Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lexi's backyard antics....................

It's ME - Lexi!!!   Lexi!!!!!  Lexi!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited - oh my and guess what - Mom says that I can have my very own blog - that way when people want to follow just ME - they don't have to go through all her quilting stuff.  Quilting is boring - what I do is EXCITING!!!!!

Today I'm going to tell you all about my backyard antics.  I love the backyard.  So many nooks and crannies to explore.  Where do I start?????

Well in this place that Mom calls the secret garden - there is this bench thing. And well squirrels like to run up there.  They need to because if they don't - I'll get them.  

Oh my - I have to tell you what happened on our walk this morning.   I found this tree right beside the path.  There were some very interesting smells around that tree and I jumped at the tree. Nothing happened. Then I jumped at the tree again and POOF - a whole pile of squirrels came shooting out the backside of the tree.  There were FOUR of them and they were scrambling as they were afraid of ME!!!!  One fell out of the tree as they all made a hasty climb up.  Oh if my Mom didn't have me on my leash - I would have caught that squirrel. He was quick, I'm quick, but my Mom was the quickest of all. She reined me in before I could react.  I didn't like my Mom for spoiling my fun!!!!!

OK - back to the backyard - that bench thing.  It's great for climbing up on. 

Where are those squirrels???

Mom - where did they go???

Time to find something new to play with
Even though I haven't been here that long, I've got my own routine that I made up MYSELF.  Oh yes - my Mom and Dad are trying to get me into a routine - well I'm a pretty organized dog, but I developed my own routine in the backyard.  I patrol the perimeter - sniff in each corner, under every stone, look up every tree. Once I am satisfied that the perimeter is secure, then it's safe to sit on the patio and just watch. I do that for a bit and then I do my patrol again. It is so much fun and I'm very good at it!!!!!

The sentinel
 Mom says from the back that I look like Sparky - this other dog that used to live here.  Hmmmmm - well she better dig a picture out and show me because I find it hard to believe that anyone can look as good as I do!!!!

Just watching...............

And when I get tired of sitting, I lay down on this mat my Mom has at the back door. Personally I think it is a bit small for me, but I have this big fur coat so I'm OK with it.
Having a rest - not off duty - just taking a quick break
There are so many places to explore - I never get tired of it.

Checking out behind the shed
Waiting at the back gate for someone to take me for a  W A L K

I'm a pretty good dog but Mom doesn't trust me yet.  I wonder why???   Well guess what - I don't trust her.  No sireeeee!  She coerced Little Sammy and me into the car - I thought we were going somewhere EXCITING, but no we went to this place where they give you a hot drink in a paper cup.  What`s that all about????   Who wants  a hot drink?????   She then brought us back home and took us in the house. While she went out to get her hot drink from the car, Little Sammy opened the door and we were OUTSIDE - FREE.  My Mom panicked!  Like I said she doesn't trust me.

She tried to grab me - as if!!!!!!   I wanted BACK in that car.  She knows what I want and I'm NOT happy. Then she grabbed me and my collar came off.  WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!   Oh boy - the look on her face - I keep telling her that I'm not fat enough for that collar.   Well she finally got the message - she opened the car door and I jumped right in.  DUH - how long was it going to take her to figure that one out.  Then she grabbed my collar and tried to pull me out of the car - NOPE - I know I can twist out of this collar and I wasn't budging.  She said she was going to leave me in the car, but thought better of that.  Then with no dignity whatsoever, she picked me up and carried me into the house.  WHAT???????    I am NOT happy.

Mom says to just calm down and that in a couple of hours, we're going to a FUN (draiser) - whatever that is, but it is at my most favourite place in the whole wide world and so she told me to be patient. I have so many stories to tell you - there just isn't time.  I think I should have a daily blog, but Mom says NO!!!!!   I think my Mom is becoming mean!!!  Too many restrictions!!!!

Oh well - I might as well finish my story for today.

While I was on one of my earlier patrols, I found an opening. A place I could escape.   Oh boy - this is going to be fun. You see in this picture - there is a big log wedged under that gate.  You know why that log is wedged there???   Cause Little Sammy used to escape. But Little Sammy is too old to move that log so she can no longer get out, but I can!!!!!   Freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lame attempt to block me in
Oh shoot - there is another fence on the other side.  I've been tricked!!!!!   But I like it out here - I can sit and be right by the people walking past the house.    I love it!!!!!!!!!!

Drat - a fence - I can't get out. 

But I wouldn't leave that log alone and finally Mom had enough.  Now she has barricaded it with bricks and I can't move them. They are too heavy.

Gate barricaded so I can't get out. 

Well if I can't get out that way - I'm going to find another way.  I'll dig my way out.

Oh this ground is much too hard - there is NO WAY I'm getting out here
 I have found other spots to dig but I don't dig a lot.  This ground is much softer, but it goes no where - what's the point.

Another hole

And another hole
 Before my Mom goes on about digging holes, she should think twice about those weeds in the backyard!

Oh - well - hey - do you want to follow me along on one of my patrols?

It requires stealth
Anybody around this corner?
How about up?  Where are those darn squirrels?

Maybe they are on the shed roof???  Can you see me????

Sometimes, Little Sammy comes out in the backyard and we are getting good at playing together. I want to play a whole lot more than she does, but that is OK.

Playing with Little Sammy

I can run circles around her!!!!!!

We are really getting along swell.

A little butt sniffing

A kiss on the cheek

 Oh this is one of the hazards of playing ball in the backyard.  There is this silly pond and my ball falls in from time to time.  Mom told me the water level is lower than normal for winter and when my ball falls in,  I can' reach it.  When my Mom dug it out this morning - it was frozen into the ice and a big chunk of ice came out with it.  I had fun licking the ice - it's all WET!!!!!

Ball frozen in the pond
 Normally I eat when Little Sammy eats, but I was just too excited to eat this morning.

Too excited to eat
But I know the rules about eating.  Mom just has to look at us now and we both sit down while she sets down the bowls of food. Then when she says OK - we're allowed to eat.   But I just couldn't get there today.  Do you know how cold it is outside????  I just want to be OUTSIDE.  So Mom put my food out there and I ate it all up!!!!!

Eating outside is way more fun than eating inside

Whew - telling stories is exhausting and besides I have to rest up for that FUNdraiser.  I have a feeling, it's going to be very exciting and I'm going to come home exhausted.

Stay tuned as my Mom helps me set up my very own blog and then everyone can sign up to get the posts sent to them and OH OH - it's going to be so cool.  I can hardly wait.

OK - got to go and get rested up.

Have a great day!!!!!

Love Lexi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow! That is cool! Congrats to you dear Lexi! In my opinion you are blogging even better than your mom:)