Thursday, December 10, 2015

Found time

Never look a gift horse in the mouth. And that's what happened earlier this week.  I FOUND FIVE DAYS.   I know - who can believe it? Not that I was getting stressed because Christmas is coming and I still have a few quilts to make and quilt. Nope not at all.  It is just the norm for this time of year and yes I know that I say - "next year will be better" and it never is.  But in my heart - I believe next year will be better as I have less and less customer stuff to do so there won't be the same rush.  I would never rush and meet a deadline for my own stuff.

Let's just say that there are five days that got freed up between now and the end of the year.  So sewing machine and long-arm - WATCH OUT.  I'm going to treat each and every one of those days with great care - they are a gift and I intend to use every minute to the max.

Speaking of using every minute - I got this customer quilt done last night - it's trimmed up and ready to go and just barely in time when you look at the theme of the quilt.

Customer quilt - DONE!
We had debated long and hard over what to do on this quilt - custom or overall. When I went back to work - we decided that overall would be OK.  I know - I had a bit of a panic attack - is it OK to do overall designs on applique and this heavy of piecing????

And then the question was what design????   I found the most adorable gingerbread quilting design when I was in Houston so I bought the pattern - it arrived about 10 days ago (OK - more like 2 weeks) and here it is.

Gingerbread overall design

The back

A couple of things to consider - the thread color - you MUST choose your thread wisely with this situation.  The thread has to match the quilt - I know that is an obvious statement, but choose the wrong tone, the wrong shade and the quilt is toast. Well that's a bit of an exageration - but it doesn't look as nice.  Choose a thread that will blend in equally with the light and dark.  If I have to see the thread on the dark - then I might as well see it on the light - mid-tones work wonders in these situations.  And then the thread for the back - I didn't choose red as I had a mid-tone taupe on the top - so I chose a slighter darker tone taupe for the back and it all looks wonderful.

Anyway - I'm very happy with it - it's a bit of a fiddly design because it makes an image as opposed to a more abstract type of pattern.  It's all hand guided and I'm really really happy with the way the quilt turned out.  Hope the customer is too!!!!!

Tonight - I'm onto the next urgent Christmas stuff.  One that I agreed to, but customer didn't tell me they (tablerunners) were Christmas presents until after they were in my hands.  Yep - that happens!

If things go well - I should have my backlog pretty much cleared up by the end of the year and then - well let's see what happens for next year.  I have loads of my own stuff and loads of things I want to experiment with Northcott stuff, We'll all just have to sit back and watch.

This gingerbread quilt was a block of the month by Sue Garman a while back.  I have the same quilt and we were working on them together and then - well stuff got in the way for me.  I still have about 3 blocks to applique.  I think all the piecing is done.   I know - I should make it a priority.

Let's chat a moment about your clean-up spot.   I heard from a couple of people that they have a spot or two small spots picked.  What about the rest of you?????   Find one - we all have one or two or three.  Choose it and then write down those items that you can easily and quickly do or get rid of.  That's very important - divide and conquer!!!!!!   I wish I could take one of my FOUND days and work on the room, but NO - this is a chance to play catch up and I'm taking 100 percent advantage of that opportunity.   Why not take a picture or two so you can really appreciate how the room looks when you are done.

On that note - I'm out of here.  Don't forget to pick that room!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I took some found time today and worked on our sitting room. More to do but I am happy!

    1. Jill - that is so exciting that you found some time! It is precious and well - we must utilize it whatever way we can. (are we going to see what you did in your sitting room???) Have a great day!!!! Elaine