Friday, August 1, 2014

Hanging out at the mall.................

Another full day of taking pictures, editing pictures and writing. It was a productive day but seemed to have a million interruptions. I am a little behind schedule, but I think I am still OK.  Well - I will have to be OK.

Interruption number one:  M comes down stairs and whispers "Mom I think something is wrong with me. I feel awful and have this big lump on the side of my neck."
I reply in my best MOM voice - "well you are sick and probably have strep throat. Go rest."
 "But I NEVER get sick."  
"Welcome to the real world. Go rest"

I have to admit that we are pretty healthy (knock on wood) at our house.  It is very rare that any ailment falls upon us.  I account the extra dirt and germs in our house stops us from getting ill!!!!

A few minutes after she went upstairs, I went to c.heck and she wasn't happy.  She is so rarely sick - can't handle the pain!  I offered to take her to the clinic.  Well at the THIRD clinic (don't ask - my own silliness) - we had to wait 20 minutes for it to open.  HOWEVER I was prepared and had my knitting at my side!  Doctor says likely strep throat and gave prescription. Off to the drug store where I had to check my blood pressure (of course). Yikes - just below the cusp between low normal and low (92 over 56).  Crap - I am dehydrated!!!!  I am certain that is the cause of the low blood pressure. Drink drink drink!!!!!

Get the prescriptions filled and back home.

Back to work.  Then M had been trying to get in touch with Tevana. She was supposed to work in the afternoon, but that obviously wasn't going to happen.  No answer at the store. So I trooped off to Erin Mills Town Center to let them know. AHA - their phone was off the hook - good thing I went. Well - of course while I was at the mall - I had to check out the place.   WOW - what a HUGE difference and they are a long way from completion.

Remember - this is what the aisles looked like - well some still do as I took this photo yesterday. This is the last aisle to get the new roof. 

One of the others has the new roof and windows and the scaffolding is being removed

And here is the third  aisle - DONE!!!!   It really looks nice and it is bright. 

BUT the exciting thing is that they have started to put the new "roof" in the center - have a peek............

The start of the glass ball in the center court of the Erin Mills Town Center

Another view of the new glass ball in the center court of Erin Mills Town Center
This is a picture of what the center court is supposed to look like - you can just see the bottom part of the ball in the picture

Erin Mills Town Center redevelopment update

If you click on the link above - you will see the THREE wings of the mall.  As you can see from my photos above - the new roof on two of the three wings is mostly done and they are working on the third. I am getting excited and can't wait to see the mall when it is done.  I might have to find an excuse to hang out there.   AHA - I could knit in the center court and people watch.  DONE!

Here is a developer cross view of the glass ball in the centre court of Erin Mills Town Centre.

Cross section view of Erin Mills Town Centre

Well - since I was at the mall - I did have a few things to pick up and HEY - Target is open - might as well check it out.  They just opened on Tuesday.  WOW - it is bright - it is light - it is airy!!!!   I have heard many people comment that the shelves are half stocked.  Well - I have a thought on that.  I have to say that it was FABULOUS to wander down the aisles and NOT have to look at over crowded, over stocked and MESSY shelves. I quickly identified whether they had what I was looking for (they did).  I much prefer this to a mess. As well - they can more easily change the stock and not end up with a whole lot of something that they end up having to dump for cheap because they had too much in stock.   YEP - I can see myself going back.   I wanted to snap some photos but there were staff everywhere and although I am sure they would not have minded - how many dorks are there that take pictures in Target. It is bad enough to take pictures of the construction in the mall.

Back home again and now - it is after lunch.  Now I can finally start working on the blog.  And I managed to get a LOT done, and hope to get two more posts up today.   They should be published next week for you to enjoy.  I have to say that I LOVE this new machine that I am testing.  You have to wait until next week to find out why.  Unfortunately I do NOT need a new MAIN sewing machine, but if I did - I would buy this one.

When I was at Micheal\s the other day - I saw a couple of orange metal stools.  They were deeply discounted and I got them for cheap.  I had to buy two - well there were only two left.  But they are fabulous for what I am doing.

My orange metal stool

I am up and down and up and down so often and there is so much clutter in the studio at this moment - lights, tripods, tables - well it is a disaster zone.  But that little stool is the perfect height and I can pop up and down no problem.  I love it!!!!!!!

Went to the gym this morning for spin class.  I already feel better.  Honestly - I was feeling so sluggish for not working out. Had breakfast with my gym buddies and caught up on the news - not all good. One fellow who just got remarried found out two days after the wedding that his 27 year old daughter has aggressive breast cancer.  Another couple's daughter was hit by a car two weeks ago and is now laid up with a broken ankle on one side and a broken ankle and leg on the other side.  We talked about living in the NOW.    Oh yes - I so agree with that, and there is so much I want to do.

Reminds of this T-shirt.  One of the guys managed to snag one of these shirts from the US (not available in Canada for whatever reason).  I offered to trade him another shirt (that he wanted) for one of these ones.  I got it this morning.   I LOVE this T-shirt.

They should EMPHASIZE the word CAN.   I figure whatever I get done by the time I die will be ALL.  

We chatted about John Wragg.   I don't know him, but apparently he belongs to my gym - he has completed 177 IRONMAN competitions.  Amazing!!!!!   I know I will never complete even one, but I have my own thing that I love to do and that is cycle touring. Put me on a bike and give me the open road and I am a happy camper!!!!   I am already planning my route for the Row by Row in Ontario next year.  Anyone have a couch to offer up so I can stay overnight?????

Anyway - despite the bad news - it was great to see the gym friends this morning.

Oh yes - forgot to show you what I bought at Target.  A nice tin to put my crayons in!!!!   That wasn't what I was looking for - but I found this when I zipped through the school supplies to get my plastic folder - that I WAS looking for.

Crayola tin

And on that note - I had better get to work.  Another long day ahead.

Have an awesome day!



  1. Andrew was off work most of last week with strep. Must be rampant in Toronto at the moment. Girlfriend got it too....

  2. Hi Kathy - oh great!!! Well - let's hope that it stops with my daughter. I have no time to be sick! Hope everyone is recuperating nicely at your end.