Thursday, August 10, 2023

Castrojeriz to Fromista

Holy -- it gets hots in those rooms at night. They start with the windows open to get some ventilation and then I suspect, those near the windows, get cool and shut them. Happened two nights in a row. I actually kept my "sweat" cloth close to me and used it onece or twice. But all was good and I got up and was out of there at 6 AM. More to get into the cool air than anxious to start walking. 

But it does make a big difference to get in before the heat goes crazy. It was 27 C when I arrived around noon and I'm good with that. No humidity and if you're dressed for it, it's just fine!!!

We started the day off with a hugh hill to climb. It was along the side of the hill, not straight up so that wasn't so bad. The sun wasn't up yet but I don't need a headlamp. If you keep the lights off and let your eyes get used to the dark, they can see just fine. 

So -- the top of the hill. What a view - the sun was not up yet. And then we walked a short disance and WHAT? We now have to go down the hill? You're kidding!!! I don't mind to go up if I'm going to stay there for a while but nope -- we went back down and it was almost straight down. An 18% grade. My knee did NOT like that.

While there were two village alongs the way, I didnˋt stop at either. They had no choclate pastry, so what's the point? I had my own food with me, and I stopped here and there to eat that. Mostly store bought pastries and apples, but it works. 

Lots more farming area, but this time with irrigation. We also crossed an old bridge over a river and saw a couple of canals. When I spotted the sign for the Camino by Boat on the second one -- I was ready to sign up! Alas, the boat was not there, but we saw it later in Fromista. 

I also got to see the viaduct working. The canal (with the boats) was running through the fields and we got to walk along the canal, which was nice as many spots were shaded by trees. 

There are a couple of spots where there's a wheel (locked, of course) that gets opened and that allows the water to run from the canal into the viaduct which runs along the fields. Iˋm guessing from there, the irrigation system gets itˋs water. At the one that was open, there was a lare generator powering a pump to push the water along. 

Totally fascinating and I needed the diversion! Today was just one of those days. I won't say that I wanted to throw in the towel, but I had a low day That's OK-- it's to be expecred, but I refused to look at my watch to see how much time had passed and certainly didn't pay attention to the KMs. 

Imagine my surprise when I arrived at the last village before our final desitnation and I was ahead of schedule. Yeah!!!!

So, a lot was going through my mind today. I had NOT noticed how much cash I had on me when we were in Burgos and most of the restaurants and alergues in the small towns operate on CASH only. I was running low. Certainly not enough to get to the next large city and what was I going to do? I had visions of sleeping outside and eating the rest of my bars that I brought from home. Or begging and stealing!!

However as I got closer to Fromista, it appears to be a happening town and sure enough --- there are TWO banks here. So I got cash. I didn't care how much service fee they charged me was or the exchane rate!!! Cash is KING here!!!  I must check my bank account because the first time, the cash didn't come out, so I had to do it again. But then, it also said, to take my card, not my cash, like it did the second time. 

Now for the health update and I should NOT be telling you this. The blisters are fine, but I think the day that I pushed the distance, I messed up my knee a bit. Itˋs not the joint per se, but the musles around. I need someone to look at it and wouldn't you know it, but the lady I had lunch with is a physiotherapist!!! 

Her diagnosis is that a couple of the muslces are inflamed, but no ligaments seem to be causing the problem. I should have done better stretching. She even volunteered to go to the pharmacy to get some cream, which she did and I paid her for it. I ended up going back and got some anti-inflamatories as well as the cream isn't going to solve the problem fast enough. 

I also put my sweat cloth (a facecloth) in the freezer and I'm using it as an icepack!!!! Letˋs hope by morning that all is well, otherwise, itˋll be a slow walk tomorrow, which is Ok as the milage isnˋt that great. 

So lots to think aboit with the money and the knee and to be honest, I thought of nothing else or if I did -- it was about nothing!!! 

A LOT of huge farm equipment has passed this albergue in the middle of town. I didn't get any pictures, but well, I'll just live with the memory. 

A lot more English speaking peope at this albergue so had some chat time with others, which is why the blog is so late today. Ooops!!!!

OH -- and why I was laying on my bed this afternoon with my icepack and my pillow under my leg, my upper bunk mate lent me her pillow for my head. I tell you, the Camino provides -- you just got to believe that something will come along and make eveything alright!!!

I'm getting the hang of reading an e-book on my phone. I may not have chosen the best one to start with, but it's good and I had to renew it and no problem. 

The problem I have is that I need to buy more time on my telecom package and for the life of me, I can't remember the password. I HATE passwords with a passion. I've requested a password reset e-mail twice and NOTHING. So sometimes, you may have to wait until I get access to the Wi-Fi. It's a pain in the butt to be sure, but it's a firstworld problem, so I can live with that, but I'd like to get it fixed!!!!!

Well, that's it for me today. I still have to check out the route map for tomorrow, pack my bag and get ready for bed. 

Have a super day!!!


And DO NOT worry about me -- or my knee. It's all going to be OK!!!! If anyone says anything, I will refuse to list any further issues. I'm just being realistic here!!!!

Oh the sentence of the day

A mentally tough day, but nothing that I couldn't handle. One step at a time, do not worry about anything - the Camino will provide a way through it all. 


  1. You are doing amazing!!!!! Add advice: You need your knees! Like your blisters last year they can end your adventure but worse yet they might not be happy with you in the future. I believe you said you should have listened to your blisters and taken care of them. Take a day or 2 off; or less mileage; ice rest elevate. See if you can find some Kinesiology tape, look up how to tape a knee. KT will give your knees some memory support through difficult terrain. Good luck and have fun and I am enjoying your adventure. Jackie

  2. The Camino DID provide a professional to evaluate your knee and help with treatment. YEA! You do you and continue this wonderful journey you are on.

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