Saturday, July 5, 2014

Row by Row FRENZY Part THREE!

I could not help myself. - I am hooked on the Shop Hop and The Row by Row!   Doesn't help that I have so few days this summer that I could even think about doing this.  Haven't been on a quilt road trip in ages so - got everything ready and we were off.

No GPS today so I had to get written directions from Google Maps.  We headed out to the first store and well it appears that we took a wrong turn?  Or was it the maps????   Anyway - we arrived at our first destination 30 minutes behind schedule!  Oh - what a great start to the day!!!!!

Have a look - this is where we went..................

Country Patchworks in Woodstock  (actually this store is out in the country) I have seen them at quilt shows, but never been to the store before.  A very nice store. 

The owner said we could take a picture of their Shop Hop quilt, but did NOT want me to post a picture.  You will have to go and have a look for yourself.   I guess there is pros and cons to seeing the settings.  I would like to see them all before I go shopping. Then I could buy the finishing kit for the one that I liked the best.  If I see them all and no pictures - I won't remember and will not buy a finishing kit.   Each to their own - anyway - NO picture.

Next stop - Ye Olde Fabric Shop in Stratford. So excited - I forgot to take a picture of the store.  But I did get a picture of their Shop Hop quilt.  I really really like this one.

Shop Hop quilt at Ye Olde Fabric Shoppe

Let's just say that they had some very nice fabric at this store.  I will show you a piece later in the post.

Next stop - Shakespeare - The Quilt Place

Shakespeare's Shop Hop quilt - interesting combination of fabric.  I like the beige, but I love how they incorporated 13 blocks into the quilt

Then Creative Sisters in Kitchener.  The owner wouldn't even let us take a picture of the quilt - again - that is their choice.  They do have a sign in the store "NO PICTURES  unless you have permission" . I ASKED everywhere before I took the picture.  Their quilt is on their web site??????   Here is the link to the photo on their web site.  I am liking the gray. 

Next on the list - Quilter's Nine Patch in Elmira.  Oh boy - I love the stuff in this store.  I wanted one of each kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (they are NOT on the shop hop - only row by row)   

Well it was at Quilter's Nine Patch that I found a surprise for Susan from out west.   Never thought I would find this fabric at Quilter's Nine Patch.

Susan's husband runs a BLUE tractor shop through and through so I could not pawn my John Deere quilt on her.   But this New Holland stuff - oh yes - she loves it!!!!   (I already sent her a picture).   Susan - I think they may have had one or more Case and New Holland stuff - but I didn't know what you already had.  

Next stop - Undercover Quilts and More in Fergus.  We turned into the parking lot and OOOPS - the store isn't here any more. Then as we turned around in the parking lot - AHA - there it is across the street in its own building.  They moved TWO weeks ago.   It is a beautiful store and they had some GORGEOUS CHRISTMAS STUFF.   Oh my.  

Undercover Quilts & More - Shop Hop quilt. 

Then zipped down the highway to Guelph where we hit Greenwood Quiltery

Their gorgeous Shop Hop quilt.    
 And their ROW BY ROW is awesome.   I don't have time to post them all - but you should check out the link I gave you the other day.  

Looked at the clock and YES - we have time for at least ONE MORE SHOP.

Off to My Sewing Nook in Caledonia

The Sewing Nook Shop Hop quilt

So while we are in the store, we can hear music.  Nope - that isn't a radio  - it is someone playing live.  We asked and realized that the store next door is a TATOO shop.   Apparently he plays music when business is quiet?   The big joke is - both stores are into NEEDLE ARTS.  Ladies - just make sure you walk into the right store!!!!!

My Sewing Nook AND the Tattoo shop!!!!!

After we left that store - we looked at the clock and we looked at the next store. Hmmm - do we have time?????   Well - we put the pedal to the metal but as we approached we decided that we would have just a few minutes in the store and so we would save it for another day. Eight stores - 430 KM.  I know - the craziness just doesn't stop!!!!!   But we had a load of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just when I thought I was good for Halloween fabric - look what they did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

YES - this is Halloween fabric, but it doesn't scream Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!   We found this at Ye Olde Fabric Shoppe in Stratford.  Oh my - I could have purchased a LOT, but I restrained myself. 

In case you want to track some down for yourself.    Check out this link

Isn't that just the coolest Halloween you have seen. How about it Carol??????    Did I tempt you????

Now here is a very RARE site.  This is my account at the library.  I had books out, but I haven't had a chance in weeks to read anything so I finally returned everything a couple of weeks ago. I have ZERO books out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zero books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carolyn asked me what I put on the back of my postcards.   Have a peek.  I have a big stamp with the image of the mailing side of a postcard.

I use the big stamp and STAZ ON ink

I pre-cut pieces of muslin about 4 1/2" by 6 1/2".  I stamp the image onto the muslin.

For the filler I use TIMTEX fusible on two sides.  Then I take the muslin and fuse to one side and the postcard face is fused to the other.  Trim to 4 by 6 and finish the edges.  

The back of the postcard. 
 I MUST MUST MUST get some paperwork cleaned up.  I remember that I had these fancy file folders upstairs so I got them and put some stuff in them. Now to remember to use them. And I must label them!!!!!

File folders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So where am I in my license plate collection frenzy????   I actually have FIVE in my hot little hands.  Three are in the mail and there are five that people have purchased for me and I am picking up at some point over the summer.

License plate collection

I know - how old am I?????   Oh - come on - it is nice to have fun with something and this has been great fun.  Good thing I won't be here this summer because I think it would be cool to collect them all (27 in total for Ontario) and hit all the stores (82 in Ontario).  I know - what can I say - I am OBSESSIVE!!!!!!   DH thinks I am a lunatic!!!!!!!!!!!   And maybe he is right.

I'll keep you up to date on my collection as it expands.  Oh by the way - if you go to Country Patchworks - the web site says they have TWO plates - NOPE - they only have one.  The other was a mistake.

On that note - I have so much to do today, I had best get started.

Have a good day.


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