Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Decisions Decisions

As I have been puttering around the last couple of days, the question of what to focus on next year has been niggling in the back of my mind.

I think I have it figured out..............Oh boy - maybe I am biting off more than I can chew!
But I have decided to focus on the $10 quilts. I don't think it will too bad.   HA!!!   (I'm totally in denial! - as usual)

This is A Pieceful Year  - we worked on this quilt in 2003
If memory serves me correctly - just the outer border needs to be done, as well as the binding and the backing. Matter of fact - it is in that stack of quilts in the BBB project.

These four seasonal samplers were done in 2004. 
The border needs to be put on the autumn quilt, spring is in pieces and I've started the winter one and maybe the summer????   They are not big (but lots of pieces)

2005 - Welcome to my Cabin
I started THREE of these (or maybe it was two). Got parts of it done - but got stuck at the trees.

Wish Upon a Star - 2006
 Done and bound, but I would like to put more quilting on it.

Simple Country Sampler - 2007

Part of these blocks are done (actually I think only the border needs to be completed). And I have one of these to do for someone who was in the class, but never completed it.

2007 (the first year we started doing TWO - what was I thinking???)

Anyway - the quilt top is together (I'll show you tomorrow). Just needs three borders and the binding and backing.

2008 - Around the Block
The center is done, but the houses need a LOT of work.

2008 - Rosewood Cottage
Almost done - just a bit of hand stitching on the last border and sew that border on

Are we seeing a pattern?????   I get to the borders and then STOP. That is why it was easy to "finish" so many projects this year. However keep in mind that some of these borders will NOT be easy. They are going to take a bit of work to complete them.

2009 - Nana's Farm
Oh boy - this one will need a LOT of work and I believe that some of the blocks are scattered in my studio. Got to start collecting them, but at least the fabric is still in one spot.

2009 - The Twelve Rows of Christmas
Got to think about this one. I think I only did the top two rows. Hmmmmm - finish it or let it go????????  

2010 - Quilter's Dozen Plus

The central background for this is done and the tops of several of the months.

2010 - Piecemakers Calendar

Hmmmm - just started the top row. I really really want to complete one of these in my lifetime, so might as well be this one.

2010 Pieceful Nights

Must have been a weak moment to choose THREE in one year. Anyway - just needs the last border and it is done.

2011 - Christmas Heart Lights
 The top, backing and binding - DONE

2011 - Dragon Star

 The top, backing and binding - DONE. Obviously 2011 was a GOOD YEAR.

Also the start of trying to get these things completed!!!!!   But they were completed in 2012 - part of my focused effort.

2012 - Dear Jane
This is a two year project so I still have time to get caught up!!!!

2012 - Farmer's Wife 
OK - so only a small part of the blocks are complete.

2012 - Hobo Quilts 
Again - a small number of blocks are completed.

2012 - Spring has Sprung

Making good progress - got lots of stitching to do around the applique. I know FOUR projects - what was I thinking?????  I'm getting worse - NOT better.

That is all the classes from the Hobby Horse.

These ones are from Cockadoodle where I run the Christmas Club..................

2010 - Candy Cane Lane
 About half of the blocks are done

2011 - Welcome to the North Pole

Hmmm - maybe half are started????

2012 - A Critter Christmas

 Again - maybe half are done?????
2012 - O Tannenbaum

About two thirds done.........

And that is it for the Christmas Club.

The at Ruti's - I have these quilts.................

2011 - Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

 Got 40 blocks to complete.

2012 - Stonehenge Meets Jamestown

 This is a current project and easy to piece. I SHOULD be able to keep up. 

 And this project took place around 2007. The blocks are together - just needs to have sashings and borders.

2007 - Underground Railroad

 ACK - that is 26 projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!   No way - they can all be done in one year. But there are a couple that are done (not quilted, but done).

It would be a miracle to get those all done in the next year, but anything is possible. Again it boils down to focus!!!!!

So there you have it - my 2013 projects. Talk about planning for the future!!!!!    I have to keep working on this years projects - then I can focus on those in the new year.

But as the year is ending - you should be thinking about what you really really want to get done. I am very concerned that if these quilts do not get together than NO ONE will complete them. Someone will open the box - wonder what the heck is going on and it will get tossed. I would hate that. So hence - this big charge on getting them done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Oh yes - and imagine the SPACE that I will free up on the shelves if I could get most of these done!   And the huge quantities of fabric and embellishments that could be refiled!!!!!  Now that is incentive!!!!!!!!!

Haven't come to any decisions about my role in the guilds, quilting and teaching. But I do know that I want to do less commitments. Block challenges and exchanges are the first to go. That will free up some time - no decision on the rest yet.

Got more to post tomorrow, but had to tidy up a bit - we have Border Creek Reveal happening this morning and I have to make room so we can see the quilts.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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