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Amish with a Twist II (and I) reveal.....................

This past year at Sew Sisters, we worked on Amish with a Twist II by Nancy Rink.

It's a beautiful quilt and it's all pieced - no applique.  It was originally made with solids and is a medallion style quilt. I bet you're thinking that there isn't much you can do to modify that quilt - right?   WRONG!!!!!!

Have a look at what was revealed in our show n tell - the class did an amazing job!!!!!!!!!!!   I don't even feel like I can take credit for it - they just got inspired and went for it!

Here is the original quilt by Nancy Rink.

Amish with a Twist II by Nancy Rink

Sit back and relax. Now some of the class decided to do their quilt using the same solids as the original.  Well - let me clarify that - Sew Sisters does not carry the brand of solids that was used in the original, so I substituted KONA for the original fabrics.  Kits were made up for those that wanted one.  However there were some that didn't want to use the kit and wait until you see what they did.  And thanks to Ronda who took pictures for me.

We started off with Raili's quilt.  The top was together - she made the outer border a bit smaller than the original. AND - she was almost done the quilting that she did on her table top Tiara quilting machine.  Yes - she quilted an overall design by herself on this huge quilt.  I won't tell you how young Raili is - but there is NOTHING that will stop her!  She's feisty!!!!

Raili's Amish with a Twist II
 Next up was Marlene.  She also made the outside border a smidgen smaller than it was supposed to be.  I think the original border was 8 inches which is a pretty wide SOLID border.  Notice that she used the skinny blue strip (that was to be used as piping in the binding) as a little border right next to the multi-color border.  It really makes the quilt pop - well in real life it does.

Marlene's Amish with a Twist
Next up is Susie's.   She didn't put any  outer borders on hers yet and wasn't sure that she was going to.  It really is a big quilt at this point.  However  -   I'm thinking that we all need to take pictures of our quilts BEFORE we put borders on them and study the photos.  I'm not going to say more, but check it out.  Do you see what I see?????   And none of us saw that in class - perhaps because of the way the quilt was positioned.  But eagle eye camera snapped the error.

Susie's quilt
The next quilt is Marilyn's.    She also brought in a finished quilt for our viewing and it's gorgeous.  She finished off the borders as they were in the pattern, but did NOT put the piping in the binding.

Marilyn's quilt

She had it quilted by someone else with a overall Baptist Fan pattern which is just gorgeous and very appropriate.  We had also purchased die cuts of an Amish Buggy and this is where Marilyn placed hers.  You can also see the quilting in this picture.

Label and the Amish Buggy die cut
Now there were other people in the room, but some were not quite finished their quilt so we didn't get to see them.  But others in the room had finished tops but did NOT use the solid fabrics from the kit.    Have a look - the quilts are stunning.

This next quilt belongs to Mary.  She had only gotten as far as adding the first outer border - yes - we know there is an issue with the design.  I'm not sure what happened, but this was a pattern that by the time you got to assembling it - it was so big - well you just wanted it together.   We told her to not fix it, but knowing Mary - she went home and fixed that!

Mary's quilt
 And I know I am going to mix up these names on these next two so bear with me!!!!

Bonnie used some interesting fabrics for her quilt. There are some fussy cut images in the center of the stars, but has a totally different look yet the same as the original.  I think she did an excellent job with choosing fabric values!!!!!

Bonnie's Amish with a Twist II
And now for something completely different!!!!!   Look what Joan  did with hers.  She didn't want to make a big quilt so she made TWO smaller ones. She used her own fabric and then took all the log cabin blocks and made one quilt from them.

Half of the Amish with a Twist  II

And this is what she did with the star blocks and the center.

The second half of Amish witha  Twist II
So she gets TWO quilts for the price of one!!!!   And has all the different blocks left over to put on the back???   Make another project?????   We'll have to wait and see what she does with them.

Anne used batiks on her quilt and it was also completely finished.  It was custom quilted and it is stunning.  No piping on the binding - it is fiddly for sure - oh yes - she also made that outer border a smidgen smaller than the pattern. An excellent use of value - especially for batiks!!!!

Ann'e Amish with a Twist II

We had a bit of a blast from the past - This is Marlene's Amish with a Twist I top that she has finally finished and brought in to share with us.

Amish with a Twist I  - Marlene

 Here's a link to my issue with piecing my version of Amish with A Twist II.

Shoot - I know that I have two other finished tops to show you - Giovanna and Genny and I thought Patricia was finished hers as well.   They weren't at this class - well Giovanna and Genny weren't so I must find the card with those pictures and I'll add them in.  But I need to get this post up!!!!!

AHA - back from the dog park and found the missing pictures on my phone.  I think I had forgotten to take my camera last time.

This is Giovanna's quilt.  She  hasn't put borders on it yet, but WOW - those colors are stunning.   We were a little concerned at one point about the value of some of the blocks - but I think this is absolutely stunning!!!!!    She used batiks and batiks are very very hard to work in certain values!

Giovanna's quilt

The last one for show n tell of the Amish with a Twist is Genny's.  Genny's quilt was completely done and I think it was given away as a gift so she had to have it done.  She also modified the borders and I like the look of the lighter color. She quilted it herself on her long arm.  Awesome job Genny!!!!

Genny's Amish with a Twist II

The next couple of quilts are other show n tell from our November meeting.  Yes - these darn pictures were on my phone and I take them, but then forget about them.

This is Anne's Grand Illusion quilt - the Bonnie Hunter mystery from 2014.   Yes - it is complete - quilted and bound!!!!   Anne is a machine!!!!   I have to say that this isn't my most favourite of Bonnie's mysteries but I would love to take it and throw that block in EQ7 and come up with another colouring.  If you look closely - you can see the sashing (the green).   It is still a beautiful quilt.

Bonnie Hunter - Grand Illusion by Anne
 Hmmm - I wonder if she is doing the current Bonnie Hunter????   Me - didn't even give it a glance. If I want to sew something that fiddly - I'm going to be very picky about what I sew!!!!   And too repetitious for my liking!  Oh my - says the modern quilter in me!

This next one is also a mystery.  It is last year's Border Creek Station (I think it was last year or the year before).  Marilyn made this one.  Again - all quilted and bound.  These girls are serious quilters!!!!

I didn't make this Border Creek mystery, but I'm supposed to be making the current one.  Haven't even picked out the fabric yet!

Marilyn's Border Creek Station mystery
 And this last quilt belongs to Genny.  Oh my - I don't remember the story on this one - I believe a family member made it????  That was well over a month ago!

Star quilt

OK - I'm done with the post now!

Anyone up for Amish with a Twist III????

Amish with a Twist III
I still have to finish I and II - so I think I'll be passing on number III.

We had a bit of other show n tell as well.  This is a wall hanging that Mary did - she has thread painted that tree and it is gorgeous.  Again - the picture does NOT do justice to the work that she did!

Mary's wall hanging

And look at this - Marilyn brought in this bag to show me.  She had made many bags like this - I believe they were gifts for Christmas.   But look at that fabric - isn't it familiar????

Marilyn's bag

Yep - that is the same fabric that I made the Weekender Tote out of!!!!   I certainly LOVE the color of the fabric, but it is not pleasant to work with.  It is outdoor sunproof fabric and it's coarse and nasty.

Weekend bag

On that note - I'm out of here - got something to get ready today for work tomorrow.    And to find those missing pictures.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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