Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Terradillos to Sahagun

I have no idea why when I go to write a blog post that Google thinks I'm signed out. I'm NOT signed out!!!! But thankfully, it's easy enough to get back in. What a hassle, but by this time I think I'm working out little details and not gett fazed by the whole thing. 

So there were only four of us in the room last night and it was a quiet night! No alarms at 5 AM. I think I heard something at 5:30. I got up after six and two people hadnˋt moved yet. Glory!!! But beause two people were still in bed, I had to get ready in the dark! But I have so litle stuff that it's not a big deal. The thing is not to forget anything behind!!! Thatˋs what the flashlight on your phone is for!

And it was relatively light when I left even though the sun had not risen. But I felt very happy when I left, knowing that the day was short (my choice) and that the scenery was immediately different than the day before. There were tress and cuves in the road and well, it just made me feel happy.

I took tons of photos and am learning to walk with the sticks, although they are still not my friends. but they did help to take the pressure off the knees at various points. We haven't really had any hills yet, but a few steep points up or down and they were quite helpful there  as my knee is so stiff that if I had to step over someting as high as 2 inches -- I donˋt know that I could do that! OK -- so it's not quie as bad as that, but it's not happy. 

Then I got the great idea that I need to take a selfie with the sunflowers. Whose brilliant idea was that? In all the other fields in days gone past, the sunflowers have been TALL. The sunflowers in these parts are NOT so tall. And I eyed the ditch that I would have to clamber over and did I really want to get that photo? 

So there was me with my sticks, using them to "jump" the ditch and kneel on my knee to get that photo of the sunflower. Oh what fun!! Trust me, I looked forwards and backwards to make sure that no one saw me do that. and I got burrs all over my socks!!! 

My knee is dong OK. I's not super happy, but I didn't expet to get a miralcle. So I stopped and got more drugs. It seems to be fine when I'm walking, but the minute I stop, then it's hard to get going again. Thank goodness for the sticks at that point. I'll be doing some stretching later today to hopefully help out. The mosy annoying thing is that it doesn't hurt one iota when I'm sitting or standing, but the minute I put weight on it to walk -- then it's not happy. 

But I'll live and I'll keep on walking as long as I can. I have a plan and I'll see what I can do. It is what it is and I just have to adjust the plans accordingly. I have a revised plan in my head and I'll share it as I go along. It's not my original goal, but I'm still walking and that's al that ounts. 

And there's my luggage when I arrived at the albergue which is pretty much right across the street from the groery store. So I had lunch. Now I'm in a church albergue again and whle they are super friendly and cheap,  they like to have meetings and joint meals   and mass. OH --- so I'll pick a couple of things, but not sure I'll go to mass and I'll go out for dinner. 

Speaking of dinner, last night was amazing. Since we were in a small village and there is NOTHING else in the village except the private homes and two albergues, which both have bar/srestaurants, we ate at the albergue - amazing food and so much that I thought I was going to be sick. I HATE eating to that point, but it was good and on top of it I ordered a large beer, Good grief!!!!

Once again, the weather is cooperating very nicely and no need to dig out the rain coat or be too hot. Itˋs important to get in early. One lady just arrived and itˋs 3:30. Iˋm not sure how far she walked, but itˋs just too late or should I say HOT to be walking. 

I see a gentleman here who is from the US who has big problems. His foot is so swollen. No idea what the cause is, but he got a ride here. I'm not he can even get his shoe on. 

I may be hobbling, but I can still walk! 

So I appreciate the recycling in Spain. It seems that everything is recylced, but what about the few itms that can't be? They don't seem to have garbage in the kitchen for that. Yikes!!! It is all such a different way of life from life in North America!!! 

Oh and i happened upon a square in a small village that had been yarn bombed. Some tree trunks were covered and there were many flags of countries that had been knit. It was very cool. 

My pace today was pretty slow, but then I stopped a lot for photos and found a restaurant with a chocolcate pastry. 

Well, that's it for today. I MUST do some stretching -- I've already did the fake icepack thing which I didnˋt do yesteday and maybe that is what I needed. 

Have a super day!!


The one sentence:

The day started off great --- carefree and super happy to be walking the Camino. My knee is still bothering me, and used my sticks to cross the dictch to get a selfie with the sunflowers!!

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  1. Congrats. So happy you are still walking the Camino. Keep up the awesome focus and walking. Lots of hugs. Jackie