Saturday, August 5, 2023

Najero to Granon

OK  - so let's see how good my cell service is. I'm in the middle of nowhere in Spain and no WiFi. The cell service is good. This is absolutely amazing. So Iˋm at an outdoor cafe drinking a coke and typing on my little keyboard. 

I have to say that last night I had the best sleep ever. There was absolutely no snoring! I slept like a log - it had been a long day. I see the cats are circling the cafe looking for handouts. And cafe is well --- you have to understand how this country works. Most of the seating is outside, but now that the sun has come around, we are across the street in the shade of the church, however it is very windy. 

And there is no need to worry about cars --- cars almost do NOT exist in these small villages. You may see a few parked here and there, but traffic? There is no traffic. I love it. 

So I stated off at 6:30 AM or shortly there after. It was pretty exciting for me to be walking today after what happened last year. I still have two blisters, but they are under control and do not seem to have gotten worse. I won't say they are healed, but they are not getting worse and are quite comfortable to walk on. That works for me. 

The temperature again was in our favor. The hottest it was when I arrived was 22 C. It's hotter now, but I don't think by much. The sun was out, the sky was cloudless and seriously, you couldn't ask for better weather. 

The heat is coming, but each day without the heat is a blessing and if I can manage to walk in the morning, then all is good. The owner of the albergue came around last night and shut all the windows because of the cold. My phone said it was 9 celcius this morning.

There is a "prescribed" route. That is so false, but each day in the guide book is the reasonable distance from village to village. Today, the distance was 20 KM or thereabouts, and so I decided to move on to the next village which was 7 KM away. I know!! Let's just push it. But I stopped several times and stretched or had something to eat. I felt good all day. 

Although I will say that at one point, I felt my backpack was heavy. I'm not sure where that came from, but after a couple of stretches without the backpack I was good. 

I will say that everything here is an illusion. You think that at the top of the hill that you will arrive, only to find that you still have 1 KM to walk! Now why is that? But all is good. 

I am staying in a church tonight. I swore I would not do that again, but here I am. I didn't realize there was an albergue down the street, but it's now full and no option to change. Well, this will be a humbling experience -- our beds are mattresses on the floor, so getting up is NOT pretty, but then, who cares??? 

It's funny how you keep meeting up with the same people . There is a group of South Koreans, who always seem to beat me to the albergue, but they never pass me. I'm not judging!! Anyway, they are in the room tonight. They are pretty quiet and they like to cook so perhaps they can help prepare the meal tonight. I think we have to go to mass before. I'll give you the complete lowdown tomorrow. 

OK- Iˋm really liking (LOVING) those chocolate pastries for breakfast! Who would have thought?

And I have to laugh because several nights ago, I was sitting at the table in the albergue and a lady was working on Suduko!! I brought Sudoko! But I havenˋt progressed far. I used my eraser last night and started from scratch. My brain cant seem to handle tough assignments. 

I spent a good part of the day wondering about the water situation here in Spain. How can they have great water pressure and drainage on these haphazard streets that go up and down. And today, we passed lots of little canals both in ground and raised in the vineyards. We passed a LOT of vineyards and a few fields of sunflowers. 

Just had to move my office by 90 degrees as the sun was causing much reflection on the screen. 

So one needs to be carefufl who you talk about. There is one fellow that I talked with on the Camino on the second day. He seemed like a nice person. Then yesterday, he was quie rude and wanted to share a bottle of wine with another fellow in the room. No big deal, but it's 9:30 PM. There's a lounge!! And a girl from Germany told him such. It didn't stop them from having a glass. 

Then I talked with him for over an hour today and the time pased quickly. Go figure!!!!

I really want to get one of these rope fly screens for our backdoor They are everywhere here and it would solve my problem of the broken screen door and the girls who need to go in and out all the time. I must order one!!!!

Well, I must go and figure out how far to walk tomorrow. I think for the next couple of days with the foreasted heat, that I'll take it one day at a time. I'm not in a rush, but I want to get there!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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