Monday, August 4, 2014

And we are off.................

As you read this - I will be or will have struggled with the new morning routine.  Actually I think everything will fall into place.  The key to making it all work is organization which I think I got no problem. The other is attitude. If you think everything is going to be OK - then you will find a way to make everything OK. And I think I have that down as well.

As I write this on Sunday afternoon, I still have a few more blog posts to proof, but the sewing machine is packed away and ready for pick up next week. So I will have to make due with what I have.

However I had more interruptions this afternoon.   Guess who came to visit again.  OK - so I am not telling the truth.   NOPE - we called and begged for Milo to come over.  I would never let my dog go like this, but I guess we beg hard enough.   Don't his peeps miss him?????   All the more reason that Milo should come and live with US!!!!    When I heard him come in the front door (yes - he has his own chauffeur), I called his name and he came ripping down the stairs to see me!!!!!

It is hard not to laugh when there is little white bundle of fluff - just going 90 miles an hour

And why not a lick to the face - can't say he didn't try
He loves to be towed around by this toy
Yep - he loves this toy!!!!!

Do you see what creature is staring in at me?????   Sparky likes to sleep on the stones outside the window. M was paying her a visit. 

Do you think there is a competition going on????    For the most tags????

Well - how perfect is this?   Chocolate with a bike imprinted onto it.     YES - it was good. I couldn't save it for the trip.  Too hot - the chocolate would melt!!!!   Thanks Joyce - it was YUMMY!!!!!   Just what I needed to sustain me with all that blogging this past week.

Chocolate and bicycles - YUM

On that note - I have a couple of errands to do. And then soon - I will be on my way!  I can't wait - it is going to be so calm!!

Don't forget to check out the QUILTsocial link to read all about the Husqvarna Viking Opal 690Q.

Have a great day!!!!


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