Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another day of total chaos!  However the good news is that I finished TWO things.  Yes - I am so happy.  I got all the blog posts done for my upcoming review next week on QUILTsocial. I think you are going to like them and you had better get ready to sew - I want everyone to submit their version of my project.  Wouldn't that be cool!!!!!!!!!!!    There shouldn't be any excuse to NOT make one - they take about 1/2 hour unless you go crazy with the embellishments.  Anyway - all will be revealed on Monday morning.  And if you can't submit them to QUILTsocial - submit them to me directly.

Then I was busy working on the next set of blog posts. I know - no down time!!!!  Just have to account for some craziness this summer.  Anyway - I thought since I am testing a new machine, I should try to get some of my work done. And this is what I did..............

I needed 14 blocks in order to add another row and column to my quilt.  I got 15 blocks (for some - I have to join four little ones to get one big one.)   The good news - there were enough of the bits that with a few scraps which I am sure I can dig out - I will have enough for another 7 blocks which means I can add one more row as well. Thanks so much Susan for your scraps.  That is AWESOME.   I just love being able to use stuff up. 

Here is my quilt - so yes - TWO more rows and one more column.   That is pretty exciting. 

I have said it before and will say again - I think I have MORE FUN finding ways to use up bits and pieces than I do using yardage.  Just wait until you see next Thursday's post  (on QUILTsocial) - oh yes - it is time to get those bits and pieces used up!!!!!

Yesterday was Canada Day and I had my flag flying out front.  I know - protocol says the flag should not touch the ground - well that was the best I could do.

 In between running between two sewing machines and the computer, I did manage to get another customer quilt done.  I am down to four more before the machine gets shut down for the summer. I can't wait!!!!!   I do enjoy quilting, but will be so nice to just take a break and focus on something else for a bit.

Customer quilt - DONE

Now today, when I should be home working on those four quilts (OK - the next one is already loaded) and I have 10 more blog posts to work on - I am taking a PLAY DAY today. Should be fun - I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

And guess who had a sleep over????   Yep - Milo. He is so darn cute -

Hi - are you talking about me?????   Yep - I'm here. I'm cute!!!!  Are you talking about me?????   I know you are!!!   I love when you talk about me!!!!!!   

Since he spends so much time at our house - I think he should move here.  He loves it here!!!!!!   Although it is pretty hard to sew with a rambunctious dog in your lap!!!!    And I was sitting in the chair last night reading through the sewing machine manual (like I would do that if it were my OWN machine) and next thing I know, Milo comes running across the floor and jumps into the chair and on my lap and gives me a big dog lick!!!!!!!   Now if that doesn't put a smile on your face..................  

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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