what my husband always done and I usually do, unless I know there are steep accents and descents (like up and down the Niagra escarpment).

  2. If you feel it is very painful, consider seeking medical attention. We had to make a visit to the hospital in Madrid when we were there, very helpful. Fingers crossed that you are able to complete your journey.

  3. Hang in there. You can do this. Rest when you need. It’s not a race, it’s one of the greatest life experiences you will have. Thanks for taking us along with you .

  4. Elaine, I had to make a long unexpected walk the other day (forgot my phone so no uber). I'm not a regular walker. I'm overweight and it was about 1.5m, half up a steep hill. For me, it was daunting. But as I'm hiking up the hill I kept thinking of you and your determination and I made it. Might even walk again tomorrow!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Keep on trucking!!

  5. Elaine, what an amazing trip. Such tenacity and persistence. Awesome. About flies, when I walk in the woods I wear a lace-y, wide brimmed straw hat with a 54 inch square of pale gray tulle safety pinned to the top. Could be lots better, maybe a hip length even hem with elastic to hold it in, hey sleeves too, but this has worked for years and has been good enough. Wishing you all the best.