Tuesday, July 15, 2014

London - Day Nine

An exciting day planned.  We got up  - had a leisurely breakfast and then headed down the street to catch a tour bus.  Now I HATE tour buses.  I hate that you have only so much time to see something and then get herded back on the bus.  But this was our only option so I sucked it up and we boarded the bus.

We had to sit near the back, although there were only 34 people on the bus which was nice. Takes less time to get on and off and less time to keep track of people.  We zipped out of London - OK - so it took a while to get out of London and two hours later we reached our first destination - Bath.

As we left London - we were on a six lane motor way . Saw Heathrow Airport and Windsor Castle as well as the turn off for Lego land which is at the same exit as Windsor Castle.  Hmmm - I wonder if the Queen plays with Lego????   She must - the crown jewels are made of Lego - are they not?

As we approached Bath - we went in the back way. Down a narrow and I mean NARROW little road that the approaching cars barely had room to pass.  Oh boy - thank goodness I wasn't driving.  Then down a very steep grade and we were in Bath.   A LOT of traffic in that city, and we passed a QUILT store on our way in.   Too far from the bus drop off though. DRAT.

Then we were off the bus and the tour guide (Geoff) led us to the Roman Baths.  We took the tour which was very interesting and very difficult to wrap your head around the age of the place.   Pretty amazing.   There were hot rooms, warm rooms, cold pool, a swimming pool - a massage room (could have used that), but of course none of it works anymore except the hot water still comes in at 250,000 liters a day.

Lunch was next on the agenda - we were on our own for lunch, but had to be mindful of the time since we needed to get back to the bus.  Had a sandwich at a small cafe and while we were eating our sandwich  - a seagull came down and took off with the top of the sandwich from the table next to us.  The fellow eating there had stepped away for a moment and although his girl friend was still sitting there - the sea gull popped in anyway.  None of us realized what happened until the seagull was gone.   We kept our eyes on our lunch.

Stopped at a bookstore and had a quick look around. Found two interesting fibre art books for cheap, but did not buy as I think I already have them at home?????   NOTE TO SELF - get that database up and running SOON!!!!!!   Back on the bus and off to the next stop.

Which was a small town owned by the National Treasury?????   (have to check that fact) called Lacock.  Anyway - some pretty interesting architecture in this town - took loads of pictures and will post them at a later date. Geoff took us around this small town so no need to worry about the time.  After a bit of a walk around, we were back on the bus.

Next stop - the town of Amesbury.  Do you know what the town of Amesbury is famous for??????    Well - it is the home of STONEHENGE.  Well - not the town as Stonehenge is in the middle of a field. But it is close.  We had dinner at a pub in Amesbury.   It was all pre arranged, but M and I decided to stop at the bar and get our beer before we went to sit down.  When we went into the dining room - the tables were set for THREE and therefore since we were the last ones in - we had to split up. No worries - she sat with some folks from Argentina and I sat with a couple from the US.

Back on the bus and there it was - STONEHENGE.    You see it in pictures all the time, but never think you will actually see it in person.  We got to the visitors center - which was moved a couple of years ago - really stupid looking place. Then on a small bus to drive the two miles or whatever to the site.

We were VERY fortunate that we had booked a PRIVATE tour of Stonehenge so our group of 34 were the ONLY ONES at the site and were allowed to go INTO the circle.  It is amazing. You wonder how it was ever created, why it was created and why did no one attempt to excavate it or repair the fallen stoens????   SO many questions.   Anyway - we were there for one hour - took tons of pictures.  Not allowed to TOUCH ANYTHING - just look. It was awesome.

Back on the bus and a two hour drive back to London.  I think we got off the bus at 10:30.  The latest we have been up while we have been here!!!!!   Had a beer so I am good to sleep.

However I have had some major issues with my IT BAND (muscle on outside of my thigh).  It is pretty sore and I have NO idea why.  Must be the tourist shuffle?????   It can get tight from too much cycling, but this is crazy. I hobbled up the four flights of stairs to our room tonight.  However I got a cold bottle of beer from the bar fridge and used that to help massage (roll) it out.   I need to do that often in the next couple of days.  Of course - I put the beer back - and no one is the wiser!!!!!

On that note - it is getting late and we must get our beauty sleep.   I seem to have crappy luck with my SD Card in the tablet, but of course M can make it work.  I am a dolt with technology it appears!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Did you see the quilt shop in Bath, or just the sign to the quilt shop? The only one I know of is around the corner from the abbey, past the book store and down an alley way into a mews. Good little shop for a UK store. Have bought a few things there.


    1. Hmmmmm - I swear it was the shop. It seemed to be on a thorough fare rather than tucked down an alley. But we seemed to be driving away from it so did not dare try to find it and potentially miss the bus. One of the reasons I hate bus tours. There was an awesome little book store on the corner, near the big church by the Baths. That is where I found the awesome priced books, which I did not buy because I think I already have them. Did you go to Stonehenge???