Friday, August 8, 2014

Pictures - I have pictures!!!!!!

Pays to have a rest day with nothing to do.  I have finally figured out how to load pictures.  Well I think I have - I haven't got them loaded quite yet!!!!

Today is a rest day in Ottawa and while the rest of the group  has scattered to do tourist things or visit family/friends - I have decided to be a lazy bum all day.  My hardest decision will be deciding where to eat lunch and I'll have to walk to get there so better be close!!!!   My legs are a bit tired today and I didn't sleep the best last night even though we had a decent bed to sleep in.  Must be an age thing.  Can't have too much sleep!!!!  

After a yummy breakfast in the cafeteria and TWO glasses of chocolate milk, I grabbed a large tea from Tim's, got my book and found a nice bench outside and finished the book.  I love Lisa Scottaline and this was a thriller down to the bitter end. No worries - I have a couple more books with me.  No e-reader for me.  I heard Kirk lament at breakfast that he went to read last night and ooops - his e-reader was dead.  Well - that never happens with a book. However I did have to struggle to get the lamp plugged into the plug near the bed.  The bed weighs a ton and it was very close to the plug, but determination and a bit of muscle and I managed to get everything working. Good thing since I was up half the night reading!

OK - let's have a look at a couple of pictures and hopefully in future I can load them with the blog.  Honestly - I know how - the tablet doesn't always seem to read the card????   Remember my woes in London????   Where is my kid when I need her.  Anyway - everything seems to be working fine now.

This is Annie's Quilt Shop - it is located in Nestleton - in DOCVILLE --   a very nice shop

Cozy Quilts in Port Hope.  This was my first Row by Row Experience stop.  Picked up the pattern, but not the kit

Holly sewing a DUCT TAPE patch on her paniers.  She left snacks in them overnight and some critter had a feast

Picton Fabric World in Picton.  OK - so I had to buy the kit. Didn't need the kit - but crammed it into my handlebar bag

Saw this by the side of the road and was tempted!   There seems to be lots of repairs one could do, but NO - no rack - no sewing machine!!!!!!   Phew - who wants to sew anyway - I am on vacation!!!!!

You think this house is serious about solar power

Real serious

Garden Thyme in Kingston.  OK - got the pattern and HAD to buy the kit - it was precut - it was cute. What can I say - CRAM CRAM

Now that I got the hang of this and I even figured out the settings for the photo size.  One day - I will get everything perfect!!!!   Except now I can't figure out how to have left alignment. - crude - there is a word for that and I can't think of it.   Well two more shops for Row by Row and then I am done. Most people I talked to were very sorry they did not get in on the license plate thing.  YEA - me too.  

On that note - I am going to attempt to load a few more pictures before I seriousy investigate my lunch options. 

Have a great day!!!!


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