Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

You would think that one of these years, I would get to relax and enjoy myself.  Like that is ever going to happen.  Besides - I did relax and enjoy myself. Here's what happened.

Oh - before I get into my day - I had a lecture coming up - the topic (although the guild doesn't know it yet) is group quilts.  I did this lecture with a friend a while back, but this time, I'm going solo and I need a few more quilts.  I have participated in MANY MANY group quilts over the years, but many of them are still in the block stage. It is my goal to try and finish THREE tops before the guild meeting (I have one month) - I know - just add it to the pile of stuff that is already waiting to be done!!!!

I pulled out one group project box last night - OH MY GOD - I will show it to you another day, but it is a Tinners from 2003/2004!!!!!!!   Oh LA LA - what a story this one will have to tell.  Last night as I was relaxing - I was on the computer doing some research to try and get some ideas on how to finish this quilt.   I got the perfect idea which just solidified in my head as I did the research.  I can't wait to get started!!!!!!   But look at what else I found on-line.  A TRACTOR quilt - a JOHN DEERE quilt no less - but it was made with T-shirts.  Drat - I don't have T-shirts with John Deere on them, but I bet there are a whole bunch of farmers out west who have unwanted T-shirts.  Now where are those farmers when you need them?????

John Deere tractor quilt   (T-shirts)

OK - so you're wondering the status of those customer quilts - right????   Well the T-shirt quilt went out the door at noon.

T-shirt quilt - DONE!!!!!
 I hope the recipient is happy with it!!!!   I"m pretty pleased with the results.

At some point in the afternoon - I needed a break and well - we don't really have a ton of snacks in the house.  If they are in the house - I'll eat them and I don't need or want them.  No Christmas baking HOWEVER I do have some fruit cake that I got from Helen Anne.   Hmmm - since it is Christmas Eve, I do think it is time to break open that package.

Christmas cake

Look at that cake!!!!!
 So that cake looks very MOIST.  I wonder why it is so moist????   Let's just say that you don't want to be driving if you have an entire slice - it is laden with yummy rum!!!!    Thanks Helen Anne - the cake is FABULOUS and I'm going to savor it over the next day  or so!!!

Back to quilting -  I got the second top done!!!!!  

Second memory quilt top - done!!!!

Binding made

Quilt is loaded on the long arm (no batting yet)
 The blue one is quilted, trimmed, the hanging sleeve is made and just have to machine stitch the binding on.  I was hoping to get that all done this morning, but that was not to be.  I didn't have a good night's sleep and why is that????

Well - guess who's back??????????????????

A quick look at my kitchen should be enough evidence.

What happened to the kitchen???
 Yes M arrived home yesterday.  Nope - the parents weren't allowed to pick her up.  Her friends did - then she did come home to get Dad's credit card so she could go grocery shopping and well - when she and her friends got home - the kitchen exploded and why oh why do they have to bake cookies at 10 PM??????    I need my sleep and the kitchen is just below the bedroom.  I'm very particular about my sleep - if I get agitated - I can't go to sleep.  Then my sinuses got stopped up and I had to get up to let them drain (I know - that was gross).  But I finished the book I was reading - Coming Clean by Kimberly Rae Miller.  Oh boy - I can so relate to her situation - well, mine was never as bad as hers was, but the scary thing - there is no real cure.  ACK - what are we going to do with my parents????

Since it was the most amazing day (weatherwise) yesterday - I had one more errand to do before Christmas and since it was relatively close by - I pumped up the tires on my townie bike and away I went.  I just had on a fleece jacket and I was fine.  It was very windy yesterday and it took me no time to get to Streetsville - the wind at  my back and downhill all the way.    The way home was  a different matter and well I was huffing and puffing by the time I got up the hill.  A little three speed doesn't have the same hill climbing capacity as my touring bike!!!!

A beautiful day for a bike ride!
 Then the girls and I were off on an adventure whereupon Little Sammy grabbed my cell phone so she could take a selfie.   Little munchkin!!!!

Little Sammy's selfie!!!
 And it just seems wrong that on Christmas Eve that you can find dandelions in bloom and dandelion fluff.  Yep - this picture was taken yesterday!!!!

Dandelion fluff

So you see - while I did get some quilting done - I really did mess around a great deal of the day.   However that means that I will be quilting later today and I have two bindings, labels and sleeves to get on as well as the customer is coming tomorrow morning to pick up the two quilts.   The other two quilts will be worked on in the next couple of days, but I also have a bag that I MUST get done for work by Monday.

On that note - have a very very Merry Christmas. I hope Santa fulfilled all your dreams!!!!!   Make sure you relax.  I always laugh because everyone tells me I am so busy - I need to slow down.  Well - today - I have NO PLANS  (I mean out of my control!) which is probably more than I can say for all of you!!!!  No running around - no trying to not eat things that aren't good for me - nope - the entire day (well almost) stretches ahead to do whatever I want!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!


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