Sunday, August 3, 2014

Another adventure........................

The quote for today is "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."   Helen Keller

Another one of my favourites - I actually have it on a bracelet (that has a bicycle on it - of course)  and pretty appropriate as I start this summer's bike trip tomorrow. (and already thinking about what to do next year).

Well before one leaves on an adventure - life goes on at home.  In addition to gathering a couple of class samples (one I had to make), one I had to dig out of the TO BE QUILTED boxes, I had some class requirements to make up.  Whew - I think I am done with that.  If not - well - I'm not and that is all there is!

This is the block that I made yesterday.  I am teaching this class at The Hobby Horse in the middle of September.   It is called "If the Hat Fits" by Buggy Barn (From their book called Frightfully Crazy).  There are a couple of other patterns in the book and you can choose which ever one you want - cats, stars and pumpkins plus the witches.  Very cute and a VERY forgiving technique.  

Then it was back to blogging.  I am making good progress and am pretty much right on schedule. I have one more to complete this morning, I want to proof a couple of them and there remains one left - the most fun one. But that will have to wait until I am back.

Like everyday at our house - it is hard to work WITHOUT an interruption. But when the interruption is so cute - how can you say no?

Guess who came to visit AGAIN!!!!!    Yep - I think Milo needs to move in permanently.  He is just the cutest and we love him!!!!

Milo - he just runs around so much and it was a bit humid - he was hot!!!!

Milo and Sammy taking a break

I just love how he lies with his back legs flat out!!!
 While Milo is cute, no one said he was the brightest tack in the box.  Yesterday I am downstairs and all of a sudden I hear GALES of laughter from outside.  Huge - OH MY GOD - I had to see what was going on.  I run up the stairs and all I see is a WET DOG RUNNING and water all over the kitchen floor.

Apparently Milo was checking out the pond. I guess he thought he was a god dog?  and could walk on water. Anyway - he fell in.  At least we know he can swim!!!!   And what did he do???  Oh yes - right into the house - there was water everywhere. The silly kids did not predict that he would run in the house. And let's not forget the time when he attempted to run outside - right into the screen!!!!   Yep - we need to work on him a bit.   Well between running around in the house and out - he was a mess!!!!!   But still cute.

A VERY WET DOG - but he kept his head dry!

Sammy then had to check out what had happened to Milo.   She NEVER goes to the pond - at least never in that spot. Although she tested the waters - she knew better than to step off! 

So there is ONE bad thing about Milo coming over.   Sparky, Sammy and M are all worried that Milo will surpass them in tags on the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!     Oh yes - it is a big deal  - who has the most.   I guess they all get a tag today - just to keep things even.   But come on - you have to do something exciting to get a tag!!!!!!

See how much the green stuff has grown up in and around the pond this year.  I think it is going to be time for a BIG pruning this fall. 

Well tonight I will be sleeping in my tent.  I am actually looking forward to it.  Nice and quiet (hopefully). No storms I hope!

I spent a bit of time yesterday getting everything organized.  Amazing how it all comes back and you know exactly what is missing. The red bag is all the camping/sleeping stuff. Orange bag is clothes. The two small red bags are what I will carry on my bike.  Last year - I only took one and I ended up in the rain several times without a decent coat - so this year I will carry the darn thing every day - I hope I won't need to use it. Of course my helmet and the grey backpack is the entertainment bag! I got everything charged up last night so I think I am good to go. Only thing I am missing is a bike box to ship my bike back home.  I asked earlier this week, but the store got over zealous and cut them up without remembering me!!!!!

Packed and ready to go!

 I also did a bit of checking this morning - cross referenced our route (thanks to the maps that I saved from last year).  Apparently we go past FIVE quilt shops that are on the Row by Row Experience.  Well - actually six, but the first one is on Monday and they are closed. Several we ride right past.  I sure missed them last year - of course - I was following Neil and his focus was on the goodies!!!!!  

None of the five shops have license plates so if I don't get a chance to stop - I'm not going to worry about it. But would be fun to grab one or two patterns at least. It will depend on the weather, the time and how I am feeling.  I may want/need a break!!!!

I will be riding out tomorrow morning with the rest of the Tour du Canada group.  I am a bit nervous since they have been riding since the middle of June and I have been messing around with everything else but cycling. Slow and easy is going to be my motto for the first week.  OK - for the entire trip!

Although I should be able to keep the blog up to date, if you don't hear from me - don't be alarmed.  We are at the mercy of internet connections in the camp grounds which are not always the best.  I have visions of sitting in many laundry rooms blogging.  That is usually where the connections are located.   If you don't see my blog - check out Craig's blog.  I have been following him since they left Vancouver. They seem to be having a LOT of tail winds and I want those!!!!   I'll be updating Facebook when I get into camp (provided I have cell service which is pretty good from here to the east coast)

On that note - I am out of here to get my last day of blogging done.      So don't forget to check out this week.  I am the guest blogging and you get to see why I am so excited about this new sewing machine from Husqvarna Viking. PS - it is the Opal 690Q.

Have a great day!!!!


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