Sunday, January 22, 2023

You did what?

I need to catch up on answering comments, and I said I would stay up to date! Maybe this coming week when things are quieter. DO NOT laugh -- I'm away at a quilting retreat, and it better be quiet! 

But let's just say that I'm behind. The presentations are done for this morning, but I'm hosting a Virtual Retreat all afternoon and evening, and I'm supposed to finish prepping to go away. I'll have to leave for a few hours to finish a few things. That is my fault for not planning better. 

And I was on the phone more than I would have liked BUT not in the house. It was my Mom's birthday, so one can't miss calling their mother on her birthday. She is 87 and still doing great. But I chatted to her in the car on my way home, and when I arrived home, I sat in the car in the driveway so my phone wouldn't cut out. It worked like a charm. 

I took another call earlier and started in the house, standing by the backdoor. Within minutes, I was standing in the middle of my backyard. It's a mystery, to be sure. I also had a third call, and I took that one while walking home from the library. There was only one small section where I was fading, but it was in the middle of the park, a known trouble spot. 

I haven't had time to pursue the issue, and of course, DH is crowing that HIS phone works just fine. I get it -- does he think I'm making this up? 

Anyway --- we had three GREAT classes yesterday -- for the Tula Pink Butterfly quilt, Jaybird's Toes in the Sand, and Elizabeth Hartman's Fab Farm. I'm more or less up to date on all of them. NO -- I am up-to-date, not more or less. We still have a couple of months before we see the final reveal, and it's going to be spectacular! 

I could not help myself -- I did something BAD. Something that I said I would NOT do, and it happened. I was just about to leave the house for my walk when a text came in. AH -- the book you requested is now available for pickup. I promised I wouldn't order any more books, but someone recommended this author. So I bustled off to the library - the long way. And when I got there, I checked out some other books, and this happened. Oh shoot -- that picture is sideways. Two books were about dogs, and I'm sure I will cry, which is OK. 

New books from the library

Well, I got the book I ordered. It's called Fabric by Victoria Finlay. NOT the famous quilter by the name of Victoria Finlay Wolfe. It's non-fiction and has to do with art and color and fabric, and I thought -- why not! 

So there have been no close calls while out walking, but yesterday? I'm crossing the street in the crosswalk and have the right of way with the pedestrian light. A blue car (with a woman driving) comes barreling down the street to make a right-hand turn where I am walking. Oh -- she slowed every so slightly and drove behind me. Seriously??? Zero consideration for any pedestrian in that crosswalk. I don't get it --- how can people be in such a hurry for anything? 

And then, you have the person who is the first in line to turn left at a light. Except that they don't move, and you think this light will change, and no one will get to turn left. That person turned into the same parking lot as me, and I think they were on the phone. GET OFF your phone when you're driving!!! 

Here's one thing that you miss when you're in a car. So this looks like an ordinary bush along the street. We've seen hundreds of them. But NO -- this is a SINGING bush. You can't tell in the photo, but it's filled with MANY birds, and they are chirping away to their heart's content. I don't pass one every day, but listening to them is so fun. 

Bushes filled with chirping birds

Often when I pass, they stop chirping, but sometimes they keep tweeting. Actually, they still chirp if I walk past, and it's only when I stop to take a picture that they get suspicious. 

And here's the quilt of the day. This is from the day before, and I did NOT get a quilt done yesterday, and I may get one loaded today. 

Customer quilt - done!

We had a blast at the Virtual Retreat last night with several new faces. What fun to learn about stuff in different places, and we can check the weather. Did you know there is a TON of snow in New Brunswick, with more on the way? We have nothing here! 

If you get a chance, be sure to stop in to say hi. It's loads of fun, and I spent the night trimming quilts and got absolutely no sewing done. But that's OK. It's my social time, and if I don't sew - -that's OK. But I need to get some paperwork done before I leave, so I'll be taking a couple of wee breaks during the day. 

Here's the link, and we start at NOON EST. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

And I am off to get the day started!!!

Have a super day!!!


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