Sunday, July 6, 2014

Taming the paperwork!

I can't put it off any longer. I MUST tame the paperwork beast.

Now I know that using file folders is a great idea. I know that putting like things together is a great idea and I know that keeping useless pieces of paper is just plain silly. All of the above lead to CLUTTER.

I can be as neat and tidy as ever with my STUFF (OK - so maybe just organized - not neat and tidy), but paper - well paper is just not my thing - yet I seem to have a lot of it around. As "forward" thinking as I like to think I am - I still like to have paper.  If I have something that I need to follow up on - I need the paper.  For some reason having an electronic copy of a document just doesn't cut it.  I guess I am more the "out of sight - out of mind" person.  The same reason that I do not like e-books.  I want the real thing or it just doesn't exist for me.  I've no idea why?????

That is pretty funny and I don't know how to train myself to become less paper dependent. So I took the day "off" and I sent e-mails - a LOT of e-mails, I made up invoices, I filled in contracts, I made ONE TO DO list - OK - so I started a TO DO list (but I eliminated a LOT of little lists in the process). I sorted and filed and well - things are looking a whole lot better.

Even got out some pretty file folders that I had

Oh look - I found more   (I know - I've had them for years - never even out of the package - but they are not and that is all that counts)

And the desk top - well it is clean now. At least it offers me a space to put the current paper that I am dealing with instead of piling more stuff on the existing paper
And all the file folders got put into my folder holder.  Instead of it looking like a crazy person's place - it actually looks not bad.   I MUST label the folders though.  Those folders are for current and upcoming classes and workshops  and other ventures that I am involved in.  There is a LOT on the schedule for the fall. I will be putting up a list in a bit so if you are interested, you can sign up. 

 I still have a few things to get organized, but they are neatly tucked in a tub - however there are BOXES of paperwork here.  I should really just toss it all and call it a day.  No what I really need to do is book ONE day with NOTHING else and just go through it all. I bet I could sort through it no problem - just need to give myself the time to do it.  Then I could file everything and then should I want something - I would know exactly where it is.  OK - that is going on the TO DO list and I will book a day!!!!!

Had to pick up my new license plates yesterday. I did NOT go shop hopping. Elaine picked some up for me.

I have NINE now on my wall.   Three more are coming in the mail or pony express.  
There are 28 in total (that I know of) and I have 12.   Hmmm - can we get to 14 and get half of them?????
I think it is possible.  I got the four from Country concessions in Cookstown, Thimbles and Things in Orillia, Wee Folks in Selkirk, Sew Sisters in Toronto, Quilting Bee in Fonthill, Country Patchworks in Woodstock, Ruti's in Streetsville, Creative Sisters - Kitchener, and Cherished Pieces in Tilsonburg.  So if you are out and about and you see one that I don't have - nab it!   I'll pay you back!   No worries - I will be quite happy with the 12 that I got. I am sure they will be available next summer as well.

In all my cleaning, sorting and organizing, I think I have pretty much found everything that I had considered lost.  There is only one thing left - a camera card.  I know it was here but do you think I can find it?????   And I wanted to post some pictures from it.  Well I will do what I can to find it.

And Tish and Diane - this is for you!!!!!    Can you believe it - I think she likes to make hexagons.  Can't wait to see what she does with it.  And who said hexagons is dead?   Oh boy - it is HUGE. Thanks Linda sent this to me from Pinterest.  

The other thing that I am learning is that blogging isn't just as easy as taking some pictures, editing them and writing some text.  In the world that I live in - the personal blog - that is pretty much what happens. I don't care how many hits I get and with what pictures/text. But in the PROFESSIONAL world of blogging - whoa - we are talking a whole different story.  I am learning tons!!!!!!!!!!!   There are so many concepts and terms - YIKES - having to learn a whole new language.

I was chatting to M yesterday about it and look what she loaned me.

Her book from college on Social Media Marketing

I know there are tons of books about professional blogging. I think I should have a look and see.  Not that I want my blog to be a professional blog - but well you never know!!   But I need to know this for the QUILTsocial blog.

On that note - I have another crazy day and I really must hit the garden, even for an hour. And there is more paperwork to do, although I have to say that I made huge headway yesterday.  No today - I am editing my posts for the QUILTsocial blog.   Check it out - it is my turn to blog this week so starting tomorrow you can see what I have been up to.   Get your sewing machines out - I want to see what you do with my project of the week.  It is going to be fun to see what you all create. I will post them.

Oh - I forgot to mention the excitement last night when I walked the dogs.  It was late - probably just after 10 PM.  I am getting close to the house and who do I see just sauntering down our street?????   YEP - that would be one of the coyotes.   I know - he just walked right past us.  One of my neighbours was out and YELLS - WOW - that is a freekin big coyote!  Well it was big - about Sparky's size.  He didn't bother us, but once we passed each other - he stopped to stare at us.  And me - WITH NO CAMERA of any kind!!!!!

Have a super awesome day!


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