Sunday, December 6, 2015

The killing ground

They say it's important to have a catchy title on the blog posts.  Did you like this one?  I will warn you - there is a bit of blood involved so if you are squeamish - then don't read on. BUT - no person was hurt.

I did leave on relatively good terms from my parents.  My mom has a major issue with space - she wants everything in the apartment and there isn't room.  She just doesn't get that. She is perfectly happy to have boxes of stuff stacked around her.  A classic hoarder if ever I saw one. And even worse - she isn't physically able to deal with the stuff.  It makes for a very frustrating situation for all involved.

Yes I know I should be happy that they are still alive, but I feel for my Dad as he will have to bear the brunt of her rampages. I told him to escape to the common room and watch TV.  She won't follow him.

Oh boy - the joys of getting old and I can't wait for my turn to come!  While I have my quilting stuff and granted there is a LOT, there isn't anywhere near the quantity that they are dealing with.  And here's the other extremely frustrating thing - many of these things that she wants - she hasn't touched in years - I'm talking 15 years or so  (that's because the stuff was behind another row of furniture and you couldn't get to it!).  So if the stuff sits on the shelf in the heated and well lit garage instead of in the apartment - why is that a problem????   Makes you want to scream and makes you want to throw things away.

I wish I had the time in the next couple of weeks to deal with everything of mine, but I have quilts that need to be done by Christmas and all my spare time is going to be for that.  Right after Christmas!

I had a great flight home last night - the airport was deserted. I was the only one in the security area when I went through.  There were about 6 staff and just me. Then up to the lounge to wait for the plane. I think there were only two planes leaving and neither were full so you could have shot a bowling ball through that area. Plane was maybe 10 percent full?????  OK - maybe 20.

When we landed - it was very foggy - well in patches, but around the airport - you couldn't see a thing.  The wheels pop out and we are getting ready to land except there is no ground or lights visible. Pilot did an excellent job of bringing us in.

Then I caught a limo home and that where the day went to hell. OK - I'm exaggerating.  When we turned the corner and approached the house, the car lights caught the eyes of animals. My first thought was that someone was walking their dog although it was 1 AM.   Oh crap - it's the coyotes - practically on my front step.  As the car approached, one trotted down the street and the other waited across the street. Whoa!!!!   What's going on????   I get out, get my luggage and the car drives away.  The coyotes have disappeared, but as I walktup to the house, I catch sight of an animal lying in the driveway.  It's a bunny that they were in the process of ..............................    Well you know what.

That was very disturbing and of course - I couldn't sleep all night.  They never came back to claim the bunny and I had to move it this morning.  I won't go into details - it wasn't pretty.   I felt very badly.

Needless to say - I have been a basket case all day as I try to get some sleep, but can't really sleep.  I think I was also so exhausted both physically and mentaly that it will take a day or two to adjust.

I also read a very distrubing book today as I dozed on and off.  It is caled Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese.   It is a fiction book about a young Ojibway living in Northern Ontario.  While the book is fiction - what happens in the book is not and that is just awful.  It is a very fast read and I would highly recommend the book.  It was on our library book club list last year and I didn't get a chance to read it.
Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese

On that note - I'm going to try and get something done tonight. I'm in very slow motion mode.

Have a great evening!


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