Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas shopping

I had ordered some rolls of batting and they were ready for pickup so I decided to take a bit of time and  pick them up.

When I arrived and saw how BIG five rolls of batting was - ooops - I guess last time, I ordered four rolls not five.  What was I thinking?  Not to worry - those five rolls will be used - they are for customer quilts and a few of my own.

The first three went in no problem.  Number four had to be shoved in and I was worried about five but I most certainly did NOT want to make a second trip.  So push and shove and push and shove and VOILA - five rolls of batting in the back of the car and a few bolts of various other supplies.

Five rolls of batting - a tight squeeze - but it all fit!!!!

When I drive - I use ALL three of my mirrors.  Let's just say that the rear view mirror was pretty useless oon the way home - all I could see was batting!!  I thought - wouldn't it be bad if I were in an accident and the plastic on those rolls of batting split open and expanded.  I'd be stuck in the car forever.  But I would have been very safe - at least from a rear impact!

Since I was out and had to pass a couple of stores on my way home, I decided it was time to get started on Christmas shopping.  GASP!!!!   Yes - I hadn't bought a thing prior to yesterday.  However - I pretty much knew what I wanted to buy and so I left the house at 9 AM and was back home in THREE hours with my shopping done and my batting picked up. And the drive to and from the batting place was 1/2 hour.

I had to be careful where I parked since it was almost impossible to see to back up so I had to find the right parking space that I could just drive through, not have to back up!

We only buy gifts for each other - there are three of us.  No parents, no brothers, no sisters, no cousins, no aunts, uncles.   Friends get gifts throughout the year. Each year I say that we are not going to spend or buy much at Christmas, but in previous years it always got out of hand.  I'll blame it all on M and since this year with M not being here for the ramp up to Christmas - sticking to my word was going to be easy.

And I saw this amazing quote which helps to solidify my stance:  

"There are two ways to get enough: One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less."   
G. K. Chesterton

Now doesn't that make sense?????  Plus I'm still reading the book  - "Coming Clean" by Kimberly Rae Miller and while reading it - you just wonder - why does one need so much stuff?  Speaking of which - I hope that everyone has that designated trouble spot picked out.  I'm almost embarassed to show you mine, but in this period of COMING  CLEAN - it is time.  Not today - but next week some time.

The other problem with getting so much stuff is someone has to wrap it and well - it's just a pain.  I have to say that it took a LONG time to decorate this year.  

My Christmas decorations - TWO pillows!!!!

 It's not that I'm not in the Christmas spirit, but it's just a lot of work and I do it all and I don't get anything in return.   Oh bah humbug to me!!!!!    Now if my family helped me and we did it together - I'd have the house decorated to the rafters.   But I feel great - no pressure, no guilt!!!!!!    Supposedly the family is shopping today for food for Christmas dinner.  Hey - I'll go with whatever as long as someone else cooks it.  I'd rather be sewing. Yes - it's a sickness - I know.

In those two hours of gift shopping - I managed to get stuff for everyone (and tried on a pair of pants). And if it wasn't going to fit in our Santa Sacks - then it didn't get bought!!!!!    

Santa Sacks
 This is probably the BEST BEST BEST project I have ever made.  The pattern is by Quilts by Jen (she has other styles than the snowmen) and you can customize it with a name if you'd like.   Remember last year, I had to swap out a name for The Girls.  Well - I've still got TWO GIRLS and it is filled with goodies.  They are going to be very happy!!!!

THE GIRLS Santa Sack
 I even made it to the mall in those two shopping house.

Gorgeous Christmas tree in the center of the mall (right in the Mall Ball!)

To the right of the tree

To the left of the tree

And looking up!!!!!
I have to say that the Mall is looking pretty amazing with all the renovations nearing completion?   I remember when I first moved here, there was a mini-golf course in the center of the mall!!!!   That was a LONG LONG time ago.

There were three more places that I needed to go to get a few more items because one store I went to in the morning only had ONE of a certain item and I needed more.   DH and I were going to a movie in the afternoon so we left a bit early so we could hit a different location of that store and a different location of another store.  Then we were getting very close to the theatre and OH MY GOD - there's IKEA.  I needed to check something out for work so we zipped in.

The parking lot was pretty empty, but you know how IKEA is a maze so we wandered through the maze to get to the living room section. I found out what I needed to know and then CRAP - the escalator to go down was right there!!!!!    Oh well - I did snap a few pictures along the way.   I'm a lunatic in a store with a camera!

Ah - but you are wondering how progress is being made on those quilts that have to be done for Christmas???   Well I managed to get all the binding done on the T-shirt quilt. In ONE DAY - miracles do happen. Here's a very blurry picture of my binding station.  I had my light (which caused the blurr), my book on my iPod with my cool little speaker, my Tim's and a goodie.  I was set.

My binding station
Customer is coming around noon to pick up the quilt - it just needs a label.  The other two - well one is still on the wall and the second one like it is making good progress.  I should have the top pieced by noon and then onto quilting and labels.  Those two have to be ready by 10:30 on Boxing Day.  No sweat!!!!

Progress on quilt number three

And then there are the other two.  I'm going to get them done right after Christmas - there is a story about those two quilts and I'm not ready to share it this morning.  I want them done for Christmas or as soon after as possible.

On that note - I'm going out to enjoy this incredible weather.  I didn't even wear a jacket to the movie yesterday.  Oh yes - we went to see Star Wars at the VIP Theatre.  I'm getting used to seeing movies that way - I might it hard to go back to a regular seat!!!!!

Have an awesome awesome day - and don't go crazy trying to get everything done.  RELAX


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