Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 64 - -Saint Louis de Kent to Murray Beach

It was one of those restless nights.  And for no reason.  There wasn't much noise out although I did put ear plugs in at one point to try and help me sleep. I did wake up hungry later - I only had a salad for dinner with cheese.  Thanks goodness for having some trail mix in the tent - a few bites and I was fine, but I still couldn't sleep. Next thing I knew - the truck was being opened and it was 6 AM. Time to get up and help with breakfast as our team was the cook crew.

Poor John - last evening he was sitting by his tent having a beer and at one point he felt a tanginess in  his mouth.  He spit and there was a bloody wasp. OK - not a wasp covered with blood - just a bloody wasp. It must have crawled into his beer and the darn thing stung him three times - twice on the tongue and once in the mouth.  John has a Scottish accent and now he had a lisp.  Well - we had a good chuckle over that. Fortunately he wasn't affected too severely by the sting - a bit of antihistamine and he was fine this morning.

Also as we were hanging around last night - we saw two women ride in on their bikes - fully loaded. After dinner they came over to chat.   A couple of nursing grad students from Vancouver. They had both wanted to ride across Canada - met in grad school and now just before they go to work - they took the summer off to cycle across the country.  They are more or less following a book called Canada by Bike (apparently it is on the internet???)   They make up their plans day by day.  They plan to take the Port aux Basque ferry to NFLD and cycle across the province. Yikes - that would add a few days - although I think it would be awesome to do - I am glad we are not.   I still have that one bad memory of NFLD and my goal is to get rid of that memory this year. Anyway - we had a good visit with them and boy - I feel like I am cycling in the lap of luxury compared to them.  They are very bare bones - not that I have any luxuries (OK - a couple), but they have nothing extra.

Anyway - we had breakfast and then there was just the four of us left to load the truck - part of the cook crew duty. The men allowed me to leave since it does not take four people to load the truck and well - I guess they felt I was the weakest link in that department. Fine by me!!!!!   Hey - I have arrived at camp and helped unload that truck - something that only a few people on this trip can say they have done.

There were a couple of side trips today and I decided to not do them.   They were scenic along the coast and well I saw them last year, and well I wasn't in the mood.  The sky was cloudy but apparently no rain in the forecast?????   It was also cool, but I wore my bolero and my rain vest and I was comfy.   Actually took off the bolero at one point and rode just with the rain vest.  So nice to be light!

I passed the Tim Horton's at about 17 KM - too early to stop but I did see a number of bikes there.  OK - so I have now passed some people. Then I caught up to Dave and later passed him when he took a quick pit stop.  I saw some of the others turn onto one of the side trips but I barreled right on through.

OH MY GOD - I have become ROB!!!!!   On my first cycle trip (Tour Arctic) - I met Rob.  A great guy but he was focused.  He would leave camp in the morning and cycle right through and was always the first one in camp.  I do believe he stopped to take a few pictures.  Well that is me now and I have to say that I like it!!!!! Perhaps because this route is still very fresh in my mind or I just want to cycle.  Anyway - I did stop in Shediac at the big lobster.  I caught up to Alec and Craig at that point and we all had our picture taken together. They headed into town and I stopped to eat my CHEESE sandwich.   Yes - I had bought cheese yesterday and I had the leftovers for my sandwich. 

I did shave 15 K off the route by not taking those two side trips. Fine by me!!!   After Shediac - I hopped on my bike and headed to camp which was still 60 K away. The road was pretty easy today - a few small climbs, a bit of head wind but mostly the winds were favourable.   On the last stretch of road - 15 KM - it started out with terrible road.  Very bumpy.  At this point, Alec and Craig caught up to me.  I guess they had stopped in Shediac.  Well this bumpy road was not going to get the best of me.  At this point - I was expecting head winds so I was already psyched up for a struggle.   I was not going to let the conditions get the best of me.   I put the pedal to the medal and just pushed.   I made extremely good time on that road even though the head winds were not friendly.

The bumpy road didn't last too long and then I was able to make even better time.  I am getting practice in for the trip to St. John's. I think that you need to push yourself from time to time and I always find that the end of the day is the best time for me.  I am anxious to get in to camp and so for me to make a final push is the best place.   I just love it!!!   And if you don't push yourself from time to time - you will never get stronger, faster or better.

Got to camp FIRST!!!   (I know - call me Rob!)  but Alec and Craig weren't too far behind. We got the truck unloaded - tent up - had a shower and now the blog is almost done and no Wi-Fi so I am now free to do what I want for the rest of the afternoon.   I did take a walk to the other end of the park so I could get a picture of the Confederation Bridge.  Yep - tomorrow we head to PEI.

On that last part - the last 15 K - the sky looked very threatening and we had a few rain drops but I was doing a lot of praying and I only got a couple of sprinkles. My shoes were DRY!!!!!!   That is the sign of a good day!!!!

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a good day!!!!


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