Monday, July 21, 2014

Ring around my finger.........................

Nope - no special anniversary ring for me. I only wear one ring and that is on my left hand pinkie. When I graduated from high school a LONG time ago - my group of friends and I (we were five in total) all purchased a pinkie ring with our initial engraved on it.  My initial has been gone for years and I am the only one that still wears that little ring.  I have no idea why - but I do.

Anyway - a couple of months ago, I was closing the door of the car and my hand got caught in the door.  Well not my hand - but the door caught the ring and squeezed it - ON MY HAND.  The door did not touch my hand but the ring was now badly misshapen.  Hmmm - what to do????

First off  - I could not get the stupid thing off. So as is the norm for me  - I left it. What else was I going to do???

OK - so not that badly out of shape - don't forget my finger was still in there when it got bent.

On the plane on the way to Saskatchewan - it was freezing on board and I thought about the ring and managed to get it off. Then at dinner, I mentioned that I needed a jeweler to straighten my ring.

Now you have to realize that my ENTIRE family is crafty, handy and LOVES to fix things. So my two brothers pipe up that they will straighten the ring for me.

Back to my brother's house and we were off to the shop.......................

Wally and Glen - performing surgery on my ring

I hope you notice that my older brother has a SHOP - that is the equivalent of my sewing studio.  Oh yes - we are all alike - we need our stuff spread out around us. We need plenty of tools and LOTS of supplies.
I will get a picture of my Dad's shop - but yes - we all have something.

A HUGE mallet does the trick

And there is my ring - back like a circle!!!!!   I was so happy and they saved me a trip to the jewelry store. 

I must say that is one thing that I miss about being home - my family can fix just about anything and I can't take advantage of any of it.  Of course - if I lived here, they would probably pay to have me move away so I couldn't bug them.

You know how us quilters always say that we will NOT give quilts to those who won't appreciate them.  Well while we were visiting yesterday, my brother alluded that he knew nothing about quilts (fair enough), but to him they were just blankets.  OK - he's off the list and I told him so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also love dogs and my older brother (Wally) has two dogs.  They are pretty sophisticated dogs.  Look how one of them sleeps outside.

Meadow - napping on the lawn chair
Ah - just flip over and catch some rays on the other side
And Moose - well - he is too hyper to sleep, but he can get a better vantage point!!!!!

When I was here in February, I so wanted to get pictures of the buffalo that are raised on a farm on the way to town. Well every time we drove past - the buffalo were not near the road, or when they were near the road - I didn't have the camera or the battery was dead or the card was left at home.  It became a huge joke between my Dad and myself.

Anyway - this time - the buffalo were by the road, I had a working camera and I got pictures.

"Domestic" buffalo - do you see the baby buffalo?

Awesome view of the prairies

When I arrived in Saskatoon on SATURDAY - for some reason I thought it was Sunday. Do not ask me why.  I headed out to the quilt store (which had moved since I was here last time).  When I was walking to the store - I had this terrible thought. It is Sunday - they will be closed.  But I continued to the store and saw the sign - CLOSED SUNDAY. Oh shoot - but there are people in the store and the door is open.  So I asked if it was OK to shop.  They must have thought I was a LOONEY TUNE!!!!!!!  

On that note - I am out of here.

Have an awesome day.


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