Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day 54 - St-Mathieu-de-Beloiel to Trois-Rivieres

Not sure that I was looking forward to today's ride. The distance wasn't bad - only 130KM, but it seems to be fairly hot and well if I can avoid being outside in the sun - I will opt out every time.

First - let me recount the excitement of yesterday. The camp site was very close to the highway and I was amazed at how busy that highway was all night. Trucks, cars and MOTORCYCLES as their engines whined for miles down that highway. It wasn't that bad but I did put ear plugs in to deaden the sound.

One of the group (Peter) had his bike stolen yesterday.  Peter and Melissa were at the Atwater Market in Montreal. A few other group members had been at the market earlier and as they unlocked their bikes and left, Peter and Melissa took their spot and locked up. They zipped into the market for 20 minutes. When they came out, Peter's bike lock had been cut and the bike gone. The perps bent one of Melissa's wheels. At the moment of discovery, Peter fell and cut himself in several places. The police were called, a report was filed, but I doubt the bike will surface. They had to visit a bike shop so Melissa could get her wheel fixed and Peter had to buy a new bike. CRAZY!!!!!   I am not sure if he lost anything on his bike??? Camera? Bike computer? I didn't ask. I have lots of bits hanging off my bike (bike computer, camera) and would be TEED off to say the least should the bike get stolen. That is why I NEVER leave that bike unguarded. Not while on tour. Just isn't worth it.   Hence I never visit any place - but I am OK with that too.

They both seemed in good spirits when they finally arrived in camp. I guess they had 50K to work it out of their systems. Still I would have been teed off for a long time.

Within 2 KM of starting our day - we had a road closure. Hmmmmm - what to do and how to get around it? We headed down the road to see what it was all about. Oh dear  - the road is completely gone, but thanks to the wide lawns of the houses on either side  - we were able to skirt the first part. Then we took a little detour on a side street and we were past part two. But there was a third part and we had to walk across more lawns for that one. That wasn't so bad.

It was beautiful to ride along side the Richelieu River today. We didn't stop to take pictures  - it's trees and river! But at one point - I did get bored and stopped to take pictures of mail boxes. So many the same - so many different. Started to wonder who would buy what kind of mail box.

Then we came to another spot where the bridge was out but that was an easy detour onto the road that we were going to turn onto anyway.

Oh yes - we arrive at the ferry in Sorel. We buy our tickets and we wait on the side for the ferry to empty. Ah - all the cars are gone.  Oops - there are two transports on the ferry still. This poor driver - must have been his first day on the job, although to be fair, he was tucked way along the side of the lopsided ferry (the on ramp is one one side of the ferry rather than in the middle)  Anyway - it must have taken at least 20 minutes for this transport to wiggle his way off the ferry and at one point, it seemed like all the ferry workers were trying to help him. Needless to say - I am sure he breathed a sigh of relief when he finally got off.

We took a side trip into Bethierville to find a place for lunch AHA - La Belle Province. A typical Quebecoise greasy spoon. Fries, hot dogs and a pop. Yeah - super healthy!!!!!!

Back on the road - well our entertainment for the afternoon was more road construction . We came across it at some point and oh joy - they are repaving the road. This was near Yamachiche. They had closed one lane to pave it and had flag people at either end of the LONG section of pavement. The traffic was going slow at the beginning and we were able to keep up. Then traffic sped up and well at one point after we passed the equipment - we had cars passing us on both sides. Why drivers cannot wait and slow down in construction zones is beyond me.  And let's not forget the tar  - oh yum. Nothing like a layer of tar to add to the layer of sunscreen,  sweat and bugs that were already all over me,

We get through that section and then CRAP - there is another section. Again one lane closed, but this time they were striping off the pavement.  It was literally a free for all. Cars, construction vehicles and equipment and us - all on the same road. Thankfully that section wasn't that long and then we were pretty much home free as far as things on the road.

But this morning there were bugs and my arms and legs were literally covered with bugs. ICK - and they were stuck in the sunscreen. Oh joy - what fun.

Still having trouble with my bike computer but I think it was me this time. There was one setting that I believed I turned on by accident and well it should not have been on. It is now off and let's hope that tomorrow is going to be OK.

Oh yes - and let's not forget the general store in Maskinonge. This store is becoming quite famous it seems. We all stopped there last year for. Neil and I took off after our yummy lemonade. The others stayed and got soaked. Clark and his wife cycled past this place earlier this summer and well - Kirk and I just had to stop for lemonade as well.

Tent is up, had a shower, blog is done. I'm not cooking tonight. Oh boy - free time!!!!

Sitting in the shade which makes the temperature a bit more bearable, but YIKES - it is very hot. I was very thankful for every ounce of shade we got on the road which didn't seem like nearly enough.

Some of the guys went in the water at the camp ground, but myself being a non swimmer  I really couldn't care less. And no bathing sit. anyway.

Oh yes  - it was Craig's birthday today.  Birthday cake!   We like birthday cake.

On that note - I am out of here

Have a good day!!!!!!!!


Synchronized swimming - I gave them a TEN.  that's Craig, Gavin and Alec

My tent - just airing out all the stuff

Craig and his cake

Happy Birthday Craig!!!!!

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