Monday, December 28, 2015

Tiny Town show n tell

The group is going to kill me.  I found a draft blog post of pictures of Tiny Town. This was the second year long class that I taught at Sew Sisters.   I didn't have time to edit the final pictures, but I found these pictures from about two months ago!!!!   Better late than never and at least you get to see some of the detail in these blocks - you can't always see the detail in the finished quilts.  I PROMISE to post them tomorrow. 

Tiny Town
Tiny Town by Bunny Hill

This is a fabulous quilt by Bunny Hill which I have wanted to do for a long time. Sadly (but as usual), my quilt isn't anywhere near done!

As we are moving to a new year though I am trying desperately (oh so dramatic!)  to figure out how to make this whole mess work.  So I have devised a system.  How long the system will last - only time will tell.  

But as I mentioned the other day, I have created a list - actually five different lists of quilts that need to be done. Charity quilts that need to be quilted, customer quilts that need to be quilted and so on.  Each list is on a separate piece of paper and those five sheets are firmly attached to a CLIP BOARD.   
Now I don`t think it is enough to just make lists. Although I will say that lists are excellent.  It helps us to face reality.  And the reality of the situation is that my five lists doesn`t even scratch the surface of what`s in that studio.  That's the sad part and I MUST get a handle on this situation if I don't want to end up in a huge mess that someone else has to clean up!

OK - so the lists are made and while I know that I will work on other stuff than what is on those lists, those lists really really need to get done this year.  Some of that stuff has been hanging around for a long time and I want it out of my house. 

So - the second thing I did was set an appointment with myself on Saturday evening.  I picked Saturday because I'm usually home.  It's called SET GOALS for the week.  So on another piece of paper, I created another list.  I perused the five lists and picked out things that I want to get done this week.  And yes - there are a few other small items that went on the GOAL list for the week as well.   The key is to try and not load up that list with so many things that it would be impossible to NOT get all of them done. There are 12 things for this week. 

Yesterday wasn't my most productive day, but I still managed to get a quilt top cut and sewn together.  I'm not going to share it with you yet - it's a gift and when it's done you (and the recipient) can see it. Trust me - it was very simple. 

Now I was left with scraps from that quilt top and I even devised a second project that would use up absolutely everything that was left over.  You'll see what I mean when I show you!!!!
I'm going to leave that clip board with the five lists and the GOALS for the week list that sits on top - it is going to reside on my cutting mat where I can see it every day.  It can't go missing because then I will forget about it and then I'm doomed. 

Oh yes - I was looking at that dining room of mine as well and well - I'm disgusted at the mess.  I'm going to take pictures and get started soon.  Remember that I made that list of 14 things that could clear up a lot of the mess very quickly.  I also found my labeller and so I can now label the folders to go in the filing cabinet.  Yes - I have a filing cabinet but not much in it - it's all piled around!!!!!   I even had a peek at some of the folders and found instruction manuals for things that we no longer own - they are already gone.  I need a mental make over about now and cleaning up this office and getting a handle on the quilting stuff is right up my alley.  I hope you'll on board with me. 

And so on that note - here are the pictures from Tiny Town. 

Lucy loves to use pictures of animals for her appliqué.  The little owls are cute!!!!

Hey - if you think I struggled with the names of Amish with a Twist - these pictures are from even further back.  Don't ask for names.  I can see the faces - but some of the names are blank!

Lynn's bright town

Karen - a very funky town

Verja  (I don't have my list in front of me - so not sure if that's how her name is spelled)

There are some very cool Tiny Towns and when you see the finished quilts tomorrow - you are going to be blown away.  They are so awesome.

This was show n tell by Verja.   I have to say that some of the most funky and fun work is coming from the more mature women in the groups.  No holds barred and I love it!!!!!

The can-can dancer quilt 
It even has a bed skirt attached and she made two pillows.   I believe it was her own design.  So much fun!!!!!

Oh yes - I found this article and thought you might like to read it - It's called Should I Join a Quilt Guild????   The article doesn't have a lot of meat in it - but look at the group quilt they worked on - it's spectacular.

Well - it's time to get to work.  Can you believe that I'm excited to come to work????  Oh yes - I will miss the dog park this morning, but yep - I'm excited.

Have a great day!!!!!!


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