Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 60 - St. Damase - Atholville

We woke up to no rain, BUT the skies did not look good. Well we got everything packed up and we were off.   The first part of the road was a bit hilly which was OK, but my legs are sure feeling heavy.  I think  my chain needs oil and my brakes need adjusting which doesn't help the situation. After we got on the main highway we decided that we were going to stay on that highway and no deviations.  Yep - I am OK with that.

I think in total we managed to take 6 KM off the total for the day.  OK by me.

Most of the roads were wet all day, but we managed to escape getting wet for most of the day.  We had some drizzle but not enough to do any damage. Then at one point it started to rain.  OK - I must say I said a little swear word when that started.  I mean - ENOUGH already!!!!!  And the bad thing - the forecast does not look promising.   That is the most depressing thing.  If I knew tomorrow was going to be sunny - I would be dancing around. But more rain????   Well - this camping and riding your bike in the rain sure makes one appreciate having a roof over your head and a car to get around.

We did stop a couple of times, but not much. There were a lot of trees and more trees and we followed a river for quite a ways.  Honestly I felt like I was in BC.

It seemed to take forever to get to the bridge which crosses over into New Brunswick but we arrived at last. As we were leaving Quebec, there is a beautiful welcome sign at the corner.  Now why isn't there a nice sign like that elsewhere????    Not at Hawkesbury, not at the ferry. Oh well - we crossed the bridge and VOILA - in New Brunswick. Yeah - One more province down and only four more to go. I remembered from last year that we had to go down the road almost 1 KM before we came to the welcome to New Brunswick sign.   Yes - let's post all the information about fines for speeding and then welcome you to the province. But we got our pictures and then we were off.  

One thing I must say about Quebec.  For the most part - the shoulders on the road are decent.  In NB - so far they are non existent.

It seems like nothing exciting happened all day and for the most part - it was just a day of cycling. However I think I mentioned that the roads were wet all day or pretty much all day.  Not necessarily had water on them, but just wet. Well at one point, a car passed us (actually three cars) and yes there was water on the road. Of course, the cars moved over to give us space and went right through that water and I had a nice side shower!!!!  Can't get mad - they did give us space!!!!

A couple of KM before camp there is a shopping area with big box stores.  To get to this area - you have to go UP a big hill and then immediately come down the other side.  I need to look at a map to understand why, but the only alternative is to make a big detour.  Silly - just cut that hill away!!!! Anyway - we went up the hill and then down the hill. I spotted the Super store and needed to pick up a couple of things so we stopped. As I am waiting for Kirk to get what he needed - it starts to rain.   Are you kidding me?????    We are two KM from camp!!!!!     Well we waited in the store for a few minutes then said - let's go.   We were sort of wet - OK my shoes were soaked - AGAIN!!!!!

By the time we arrived at the camp site - it had slowed to a drizzle and we were able to put up our tents.   Ran to the laundry building and got my stuff in the dryer with Michel's (AGAIN!!!)   There is a nice little shelter here with the toilets, shower and laundry so I have installed myself here to get some stuff done.   Now that laundry is done and the blog is written - I might wander back to the camp site to see what is happening.  

We had a time change when we hit the NB border so that will throw us out of whack for a day or two.

And I seem to have tons of mosquito bites today - well ones that are driving me crazy.  Thank goodness for Afterbite.  

Looks like it is going to be another late dinner tonight.   We ate last night in the dark - it was after 8 when we finally sat down to dinner.  I am surprised at that but everyone seems to think it is OK and if they are on dinner duty - it is OK to arrive late. Last year - I thought we were all pretty conscientious of that and tried to make it to camp early so dinner could be at a decent time.  Well - I have chocolate so I may skip dinner!!!!  And I must remember that this is NOT my trip  - I am just a tag along. The group dynamics and rules were established a long time ago.

I must say that I am very surprised that after that HUGE downpour in the afternoon (yesterday)  after we had arrived at camp - that everything in my tent was snuggly dry.  No problems. Who would think that a little bit of nylon could keep things dry?  Well - it works!!!!   So when I did finally get to my tent after the dinner - I did read for a bit.  Laid my book down for a second and then 45 minutes later  - woke up and turned the light off and went to sleep. I never sleep this much at home!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here.  But if this rain keeps up - Hmmm - anyone live near the Confederation Bridge?   I may try some couch surfing. Just kidding.

Have a great day (and hopefully a dry one!)


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  1. With all the calories you are burning you must be starving by 8pm. It would be a bit difficult not to compare to last year. You are smart to recognize that the group dynamics were set by the time you arrived and just to go with the flow, though.