Thursday, March 26, 2015

Building a town, one house at a time.................

More show n tell today - this time from our session at Sew Sisters his past Saturday.   I just love to see all the show n tell. So exciting to see how creative everyone is.

We started with our Amish with a Twist Series II.

Amish with a Twist II

It is a gorgeous quilt and we are working our way through the blocks. This past month, we used the star blocks that we made the first month to complete the "day and night" blocks. They surround the big center square.

Since a large number of the group is making the quilt from the kit, I have only included one block from the kit. I can't remember how many are using their own fabric combinations, but we had four for show n tell the other day.

The left most block is from the kit, the other two are from their own fabric
 Do you see the busy prints used by Anne in the right most block. I asked her if she liked Bonnie Hunter and the answer was YES.  That wasn't hard to figure out since those busy prints are what Bonnie uses for neutrals.
Two more from their own fabrics
 All of the quilts are going to be awesome when they are done!!!!!

Next up was Tiny Town by Bunny Hill.  There is so much room for creativity in this quilt. Block One was pretty tame but next month - well all bets are off that anyone follows the pattern exactly.

Tiny Town
Tiny Town by Bunny Hill
Beth - love that background behind the big house and ooops - I see a big tree in place of the flower beside that big house.

Lynn who looks like she fussy cut that roof for the house and notice the smoke from the chimney on one of the little houses - awesome!

Karen, Karen, Karen - she always has to do something different. She has chosen to do reverse machine applique

So all of her house pieces are on the back!!!!

Loretta has a thing for black, white and red houses - I love it!!!!!

Vjera is making TWO quilts - one of them is done completely by hand

and the other is by machine!!!!   That is awesome and a great way to learn all the techniques!!!!

Oh shoot - I can't remember who did what!!!!!  Sorry for that.............

Look at these funky colours and the awesome backgrounds.  I WANT to be able to work with those kind of backgrounds!!!!

Nice subdued town!!!

Batiks that are to die for!!!!

Another soft palette - again some busy backgrounds that I love!!!!
Georgina - all in blue. That is very funky especially the wavy background behind the main house!!!!

I see some silk ribbon embroidery on this one!

Love how the satin stitch really highlights these houses

Lucy using some decorative stitches on the sewing machine and construction themed fabric for her houses

(Note - some of the blocks were not at this past meeting - I pulled them from the previous meeting pictures!)

And this little gem was on the design wall.  I love it!!!!!

There you have it. I showed them all kinds of creative, funky stuff to embellish the next block so can't wait to see the results next month.

On that note - another crazy busy but FUN day and I can't wait to get started. It's Thursday Therapy!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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