Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tiny Town show n tell - the FINAL quilts

All I can say is that the internet is HUGE.   Let me restate that - the internet is HUGE.

Every time I think I have things under control - I don't.  Not even close.  I look at so many blogs and all their lovely designed and quilted quilts. There are contests and sew alongs and blog hops and - well following these links could become a FULL TIME job.  And then how would anyone get anything done!!!!   I follow in moderation and I thank all of you who follow me!

Before I get into the show n tell for today - I have to confess about a situation at work.  I thought I was doomed. You see, I have TWO monitors on my desk.  Well my laptop and another monitor.  When I first started to work there, I had a bit of trouble getting used to that second monitor.  My mouse was going all over the place, but NOT onto that second monitor.   OK - so I got that figured out.  Then when I would disconnect the laptop and then connect it back up - the second monitor was gone.  Now I really missed the darn thing.  Anyway - with the help of Jennifer, I got the laptop to recognize the second monitor and now I knew how to set up the two monitors for future.

Then a while back, after one of my unplugging episodes, the color in the monitor went weird.  Everything was bright PINK!!!!  I ignored that for a long time and didn't use the second moniter even though I missed it.  Finally one day - I decided to try and figure it out.  I managed to change the color to a blue tone, but still not WHITE!

Yesterday - it was very quiet in the office and Brian walks by and asks why I am not using the second monitor.  Crap - busted - I had to confess my technological woes and that the color wasn't right.  By this time - I couldn't even get a display on that monitor.    OK - I'm going to get this fixed if it kills me.

  For some IDIOTIC reason - I changed the external monitor to become my main screen and then I pulled the image from the laptop over to that monitor.  Except that I couldn't get the image to appear on the monitor.  So basically I'm sitting there with a dead laptop!!!!   Yep - there is an image, but I can't see it!!!!   Oh GOD - he is going to think I'm an idiot for sure.   In desperation, I fiddle with the cables - OK - loose cable.  Got that tightened up and then played with the settings on the computer.   Phew!!!!!!  

So I am back to using the two monitors, although the color of the external one is very weird.  I will try to fix that later this week!!!!!   But I managed to scrap out of that situation MYSELF!

OK - so here's the show n tell.

Let's see how I do on the names today.   Just in case you are thinking I might be getting Alzheimer's and forgetting things - part of the problem is on this particular class day - I have about 45 students in total.  At least half of them are new to me and even though I have seen some of them all year - it is for an hour max and it isn't the kind of setting where I can get to know everyone's names.  I'm lucky if I can get 3 or 4 new names under my belt each session.   So bear with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember the original pattern from yesterday????    This class was taught at Sew Sisters.

Tiny Town by Bunny Hill
First up is Suzie's.  She got the top together - oooops - forgot the tulip in the top left corner.   But I think she is forgiven because not only did she work on Tiny Town, but Suzie did Amish with a Twist II as well. She is still deciding on what borders to put on the quilt.


This next one is Beth's.  It's so fun and very whimsical with all those bright colors.  Can you see my house????  She is still deciding on some border/sashing options.  And very interesting that she used some busy backgrounds but solids for some of the houses.  Yes - any combination works!!!!

 I think at this point, I stated (and they made me say it several times!) that I am going to use BUSY prints for the background of our next project.  ACK!!!!!   Now it is public knowledge - and well - I must do it.  I'll be showing you the next project and my fabric choices in a bit.   Not today.

Here is a very soft version of Tiny Town.  That inner border really makes things pop!

 So I'm going to be honest.  I know this lady - I can see her face but do you think I learned her name.  I'm disappointed to say no.  I even know her friend and her friend's name.  ACK!!!!   Anyway - this person was very busy making some cross stitch items for her boss  ( I hope she got a HUGE bonus for doing that!!)  So she wasn't quite finished, but the applique on this one is exquisite!!!!

Exquisite hand applique on this version of Tiny Town
 We needed to put sun glasses on for Lynn's quilt.  Wow - that turquoise and orange combo is awesome!!!!!  It is hard to see in the picture, but the border print that she found is perfect!!!!!   It is bright!!!!  As you guessed - I just love it.

Don't get me wrong - I do admire the other softer versions - they are equally beautiful, but these bright ones get my heart racing!

Lynn's version of Tiny town
 And then there is Karen!   While this doesn't quite look like Tiny Town, it is.  Let's just say that Karen took a few liberties to make the quilt her own.  First off she did a reverse machine applique and well - I think the techniques evolved as the year went along.

The borders are ROWS from the Row by Row.  I know - how clever was that.  Let's just say that I've known Karen for several years now and she has participated in these monthly classes for a long time and she never ceases to amaze me at how creative she gets!  Or should I say CRAZY????

Karen's version of Tiny Town
 Here are a few detail pictures of Karen's quilt.  It is the kind of quilt that you would want to look at for a long time and you probably woudn't get to see all the details.

Shoe buttons for Shoe-La-La  (obviously an upscale shoe boutique!)

Fussy cut images for the fire hall  (and I saw some hunky firemen on the quilt!)

The CHIP trucks!

The unfinished quilt at Karen's house no doubt!  Certainly not mine!

Karen and one of her dogs!   That's me (sort of) on the bike!!!!  - You know - it's representational!

Fussy cut moose   (from Northcott!)

You can have so much fun with any pattern.  Stick to the pattern or step out of the box.  Perfect an exisiting technique, learn a new one or combine - the possibilities are endless.  It is your quilt!!!!!  And there are NO quilt police.

There were a few others in this class, but - well they weren't there for the final show n tell or they were and their quilts weren't completed so they didn't bring them.  I always welcome those quilts any time they get finished!!!!

This picture is from the November class when Lucy brought in this star quilt for us to ooh and aah over.

Lucy's star quilt

Wow - there you have it.  Tomorrow I shall try and list all the upcoming classes that I have so you can see if they fit in your schedule.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    (It's a play date for me today!!!)


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