Sunday, August 6, 2023

Granon to Villafranca Montes de Oca

I sure hope I got the names right. Where is that darn guide book when you need it? 

Last night was an interesting evening. At 6 PM, we were roused from our mattresses and summoned to the kitchen where the group proceeded to make the dinner. A yummy salad that didn't look very filling but it was. I must remember that because itˋs super simple and I LOVE it. Lettuce, onions, tomatoes, peppers, black olives, tuna and chick peas. Olive oil and balsamic and I could eat the entire huge bowl myself. But it was filling!!

OH -- I should mention that we had to go to mass at 7 and then we came back and ate dinner. That's the only problem with staying in the churches -- you feel obligated to go to mass. And it's OK except that it was in Spanish, so I didn't unerstand a thing and I'm not Catholic. But that's OK. The pilgrims were given a mass blessing at the end and all was good. 

I have to say that I was quite surpised at how well I slept on that mattress on the floor. Let me correct that by saying, I didn't hear a single person snore, but the music from the town square - that's another thing! And no pillow. So the backpack worked, but not nearly as soft as a pillow.

I headed out at 6:30 AM because what else does one do when you're awake? I passed through a couple of small towns before coming to one with an open restaurant. There's my favorite -- the pain au chocolat. I think that's what it's called. It's a pastry filled wtih chocolate and it's the best. It might be hard to wean mself off that when I get home!

Let's say that I'm not loosing any weight while on this trip. I've probably put on a pound or two, with all the beer, coke, and chocolate pastries. 

I had a glass of beer and two tapas at my albergue tonight for 1.80 Euro. 

Can I say more about the weather? It's AMAZING! If I wanted to order perfect weather, I couldn't ask for anything different. I don't know how hot it got, but I thought I saw 24 C at one point. I was in by 1 PM, and it was still super decent. The heat wave is still in the forecast!

I have taken loads of picutres of the scenery and the symbols along the way, but NOTHING does justice to actualy being here and experiencing it in person. You all know what I mean if you've taken vacation pictures. A photo can capture the memory, but only will you see the magnitude of it all in you mind. 

I think I walked abou 24 KM today. I'm NOT relying on my FitBit since it clocks way more steps than I would take. Each short step counts and the numbeers are ridiculous. 

And there is nothing more exciting than stopping to talk to someone and they call you by NAME!!!!  Hi to Corinne from Australia! We started chatting through the Camino Facbook group and I knew she was ahead of me. Well, she recognized me today, so we stopped to have a bite together. 

Iˋm sorry, Iˋm not getting the blog out sooner, but when I get in at 1 PM, I need a shower, then someting to eat or drink and sometimes I need a nap!

OH--- So I'm kind of off the recommended route a bit. The choices for the albergues are much less in these smaller centers. I could NOT find the municipal albergue, so I asked at the grocery store. CLOSED!! But there's a beautiful hotel and albergue around the corner. Thereˋs not many here today and we hae BEDS that are not bunkbeds!!! Only 15 Euro. 

The laundry is done and I hope I didnˋt make a mistake by washing all three pairs of socks. They are still wet!!!! They need to be dry by morning or Iˋm in trouble. Why did I do that? Mind you , that are a few hours begore we leave.

Thanks to Diane and Judy for the lesson on wound (bliser) care. I arrived today, with no pain whatsoever so that is great news. They are not healed, but well on their way. Thatˋs all I ask for!!!

So many others are suffering. Some have bought new shoes and socks and are the walking wounded! I feel for them. Iˋm just tryig to keep the knees in order. They are tired so Iˋll see how much I walk tomorrow. Keeping everything stetched is helping so I must make sure I stretch more in the afternoon and during the walk. 

Oh boy ---- I sure have forgotten the one sentence of the day. Heck -- I don't even know what day of the week it is! 

But here it is for today. 

A beautiul walk through the sunflowers of Spain. I mostly walked alone and thought about nothing and everything. And I can't sing!

OH --- at one point to amuse myself, I thought about singing. Trust me, I checked to see that no one was near me in the front or the back. What?? I couldnˋt remember the words to a singke song! Thatˋs how empty my brain is!!! It's probably just as well. 

The only thing about this place is the location of the plugs to charge the phone. We do NOT have a plug by our bed. Sigh........

So I have to stand by the charger, while I edit this. Wait, there's a tiny chair to sit on!!

Have a great day!!!!!



  1. Elaine! What a wonderful experience to travel in a very simple and beautiful part of the world. Enjoy every minute.

  2. Do you have to have a different plug than we have at home? The beauty of not remembering the words to a song is the inserting...da da da..into it. Sometimes it comes back to you, sometimes it doesn't. No matter. I'm also wondering if you are carrying a water bottle with you and if there's places where you can fill it if you need to?