Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 48 - Nestleton - Carrying Place

As you can tell - I am using the numbering system of the group - not my days.

Today was a little bit longer than yesterday. Hmmm - I wonder how this is going to be?   Despite the torrential rain we had late afternoon yesterday - it didn't rain any more and so we were relatively dry in the morning - except for the dew which was heavy!

Had a bit more for breakfast - I don't know why - but I can't seem to stomach a whole lot in the morning. Not sure why. Then we were off. The five girls were going to ride together today, but I knew I was taking a side trip so would likely ride most of the day by myself.

Oh yes - I managed to get the Garmin 810 working Yeah - a hard reset and it was good to go.  I checked the battery before leaving camp and it was 93% - so that should have been good for the day.  I am 27 K into the trip and I see a low battery alert.   ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????    I am ready to throw that piece of crap in the garbage, however it cost a lot of money.  Let's just say that Garmin and I are going to have a chat when I get a chance. Fortunately I was prepared for the worst and had my back up - the Garmin 710 with me.   It takes a lot longer to get the satellites connected, but then I was good and that one lasted the entire day.   The only problem - it is hard to see as I don't have the clip for my handlebars with me. But I put it in my map case and I just had to lean forward to see what was happening.

Remember last year when we passed Doc Holiday place in Nestleton??   Well - this group was NOT excited about it at all.   Where are Larry and Gee?????   Anyway - I wasn't going to stop UNTIL - I saw a sign - Annie's Quilt Shop.   NO WAY - a quilt shop?  Well I had to stop.  The store has been open almost one year.  I have NO ROOM on the bike since I don't have that rack, but I picked up info on two shop hops they are participating in in the fall - I just might have to plan a day for that.  That was a pleasant surprise - the only problem now is that the group is ahead of me. I have no idea how far,  but I didn't really think I would catch them.

So - I think this is the FIRST time I was on my own and had to deal with the maps in a LONG time. Actually it was entertaining and gave me something to do.  Because I switched bike computers mid stream - it meant that I had to do math for each turn.  No big deal - it was pretty easy and I did remember a lot of spots as I went along.  The day was nice - cloudy and a smidgen of rain - well just drops at one point.  One of the problems with the map reading is that I need glasses for distance, but NOT for near. So if I want to read street signs, I wear my prescription sunglasses.  If I want to read the map - it would be a breeze without the sunglasses or I am peeking underneath them.  A total pain!

I did a bit of research before I left and thanks to the maps from last year - I knew that I was going to be very close to FIVE quilt shops that are participating in the Row by Row Experience.   Hmmm - can I pull it off to visit all of them?   I had the address for today and was cruising into Port Hope.  I knew I had to make a left turn,  however I didn't see the street. I arrived in downtown at the bottom of BIG hill and checked google maps - OH CRAP - the turnoff was back about 2 KM - of course - UP that hill.  So back I went. AS I was going up, I met the others coming down.  I waved - told them I knew where I was going - so they didn't think I was lost.  Made it to Cozy Quilts.   A great little store - the owner recognized me - they have come to our local quilt shows.  I picked up the row - took some pictures and for the SECOND time in ONE day - I entered a quilt store and did not buy anything.   I know - I could have slipped a fat quarter or two in my jersey pocket, but I thought better of it.   Space is VERY tight.

There was a convenience store just around the corner from the quilt store so I got a half litre of chocolate milk which was divine!  I am just amazed at how everything falls into place. I have to say that since I stopped eating bread a while back - it is tough to eat a piece of bread.   That GOOEY lump of bread - just rolls around in your mouth and you don't want to swallow.   Thank god for chocolate milk.

Had a great rest of the day and zipped along at a pretty decent pace.   I think I was fourth into camp.  I was certain that the rest of the group was ahead of me, but nope - they were behind. I'm not that fast - I think they just stopped more often. Once I got going - there was no need to stop. I had everything I needed on the bike. And of course - Neil wasn't there to encourage me to stop for goodies!!!!

Arrived in camp and left my tent and other bits and pieces out to dry.   They are not completely dry - but not bad. It was sort of threatening rain and I wanted to get everything organized so I didn't wait for it to be completely dry. Everything is pretty much organized for tomorrow.  Just charging up that damn Garmin again - I am not sure that I trust it.  I will start with both and see what happens.   I will have to tape the other one on the handlebars so it is easier to read.   I have TWO quilt stores on my list to stop tomorrow and it is a longer day.   But I got into camp at 3 PM - so I am sure that I will have time. Neither one is far to detour to.

My legs are feeling good, had enough to eat and often enough that I didn't run into trouble - that was a relief.   No WI-FI for the second night. Too cheap to pay for it!!

On that note - I am out of here for tonight.

Have a great day!


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