Friday, August 4, 2023

Logronos to Najero

OK  - so I am really tired, but I decided to write the blog and then go have a nap!!!

I didnˋt get the best of sleep as it was a noisy albergue. The lights go out at 10 PM, but there were people coming in after 10 and then taking a long time to get ready for bed. And for some reason, there was a door that kept slamming all night. Perhaps the bathroom door. Iˋve no idea, but anyway, I did get some sleep, but it felt like very little. 

The dorm was very crammed and there were four people who were slow. So I waited for them to get up and leave. What an ordeal. Earplugs were in order!!

Needless to say it was an early morning! But I left at 6:30 which was fine since it was going to be a long day. 

OK-- so what's up with the weather. It was COLD all day. The temperature reached a HIGH of 19 Celcius, but there were heavy clouds all day and lots of wind. I was in my short sleeved T-shirt and I survived, (walked fast to stay warm), but many were in jackets and pants. 

Getting out of Logronos is interesting as itˋs a very large city and you seem to walk forever. But I didnˋtˋget lost so that was good. I did check the app (for the map) once or twice, jsut to make sure all was fine. 

They have a wonderful recreation area outside Logronos and many people were out waling, jogging, walking their dogs. Lexi and Murphy would have beeen in their glory. The terrain was pretty decent all day with only a few steep climbs here and there. Nothing that we canˋt handle at this point. 

I stopped for a chocolate danish (I know!) in Navrette. I also brought more food with me because I remember last year almost dying (ok, different frame of mind last year) because there were no more stops along the way. Well, there is one, but it's a detour and who wants to walk more? Let's just say that I was a happy camper. 

My newly bandaged toes were quite fine and I wore my toe socks to help secure the dressings. They survivd. The blister on the big toe seems to be healing, the other one on the little toe is a devil! I suspect it's trandorming into a callus, which it beter do soom. 

But the good news is that this time last year, I was getting ready to stop because my feet were covered with blisters. But this year, I'll be heading out tomorrow morning and from now on, it's all new!!! So I'm very excited about that. I'll keep going as long as I can and let's hope I get to the end. While there is a destination, itˋs all about the jourey and how one handles themselves on that journey. 

So far, so good 

We went though lots of vineyards today and on a variety or roads, but mostly along roads next to the highway. 

And one definitely learns the value of a number. In a car, seeing that you are 12 km from your destination is exciting.  When you're walking, you're planning when to stop to eat.  If you want to know, I'm averaging 15 minutes per km??? More or less. 

It was a bit of a mental day becuase of the length and the lack of variety of things to look at. But hereˋs the thing -- Iˋve learned that if you can entertain yourself, you can do anything!! I thought a lot about grandparents and why we donˋt spend more time with them. Why didnˋt I get to know my grandparents better And if you donˋt have grandparents, can you àdotpt some at a retirement home? I mean -- why not?

Then I thought a lot about nothing. I just enjoyed the scenery and prayed we werenˋt going to get ran!!!! 

This is the same albergue I stayed in last year. Itˋs a quirky buildng but thereˋs a pilgrim quit on the wall. What are the chances? I saw it last year and itˋs still hanging there. 

Well, on that note, I need a nap!!!

Have a great day!!!


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