Saturday, July 19, 2014

I need a GUN!!!!

I am a pretty loosey goosey kind of person.  Not much scares me. So I am walking in the forest this morning.  It sounds ALIVE as the acorns are raining down. Now whether this is because of the squirrels or just because - I don't know enough about acorns.  But it is pretty cool to walk and hear them falling.

We were not far from the house and I was waiting for the girls to catch up. I had taken Sparky's brush as her fur is coming out in clumps.  I bent down to brush her as we waited for Sammy and OH MY GOD!   There is Sammy sort of running down the path and a coyote on her tail!!!!!   Not I don't think this was a prey stalking kind of walk, but the coyote was there. Probably 20 feet away as there was a bend in the path.

Gulp!  I yelled NO at the coyote who stopped, looked at me and took off into the bush. Sammy ran to me, Sparky attempted to run after the coyote. I yelled at her and she stopped. Yikes - that was a bit close for comfort.

Sammy was like velcro to my leg. Problem was - she kept looking back which made me want to look back too.

Then a little further on, we heard this big growly noise - oh god - now what. Oh - just a raccoon.  So we continued to walk and feeling a bit more confident. But I kept looking over my shoulder. Now when you do this - you never see anything - right?

Well - I looked back at one point and CRAP - there was the coyote - watching all of us.  OK - this is getting a bit creepy.  It eventually turned away (down to where I think the den is) and we continued on our way.  I think Sammy was very happy to get back home. OK - so was I.

Since a gun is probably NOT a good idea - I was armed with just a rubber dog comb - perhaps a sling shot would be in order.  I had better get one and start practicing.  I could kick myself as the darn camera was sitting on the table. Poo - no picture.  I know - what is more important - a picture or staying safe!!!

I did notice on the last two nights of walking that there were NO rabbits and normally the area by the forest path is littered with them at night.

We were also out in the forest a half hour earlier than normal, but it wasn't far from the back of our house. Then I have seen it walk right down our street!!!!

Oh well - on that note - I am out of here.

Have a SAFE awesome day.



  1. I think I have had a coyote right up by my house as recently I found a half eaten possum under a bush by my front porch. Stay safe.

  2. I was reading an article in the Grimsby paper today about Coyotes and it said to take some sort of noisemaker with you on walks. Like a film canister or pill bottle with rice or dried beans in it. Or take an automatic umbrella. They don't like the popping noise when you put it up. Good luck