Thursday, July 31, 2014

To save time - one must plan................

While I am not the most organized person in the world - I think I am not bad. And I would consider myself somewhat of a planner. Although I do tend to wing a lot of stuff, but we won't go there.

So I am working on the blog posts for the next two months of QUILTsocial.  I know my subject matter - I even have the topics for each day.  That was planned weeks ago. BUT I did not do a detailed plan of each topic.  I mean - how can you when you don't really know what the possibilities are. And even if you do - things change.

I spent the ENTIRE day yesterday working on the blog. Had a lot of fun and gosh - I am learning so much. Not just about the sewing machine, but about the actual process.  This is what I am up against:

  1. I want to show everything about the machine that I am reviewing and that is just not possible, but I am trying!
  2.  Everything takes way longer than you think it will.
  3. Not only am I learning about how the sewing machine functions, but I am learning the blogging software. 
  4. It is NOT easy to take pictures - just when I think I have everything the way I want - oooops - that stitch length in the picture isn't the one that it is supposed to be.  You know in movies - they have someone just for continuity - well I need someone like that. 
  5. The more you stitch or discover - the more your brain goes into over load coming up with new things to do with the machine. 

Last night before I went to bed - I laid out a "detailed" plan for the last two days of the first week. What stitches I would review. In an ideal world - I would take the screen shots, do the stitch-outs, take the shots  - edit everything (at the same time), enter the pictures - write the text and I would be done. That is in an ideal world!

Despite the fact that I was chained to the computer and the sewing machine - I still managed to eek out almost 9,000 steps yesterday (most likely from walking between the sewing machine and the computer!). However I am starting to feel like a slug. I haven't been to the gym for weeks and haven't really done any physical activity and well - I just feel like  a slug.

I was in Michael's the other day and OH BOY - what is this?????

Halloween decorations

I posted that picture on Facebook last night and I got comments back that Christmas/winter stuff is available in Costco. Seriously????   OK - who is buying this stuff NOW??????   Really?   Does your child need a snowsuit now?   I know it isn't that hot right now - but come on!   It is still summer.   I can appreciate if Michael's had craft stuff for Halloween because you have to make those decorations, but ready made ones?  Let me get that list out and start shopping!

I have had a number of people ask about the pattern for the knitted log cabin block.  Remember???

Knitted log cabin blocks

Here is the link:  Knittned log cabin 

As I think about this knitted project, I have realized something.  On my own - I would be perfect. I would never start a new project without finishing the old one. I would not over spend. But it is the INFLUENCE of my so-called friends that gets me into trouble!!!!!    Like this log cabin block.  I saw Tish working on it and I thought - how neat. So I got the link from her and bought all the yarn (although - the skeins I purchased were all from the same colourway - Tish's were each from a different colourway).  She has gotten me into trouble on several other occasions as well. Oh yes - her afghan is DONE!!!!!    I will post a picture if she sends it to me.

Don't worry - I love you all!!!!!    And I am returning the favour. Check out the link (you have to scroll down to get the pattern).   The yarn I used is Noro - Kureyon, but I think other yarn would also work.

Noro - Kureyon
 I am thinking the block would look neat with this yarn as well.

Red Heart Boutique Treasure

Red Heart Boutique Treasure

(Yes - I know there are major differences between those yarns - one is 100% wool - the other is not!)

Hmmmm - I have been debating if I should take something with me on my trip.  Funny how no one looks at you weird or thinks you are old fashioned if you are reading a book (well that may change with everyone getting e-readers), but imagine someone knitting or sewing on a bike trip????   Hmmmm - I may take a couple balls of this Red Heart and do some practice blocks or maybe I knit dish cloths.  I am afraid to take anything good for fear it gets lost, dirty, wet or whatever.   Or I may just settle for a good old fashioned paper book!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here. Got a list of photos to take, stitch outs to stitch and then hopefully I can sit down and do everything at once?  Wish me luck!

Have a great day!!!!!


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