Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Back to town today.  I know - it is pretty bad, but I'll go for any excuse.  Actually my Dad had to run some errands and we were getting some pictures printed. Sounds good to me. Of course that gave me a chance to do some more knitting.
Now I have TWO more blocks done.   I have one more skein of yarn with me.  And there are nine more at home.  Drat - I wish I had brought more.  I have 21 skeins of yarn in total. There are leftovers from each skein so I am hoping to make 25 blocks for a 5 by 5 configuration???  That is probably realistic. Then I have to knit the sashing which Tish assures me is quick.  She better be right!!!!   I am NOT allowing myself to start anything new (knitting) until this is done.  Better knit faster!!!!!

I did buy some dish cloth yarn so I can make that before I leave if I run out of things to do.

I got a LOT of hexagons prepared.  I am almost done the initial 300 of the small ones.  Now to start sewing them together. That is for later. Since I am trying something complex (of course) - I have to think about what colours I am prepping. But last night - I got more fabric hexagons cut out. This time I used the striped fabric - what do you think????

I think this one will be the traditional "flower" shape with the black in between the striped flowers. 

My mom was showing me what she was working on in the scrap quilt world.  When I was here in February, she had dug out some of her quilts and I took four home to quilt. Then she got out her quilting to see what was there.  At some point - she had cut blades for dresden plate blocks.  Well she went wild!!!!  When she got them all sewn together - she had enough for TWO HUNDRED blocks.  Actually these blades had been cut YEARS ago.  She just sewed them together recently. I know - and you thought I was obsessive!!!!!!

The plates together - 200 blocks worth

The Dresden Plate ready to be appliqued to the background - a LOT of those scraps are leftovers from things that I made or my mom made.  Many (OK - all of them) are old. 50 years or so.  Anyone want a Dresden Plate quilt?????   There will be TEN of them - each one 4 by 5.  Oh boy!!!!!   That red plaid in the above picture was from a shirt I made myself when I was in high school and there were many other fabrics that belonged to me.  Great memories!!!!!

Well I'm off to check out some of my Dad's toys.  Catch you later.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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