Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Visions of unpacking..................

Well here I am sitting in Tim Horton's by the fake fireplace writing the blog this morning.  The temperature is minus 15. Where am I???? In Saskatchewan.  Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life just seems to throw me these curve balls and I'm bouncing all over the place.  First off - my parents are FINE.  They moved into their new apartment a couple of weeks ago.  They did not want  my help and I didn't push it.  Now they are in and when I finally talked to them - OK - I'm stubborn just like they are - it became apparent that they did need my help after all.  It is one thing to have all the stuff IN the apartment, it is another to have it put away.

And to top it off, my Dad had carpal tunnel surgery yesterday so not like he is very handy these days. It's going to be fun.   HA HA HA - I know - I had to pick myself off the floor from laughing so hard at that thought.

Let me step back to yesterday - I love when everything falls into place.  I got to the airport, printed my baggage tag, checked the bag, breezed through security and the Tim's line and still had time to wait before they started to load the plane.  There are times when I am the absolute last person on that plane because I wanted to get a tea from Tim's.  This time - loads of time.  Oh let's not forget the abandoned package on the floor near the metal railing by Tim's.  There was a note on it - looked like a T-shirt that someone had left for someone else to pick up.  I saw a security guard come over and stand guard - not sure wht happened to it. But seriously - it took some time before anyone "official" noticed it. It does make you think.

Have you ever read Harlan Coben?????   Oh my god - I've found a new author - I just read No Second Chance and it was a page turner.  I finished it on the plane. Needless to say that I barely registered take off or even the turbulence on the flight.  I must read more of his books and he also writes in a series besides some stand alone books.  Got to do some searching at the library since I am too cheap to buy the books. But if you're not familiar with the author - I'd check him out.  This book was excellent. Lots of plot twists right to the end.  I guess the genre would be mystery.

In light of my schedule while I'm here, and the fact that I'm a quilter - I just had to visit all the quilt stores yesterday.   I hit three of them.  Did barely any damage at the first one  Periwinkle Quilting - lots of neat stuff, but nothing that tweaked my interest.  Not so at the second store - 440 Quilt Shop  - I found some really cool stuff.  I love this store and the name.   Can't remember where the store is located?- simple - it's number 440 on 4th street. Simple.  The third store is one of my favourites and I could have done serious damage but I restrained myself. Prairie Chicks in Warman. I found a great bundle to use as the starting point for my Farm Girl Vintage quilt.  OK - I cheated - I found the bundle that Lori Holt used in her sample. Well - I think that is the case.  Doesn't matter - I got a bundle of BUSY prints to use as the base  - that will supplement the FQs of vintage/modern stuff that I picked up at Sew Sisters where the class is being taught - starting January.  If you haven't signed up - you better hurry before all the spots are taken.

Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt
And let's not forget my favourite book store - McNally Robinson.  As usual,  there were different quilts hanging up from the local guild. They rotate them every three months or so and some beautiful ones.  I took pictures with my phone and will try to upload them later to the blog.  Again  - I could have gone crazy and did see a couple of titles that I think are interesting, however I wasn't certain that I didn't already have them. I left them.

I arrived around 4 PM at my parent's new apartment.  WOW - it's gorgeous and I'll post pictures later.  However I can see where my help is needed.  While they are in, and the basics are unpacked - there is a lot of stuff sitting on the floor there that needs to be dealt with. The first line of business is to try and find out how much of each type of thing there is and then figure out where to put it and what to put it in.  However I think I'm going to have to be a magician in order to make it all happen.

I love my parents, but no sense of reality  - at least for my Mom.  And I must admit that I woke up bright and early this morning with thoughts of boxes and packing and sorting dancing in my head.  There is no room for me to stay at my parents so I'm staying with my brother who is mere minutes away.  So close in fact that the car didn't even have time to warm up from one location to the next.  As I sit here at Tim's, I can see my parents apartment!!!!!

Today's agenda is to assemble some bookcases, buy some cabinets and assemble those and then try to make as much stuff disappear as possible. Once that is done - take stock of the next batch of stuff and figure out how to fit that into the nooks and crannies.  Oh yes - it is going to be fun!!!!!   Deep breathe - breath - be nice - breath - breath - be nice - deep breath deep breath.

WHOA - for any of you who are thinking in their minds about my studio - STOP!!!!!   Yes -  I know it is a mess, yes I know there is too much stuff, but at least it's all hidden away from anyone who comes to visit my house - oh crud - anyone who comes to visit usually comes to visit me in the studio!

 My dumping ground of anything is the dining room and I am making a SOLEMN VOW to myself to get that mess cleaned up once and for all.   Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of time when I'm home, but it has to be dealt with.  It's a bit ironic that I'm here saddled with this task and then I look at my situation at home.  It's like the kettle calling the pot black!!!!!!     So I MUST make time to go through the stuff and deal with it.  It's a lot easier when it isn't your stuff!!!!!

I've babbled on enough here this morning - stay tuned as I'm sure there will be more stories of sorting and dealing with reality and some show n tell from the weekend classes.

On that note - I'm going to finish my tea and then brave the elements as I drove the couple hundred yards to my parents place.

Have a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Elaine, a friend introduce me to Harlan coben a few years ago, and I have enjoyed many of his books. The ones I particularly like are the Myron Bolitar series.

  2. Thanks Rose - I shall be reading more from this author and will definitely check out the series - from the start! Can't help myself.