Monday, July 7, 2014

Day One - London

I have uploaded my photos to Facebook - sorry - just too time consuming to do on the blog although we do have free WiFi at the hostel.   I cannot find the software that I used to  resize the photos for the blog.

Wow - bustled around and got all the errands done and just enough time to get to the airport. We decided to take the 6:30 PM flight to London in hopes that we would get some sleep as if that is possible on a 7 hour flight.

Well we had a couple of surprizes when we arrived at the airport.  First we got into the long security line. We had been in the line about 20 minutes when they started to call people on our flight. We still had one hour before the flight left, but I guess they wanted us through so we were able to head to the front of the line.

Then we learned that we were going to be flying on the NEW 787 DreamLiner.  Oh WOW - this is the new plane that Susan's husband is flying, but not to Heathrow.  Apparently this plane has one of the most efficient engines?  Because of some new fan blade technology?? The wings were very weird on the plane. Quite different from the normal airplane wing.  I think this was the third voyage for this plane.  There were a few quirks that I don't think the engineers thought about too well - the button for the light is on the seat rest - ON TOP and my seat mate (not M) kept hitting it.

Oh well - it was a good flight considering that DH booked the tickets and booked me into ECONOMY and booked M into PREMIUM ECONOMY.  Seriously?????   She got a bigger seat, she got wine and better dinner.   Oh yes - we need to have a talk when I get home.  We had no idea until we got on the plane.

I did manage to sleep on the plane thanks to my inflatable pillow. Then we were off the plane and heading to our accommodations.  We are doing a vacation on the cheap so we took the Underground (bought an Oyster card) and got off at our station. Didn't even have to chance lines.  A short walk and we were at the hostel.

We lucked out and were able to check in right away instead of waiting until the afternoon so that was a huge plus. Then we grabbed our map (well not before M changed about four times). Oh yes - there is NO elevator in this hostel and guess where we are????   Oh yes - we are on the FOURTH floor.   Those stairs in the picture - that is all the different stair cases that we have to go up!!!!   That last one is crazy!!!!   Poor M was dead as we had to carry our luggage as well and you know her - her suitcase was heavy.

Then we grabbed our map and started to walk. We went to Kensington Palace and walked through the gardens which are very beautiful.  Of course there are loads of monuments here, but we wanted to see the Diana Memorial Fountain.  The water was frigid, but that did not stop the little kids from laying in the fountain.  I was so tired that I lay down to rest my eyes and had a cat nap.  Felt much better after that.

Off to Brompton Street and shopping. We went to Harvey Nicols - a VERY high end store with all the designers in it.  M was in her glory.  The prices were way out of our price range, but we had fun looking.   Who buys this stuff??????   We stopped at several other stores as well including Harrod's.  Again - very pricey.

Stopped at a little cafe and purchased sandwiches. Our meal times are all mixed up. I don't mind about the meal times - I care more about the sleep thing.

A long long time ago when we went to Disney and M was six, she insisted on wearing flip flops the entire three days that we were there. We walked miles and she never complained. Well she wore some crazy fashionable shoes today and when I asked about them - she said - remember Disney so I said nothing. Well she admitted that perhaps they were not the best shoes to wear. It was a LONG walk back to the hostel.

So we are back at the hostel, trying to figure out what our plans for the next couple of days will be.   We have NOTHING in mind - just get up in the morning and figure something out.  We do want to go to V and A museum - it is 15 minute walk from our hostel. We are for sure doing hop on/hop off bus and then we will go from there.

Let's just say that walking in London is dangerous.  YES - there are WALK signals everywhere, but you look and there doesn't seem to be traffic so you think it is safe to cross.  YIKES - I almost got whacked by a double decker bus THREE times.  Good thing I can run fast.   We had a good laugh about that and I have decided that I shall wait for the lights in future.

On that note - we are planning our day tomorrow and counting the hours/minutes until we are able to crash for the night.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!


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  1. London is definitely one of my fav cities. Did you catch any of the Tour du France action when they arrived in the city?
    There are great views from the London Eye.