Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 59 - Trois Pistoles - ST. Damase

I had to get my mosquito net hat out last night. There were a lot of mosquitoes and other little bugs around and it was very annoying.  So I walked down to the beach with my hat on to see the sunset. However I stopped at the washroom to brush my teeth and I missed the darn sunset. Oh well - took a couple of pictures anyway.  I got my knitting out after dinner and so I sat on my little chair by my tent and knit with my bug hat on. I am sure I looked like a geek.

No rain last night but it was cool this morning.  I rode my bike to the washroom (yes - it was .3 K ) to the washroom.  I felt it was a bit cool and the sky did not look nice so I went back to the truck to get more clothes.  I got my big rain jacket and put it on over the small one I was already wearing and my leg warmers.  I am SO THANKFUL that I got that extra gear because it was cold!!!!!

We had a nice little steep hill to climb as we got out of the campground and onto the highway again.

Yes - it was cool - not really much wind, but the temperature is cool.

I really had a bad start to the day. I just could not get comfortable on my seat. I had a bit of a cramp in my glute and I just could not get comfortable. I thought maybe I needed to tighten my seat a bit.  Then we stopped at the 25 K mark - I had a good stretch and got back on the bike and I was fine for the rest of the day. GO figure. 

Anyway - we stopped in Rimouski for lunch - Tim's again. Needed hot soup. Even though it was early, we weren't sure what we were going  to find the rest of the way.  A lot of small towns along the way and not many of them have a place to stop and eat.

There were a couple of side roads we could have taken but we chose to stay on the main highway.  Some of the girls took the side road and apparently it was very hilly!!!!   Thankfully we did not take that road - we were on the flat for most of the day.

We had mist which was cold and we could not see the St. Laurent river which was right beside us. Then we had some drizzle and then it stopped.  Then we had rain and while it wasn't too bad - it was cold and we were wet. Yeah!!!!!!

A quick stop for a snack around 1 PM and we were back on the road.  We were wet so why stop for any length of time. And did I mention that it was cold.

Finally we got to the turnoff where we were leaving the coast and heading towards New Brunswick.   At last - however this was the worst of the day coming. We had 12 KM to get to camp and it was HILLY to say the least.   OH yes - a small hill to get started on that road and then two steep hills and a crazy descent and then a long hill that went on forever.  Ooops - then one more hill before we hit the small town of St. Damase.   And then there was the camp site.

Got the tents set up and then off to do laundry with Michel. This camp site has the laundry in the ladies wash room. Weird.  By this time it is raining and now we are trapped at the washrooms.   There were 9 of us that were waiting at the washroom for the rain to stop.  It was absolutely pouring.   At last after about an hour it stopped raining and we walked back to the tents to see the damage.   OH dear - Alec's tent is in a puddle.  Well just one corner is in the water and rather than moving the tent -he tries to dig a trench to get the water away from his tent.   Finally he decided to move it!!!!!

So now we are waiting for dinner - it is almost 8 PM and still waiting.  I've had some apples, some cereal and well - I will have whatever they are cooking and then we will be off to bed.  Got an extra sweater on and my scarf.  It is hard to get this blog written as everyone keeps coming under the shelter and there are many conversations going on and I am trying to focus.

On that note - I am out of here to find my headlight since it is going to be dark soon and we will need it to see what we are eating.

Have a good day!!!


I am not going to bother with pictures.  The internet is SO SLOW.

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