Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rosewood Cottage

Oh my - yet ONE MORE reveal.   And I have to confess that I cannot find all the pictures.  In the middle of the presentation my camera card became full. I swapped out the card and I can find the second card, but not the first.  It is HERE.  Just need some time to reflect on where I put it.  YES - I must get the photos organized as it is quite a mess.

Anyway - here are the pictures I have for Rosewood Cottage.............

The GIRLS had to be the center of attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   "Oh look - these ladies came to see US!!!!!"



Judy - auditioning a border

Consulting on that border





Aren't they all beautiful??   Amazing how different they all look with a different colourway.
Great job everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kay made one a few yearsback when I taught this class at Hobby Horse

Jeanette brought in extra show n tell - nice houses

Judy brought in her Sunbonnet Sues

Celia had matching bag and skirt!

And we had a pot luck afterwards - YUMMY!!!!!!!

There is a few more pictures and as soon as I find them - I will post them.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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