Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 47 - Tottenham to Nestleton

I arrived last night and met most of my fellow riders.   Got the tent set up - that was a no brainer. Amazing how it all quickly comes back.  I did go to bed fairly early and spent a bit of time as I got everything organized.  Oh - this little thing is not in the right bag. Oh - this is not in the right spot.  It is all about organization and not running around like an idiot in the morning. I think I am good to go - so I went to bed.

Read a bit until I was tired and while I fell asleep no problem - I was awake numerous times during the night.  Not that I was uncomfortable - NOPE - I love my little tent - got two pillows and comfy sleeping bag - perhaps it was the excitment???

Anyway - finally time to get up. I sure did not hear a lot of movement from the rest of the riders. Late starters???

Guess what - I was on cook duty for breakfast!!  Oh yes - nothing like getting thrown in.  Well - it was breakfast and not much to do and the others pretty much had it all organized. I have a feeling, I shall have to repay the favour one day.

Made my peanut butter sandwich for lunch and got an apple and I was ready for the day.  Turned on my bike computer and WHAT?????   It wouldn't stay on.  I have no idea what is the matter with it - I am hoping that a HARD reset will fix the problem. But I could not remember how to do that. I did bring a spare bike computer, but it was too late to get it out of my stuff. And I wasn't a hundred percent sure where it was anyway.

OH yes - did I mention. As I was sitting last night and chatting to some of the people, I am staring at my bike.  All of a sudden, I realize that there is NO RACK on the back.   Yes - there is no FLENDER!!!!!    ACK!!!!!   Now I cannot remember if it was on the bike when it went in for a tune-up or whether I left it in the garage.  Needless to say - it is not on the bike. Therefore I had to rearrange a bunch of stuff as I would only be taking ONE bag on the handlebars.  In hindsight - this is pretty funny because I did NOT take the rear bag last year and I decided to this year and well now I can't use it.  I may get a rack in Port Hope  tomorrow???

I started off with  Kirk, Leslie, Holly and Meagan.  While we did wait a bit for Holly and Meagan - some others caught up to us and so it ended up being Kirk, Leslie and I for the rest of the day.  At first - I had no problem keeping up with them. Then I don't know what happened - they sped up or I slowed down. I did struggle a bit for the rest of the day.  Got leg cramps near the end - that has NEVER happened. Lots of hills and each one seemed like a mountain to me.  Of course, they were  just hills but just shows that one must do a bit more training!!!!   So totally my fault. No big deal - I did survive the day.

At one point though just before lunch I knew I was in big trouble.  I was starving, Kirk and Leslie were ahead of me. I drank some water and felt nauseous.  Oh crap - I need to stop and eat NOW.  It wasn't a great feeling, but once I got some food into me  - I was OK.  I was dying for some chocolate milk and when we did stop at lunch - the gas station only had this fake chocolate milk shake.  I got one - I needed it and while it was OK - it was not the same as guzzling a half liter of chocolate milk. 

The weather - well what can I say.  It started off OK. Then we saw big clouds to the south.  Then the clouds were to the north gone from the south and the clouds were angry. Then they seemed to be breaking up.  Then we heard the thunder and thought we might be in trouble.  Rain jackets on - a smidgen of rain - the sun comes out and we were fine.  However as we approached the camp - the clouds were back - the thunder was LOUD and the lightening was wild.  
However when we arrived at camp - the truck had not arrived yet and so we could not put up the tents.  The storm got worse and when the truck did arrive - it got unloaded very quickly and we started to put up tents.  At that moment  - the heavens opened and there was a torrential downpour.   I threw my tarp over all my stuff, grabbed my bike and rode out the storm in the washroom!!!!!    Fifteen minutes later - the rain had slowed down enough to put up the tent.  Then I got things somewhat organized and had a nap. But not before I consumed many apples.  I just love to have an apple(s) after a ride.  So many things are coming back - the chocolate milk, the apples.  

On previous trips, I was tired of having wet feet.  Whether it be from the rain or just the condensation.  This year - I have brought rubber boots and they have been a blessing.

Had a wonderful dinner - lamb stew - I don't like lamb but I was so hungry - I really didn't care what I ate. Then we had the pies that I brought up for dessert.

The group seems great - we are only 18 so small compared to previous years, but that is OK.

On that note - I have found my second bike computer, got everything organized for tomorrow - more or less and I think I am ready to go to bed - it is 8:30!!!!!   OK - I am going to read for a bit, but still.  Anyway - I have to say that I am well prepared for camping (not the cycling), I love that I can write this blog even though I can't post it, I love my rain boots, I love my little chair.   Oh yes - tomorrow is a longer day by about 20 K so hopefully that won't be so bad.  Not sure if I will ride with Kirk and Leslie - I did get in at a decent time and I am OK with that. But I hope to hit Cozy Quilts in Port Hope as part of the Row by Row Experience. No license plate, but I'll get the pattern.  Why not!!!!

On that note  I am out of here.

Have an awesome day.


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