Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day 56 - Rest Day - Quebec City

I didn't want to jinx that last post by adding more pictures. A separate post seems like a good idea.

And since I am really doing nothing on my rest day - I will consider this post as the post for the rest day.

A leisurely morning in bed - no rush - the cafeteria does not open here until 7 AM.  The cafeteria is under construction so everything moved into the auditorium.  We didn't even get to choose our EIGHT items this year  You have a choice of FIVE different plates and a beverage.  Well - let's just say that this breakfast is NOTHING like Carlton.  Still it was breakfast.  After breakfast - I headed back to the residence to spend a bit of time on the computer.  Most of the others headed down to Old Quebec.

Eventually I headed off to the mall.  checked out a couple of books stores, flipped through some quilt magazines, but didn't buy a thing.  I don't need anything - I don't want anything.  OH MY GOD - I must be off my rocker!!!!!

However I did stop at Tim's to get a steeped tea.  ACK - what is the word for STEEPED tea????  No idea and the lady was going to give me Orange Pekoe - nope not that. Well it is INFUSE.  AHA - learned a new word.  Obviously no one else around here drinks tea since I had to wait for the pot to be brewed. No matter - I could wait.

Then back to the Metro (the grocery store) where I bought some lunch and something for dinner later tonight. Walked back to the residence and it was just starting to rain.  I have been sitting in the common room for hours!!!!!  Right by the windows so I could see the rain - it is coming down quite nicely now and I don't really care.  I hope it pours between now and 7 AM tomorrow. Then it will stop, the sky will remain cloudy and the temperature will remain cool and it will be a pleasant day of riding.  OK - so I am living in a dream world!!!!!!

I see a few others have made it back to the residence as well and we are all sitting here making notes or doing something on our computers!!!!

I plan to spend the rest of the day reading or knitting.  I have managed to get one square of my afghan done!!!!!   I have a few more skeins of yarn with me, but even if I only get one done - I am now one closer than I was before the trip. I am on my second book and I better hustle if I want to get it done before we leave tomorrow morning.  I still have to organize all that kit in my room, but that will probably take 15 minutes at most.  I tell you  - when you have a system - it works.  Four zip lock bags - one each with a complete riding outfit.  A laundry bag - with towel and outfit for after the shower. Same outfit for a couple of days - who cares - we are camping. One inside the tent bag complete with PJs.  Oh yes - organization is key.

One other thing I have noticed since we came to Quebec.  Other than the francophones (and me), all of the rest of the people do NOT speak any French.  I know that I was very lucky to live in Quebec  and learn to function in French. Even though I took French in high school, it would have not served me at all.  I guess the best way to learn a language is to live and breath it. And when your in-laws do not speak much English - well you have no choice and that is what happened to me.  Different set of in-laws now.   We are in Quebec for at least three or four more days and English gets scarcer and scarcer. But everyone manages.

Oh yes  - the mileage for this part of the trip - 164, 114, 130 + 143 makes a total 551 for the four days.  That is now 1,124 KM in eight days of riding. Not even half way there yet!!!!

That pretty much brings you up to date with the trip so far.  This is our last indoor stay until we reach St. John's.  Yippee - camping for two weeks.

On that note - here are a couple of pictures that I didn't't get posted from yesterday's blog.    Six more days of riding.  I will try to blog somewhere in there but no guarantee. 

Have a good day!!!!


Construction - road is completely gone - walked on the lawns on the side of the road

Bugs - ICK!!!!!   embedded in the sunscreen

Now that is a hat head!!!   Kirk - after a long hot day of riding

The transport that couldn't get off the ferry.  Granted - look at the angle and he was right at the front of the ferry - but off to the side. 

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